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Ice shook her head, clearing it of static. She looked at the castle in front of them, whispering to Erik, "I don't fancy being the one to open that door, would care to do the honors?"

The door stood there waiting. Its front side, of dark wood and with big metal studs reinforcing it, sended out a felling of dread and fear.
Erik watched the door. Do I really have to do this? he wondered to himself. One half of him said, Geez just open the dumb door! It's not that scary. What's there to be afraid of? The other half of him said, Just run for it! They won't mind if you're a chicken! Just save yourself! Well that wasn't Erik's frame of mind for long and so with determination he opened the door.
What Erik saw in the castle wasn't quite what he expected. "What the......?" The entryway was huge and circular. The roof pitched to an impossible height and it was decorated to look like the stars. The walls around them looked brick but without the concrete layers in between. The floor was also a magestic red color. There were giant crystal chandeliers that reflected the reds that filled the room and made it look like the room was stained in blood. The only pure light came from the glowing glass stars that lit the ceiling. There was a grand staircase that swept up towards the back of the entryway. It was mainly wooden but carpeted with a deep, universal blue. Halls spread on either side of the entryway and slowly receded to darkness.
Suddenly 2 specters started floating from the dark halls towards the open tower. Erik pulled the rest of the group back behind a pillar. The specters appeared to not notice them and kept floating towards the staircase. They made their way up and it was only then that Eirk realized that the "specters" were not quite specters. They looked like dirty, old, solider dolls with silvery armor that gave them a mirror-like look. Something told Erik that whoever lived here liked mirrors. He whispered to the group, "Whatever you do, don't get their attention. We'll stay here for a minute more and then split into groups to look around this creepy place." He glanced at the specters. "Cal you wanna go with Ice? I'll be fine on my own."
Ice shook her head to Erik's suggestion. "I can look after myself, Sir Healer. Though it's not you, Cal, I just know that I can take care of myself, you know that, especially when it's a guy that makes the suggestion," she says softly, though harshly. Instead of waiting for a response, Ice closes her eyes, mutters something inaudible in another language, and dashes off down a side-corridor, her ears perked high to hear all the sounds they can catch, and her tail whipping from side to side. She disappeared through what looks like a solid wall, and is gone.

As she dissapears the terrible ice cold felling of terror in the horrible place grew even more. The walls seemd closer by, even with the place being so large and roomy. The specters gave of a felling that, even with all your expirience and power, if they catched you, you wouldnt leave this place alive....
"um, Erik, wanna split up and look for Ice, or some sort of clue or what?"

Cal glanced cautiously around, and shivered as a strange feeling washed over her.
"Uh.....split up? Don't think so," he said nevously. "Let's stick together and search for her. I really don't fancy meeting one of those things without a little bit of back up. That O.K. with you?" he asked her. He looked around for Ice but she had totally disappeared. Why now of all times, Ice? What's happening to everyone.......why am I all alone....again.... Erik's thoughts wandered back to his times as a child when he had been all alone. As the air in the mansion kept closing in around him, he felt the despair in his heart seep to the rest of his body and invade his thoughts. Just go AWAY! he thought to himself. Why can't I just forget about all this? Why do I allow it to keep bothering me? His fists started to shake so he clenched them tightly together so that Cal wouln't see him in this vulnerable state. He buried his face in his hands as the voices and memories kept surrounding him and clouding his mind. He yelled, accidently aloud, "Just LEAVE me ALONE! I don't WANT TO REMEMBER!!!!!" With that he sank to his knees, attempting to ignore the memories that forced themselves on him.
Ice perked her ears in the direction of the yell. That sounds like Erik, she thought. She shrugged, knowing full well that she would know when Erik and Cal were in danger, and went on, following a path that seemed predetermined for her. Her magic kept her hidden from the undead eyes of the spectres. Ice walk silently down the hallway she had chosen, and crept past all the spectres she encountered unseen...

As Erik began yelling and collapsed on the floor, Cal dropped to her knees beside him, and put an arm around him, trying to get him calm again.

"Erik...are you okay? Is there anything I can do?"
The specters seem restless, they feel a presence here.....after so much time alone.....SOMEONE IS IN THE CASTLE!!
Erik just sat on the ground clutching his arms tightly around him and trying to make his horrible past go away. He felt Cal's arm on his shoulder and suddenly the torrent of memmories stopped. He could hear his breathing, slow and shallow, and his vision wasn't blurred anymore. In fact it had clearly begun to focus. He glanced at Cal. "Sorry......." he muttered to her. "Bad migraine or something......" His vision sharpened on a row of figures flowing down the steps. Erik pulled out some of his weapons then looked at Cal. "They're here," he said quietly.
Cal nodded and drew out her whip with one hand and her short sword with the other.

"I'm ready, let them come."
Ice halted in her flight to some center room in the castle. The specters had found her friends. She stopped and waited, wondering what to do and if they knew enough to know that earthly weapons have no effects on unearthly beings. Maybe Erik has some magic sword, or something, she thought. But Cal has only the whip and short sword, I must go back! Ice turned on her heal and ran as fast as she could in the direction of her friends.

The specters were close. Dozens of them. Gazing sadly at the two people standing in the corner. they had teribble faces, like some sad beings trapped for eternity in this horrid place. But they were advancing, and by the looks of it, they did not come in touch with anything from the material world. They just glided through them, their goal more obvius every second.
Erik wanted to run. He knew that the specters were stronger than he originally judged them to be. And still the feeling of despair and helplessness plagued him so that he felt unsteady on his feet, and dizzy when he moved. He quickly enchanted his bow and sword but then had to stop for fear of fainring again. Only then sdid he realize that Cal was fighting the specters by herself to no avail. Her weapons don't work on magical beings! Manwae let it be over, he thought desperately as one of the specters reached toward him. He swung his sword at it then tried to make his way through the sea of ghosts to Cal.
Astoundingly, Erik's sword glowed briefly as it touched the spectre, and it recoiled with a howl. The other specters kept away from his blade, but they were closing in on Cal, who had just fainted.
Suddenly a loud, mournful howl echoed throughout the castle. The spectres paused in their assault and soon after a high pitched scream issued from somewhere behind them. Out of nowhere a golden glow appeared in the chest of one of the spectres and suddenly a light blue light appeared there, along with slightly recognizable face, with a wide grin spread across. A lithe body jumped over the spectres and landed lightly near Erik. The glow surrounding the body disappeared and Ice grinned, holding her sword high. She glanced at Erik, nodding her head in Cal's direction and howled in challenge at the spectres once more. She backed away, and fought a ghostly battle with the spectres, her body suddenly as transparent and ephemeral as theirs.

Cal had been fine, but as the spectres had approached a strange feeling had swept over her, and all the memories she had forgotten rushed back, overwhelming her and pushing her into blackness, her last sight was of Erik jumping in front of her and hearing a strange howl, like Ice's...
The specters vanished.A deep grinding sound was heard, and for a moment, the ceiling appeared to be moving, or maybe spining. The sound also came from other directions, and then all was silent. The dark in the room now complete, for the windows did not let in even the fading starlight.
Erik ran over to Cal. "Hey Cal! Cal c'mon you gotta get up!" He lifted her head up and shook her slightly. "Cal...." He sighed. All this misfortune was getting to him. He glanced at the familiar figure of Ice now in not-such a familiar form. She looked so strange with a earthareal glow about her and her skin like that of an icey pond, shimmering in a warm autumn morning. "Ice.....what happened? How did you do that?"he asked in awe. "All of them just left....I'm sorry if I didn't get to Cal quick enough.......I tried..." he felt totally lost and confused. "And just what are you? Have you been hiding something from all of us?" The room was shrouded in shadow and even though Erik knew that the pressence of the specters had left, he still felt anxcious in the vast darkness of the castle. He looked up only now realizing that the top of the mansion had sealed itself and all the chandeliers had gone out. He made his way over to Ice, carrying the unconcious from of Cal in his arms.
Ice sighed, and said, "I'm going to share with something I've only told Etharion. I'm not just half wolf, I'm half spirit wolf. Spirit wolves are strange creatures. I discover new powers of mine every day. I did not know that I could do what I just did until the adrenaline of battle was rushing through my veins. Then it just happened." She looked at Cal with a confused expression on her face. Suddenly her body changed back to a solid form and she asked, "What's wrong with Cal, Erik?" She hadn't even noticed that she had become solid again.

Cal was looking unusually clamy and cold to the touch.
"I dunno what's wrong with her......" he muttered. "The spirits must have some sort of effect on non-magical beings........but I thought she had magic.....that's why I didn't come immediately...." He looked down at her limp form then set her back on the ground. "I can heal her now, Ice but the more we wait the more specters I'm afraid will come." Erik sighed imwardly. I thought you were a fighter, Erik! What the heck is wrong with you?! "Keep her safe for a minute will you Ice?" He went over and checked the main entrance door. "Just as I thought....." He stared at Ice with a downcast expression on his face. "We're locked in." Erik walked over, sat next to Cal and buried his head in his hands.
Ice shuddered, looking at what might of happened to her, had she not discovered something new that she could do. "Heal her now, Erik, I can keep off attackers long enough. Besides, I haven't properly thanked you for saving me," she says with a smile.

She draws her sword, the glowing, golden sword, and readies it in front of her. She closes her eyes and concentrates on something. A soft blue light comes from her and suddenly she is translucent once more. "I'm waiting, devilish spectres, now come for me!" she mutters.

A long silence anwsres her brave challenge..... And then a four feet wide hole opened in the stone floor, in the middle of the room. As you look at it closer, you see ice forming on the floor and furniture around. A thick sheet of ice and a light mist were crawling acros the floor in all directions....A opened door was seen on the oposite side of the room...
A long silence anwsres her brave challenge..... And then a four feet wide hole opened in the stone floor, in the middle of the room, from it, a mist starts rising and spreading. As you look at it closer, you see ice forming on the floor and furniture around. A thick sheet of ice and a light mist were crawling acros the floor in all directions....A opened door was seen on the oposite side of the room...
"What the.....What's happening?" Erik wondered aloud. The cold was creeping over everything and from the door past the 4 foot hole, an angelic light streamed toward them. Erik ignored all the strange events and rubbed his hands together. He lightly placed his palm on Cal's forehead and tried to heal her. Her spirit seemed far away and it looked like her spirit was losing the will and energy to live. Her spirit is there, he thoughtI can feel it......but she has to keep fighting to get the specter's evil magic out of her body. He pulled a pendant off one of the necklaces he wore and set it on Cal's sternum. He hummed another old elvish song, to help heal her and to keep himself company. Erik always liked working to music. It helped calm him and got him focused. But not now. He knew that the more time he took to heal Cal, the less time she had to remain in the living world. If the magic got to her spirit, then she was doomed to become a specter like the others. With the pendant glowing over her heart and the quiet humming of the outcast elf, Erik began the slow and painful process of healing one of his closest friends.
Erik is still healing, and the ice is a few feet away. They are doomed..............
Finally after what seemed like an hour to Erik, he was finished. Cal looked somewhat normal, albeit her pale skin and slight chill that hung around her. "Cal? You gotta get up now. I know where we need to go, he said urgently to her. "Ice! We have to get to that door! I think it will be safe past there!" He picked up Cal because he didn't have enough time to wait for her to get up and walk. There was still the hole in the ground but Erik knew a way to get across it. "Let's go Ice!" He ran through the hordes of specters to the gaping cavern in the floor. There was a small amount of energy that was left in Erik and he used that to summon a quick "floor" over the hole. He and Ice ran as ast as they could over it because even as they ran the magic floor was giving out and slipping into the abyss. Soon they would be too if they didn't run faster, Erik thought to himself. He tried to keep those negative thoughts out of his head. They made it to the door, the light blinding them as they ran into the unknown and hopefully a safer place than where they were now.
Groggily Cal opened her eyes as someone spoke to her. Where was she? She couldn't remember anything, other than entering a castle with Erik and Ice. All of the sudden someone scooped her up and started running, muttering slightly under their breath. Then they jerked to a halt and Cal nearly flew out of whoever's arms that was holding her. Shaking her head to clear it, Cal struggled to a more comfortable postion and looked at the rather flushed faces of Ice and Erik.

"Um, where are we? And what just happened?"
Ice's eyes dart back and forth around the blindingly white room. She turns back to her normal, non-transparent self without noticing and turns around. The door they ran in was gone. It didn't seem like there were any other doors to leave through.

Suddenly Cal spoke. "Oh! Cal, I'm so glad you're okay!" she said stepping closer to her. Then she looked at Erik, saying, "You truly are a great healer, my friend. To heal a large scratch is good, but to almost bring someone back from the dead, that's amazing!" She clapped him on the back and grinned.

She glanced around the white room once more and thought, Oh great, from black place in nowhere to a white one.

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"Ah, so I owe my miraculous recovery and safety to you Erik. Thank you for saving me. Now, where to next?"
I'm gonna be gone for awhile you guys so I probably won't be able to write very soon. Some one can take my spot if they like, if not just continue without me.
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