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Arwen hands Ar a nice big canister of oxygen before posting.

alrighty, ty Strat, I'll look it up. And Loni, I still need a description please! I'm attempting to learn how to make a website so I can post these pics, but I don't know how long it will take....I'm hoping to get them up before Ayan returns....anyway..back to the story....

*runs off to catch up on her posting and e-mails*
I was thinking when we finish this treasure we end this thread. There are plenty more RPG threads bouncing up and down for our attention, and lets face it, no matter how much the adventure is fun, you need to give it rest or it will turn very dull.
I dunno Eth, I think we can keep it going, besides it will still be fun, maybe it would be better if we pick the pace up a lil tho.
Hey! There's no need to end Treasures...we're doing fine...let's try one last least until I can get a response back from Ayan..plz? I should be getting one soon, and I think it's only fair that he should have a say in this.

I agree with Arwen, Ayan should have a say, since he was with the quest at the beginning. Go ahead and announce your idea, Ar-37, I'm sure it's interesting.

Wolf Smilie (aroo...)

hey everyone! Thanks, I'll post Ayan's reply as soon as I get it, tho I odn't know how long it will be. I wanna hear ur idea tho Ar, while we're waiting or doing whatever it is that we're doing. Smile Smilie
You know, I've almost decided that the thread should end once the orb-thingy is destoyed. Then, if any of you others want to go searching for a treasure, start your own thread with the character from this one or some other character and then this thing won't drag on forever. What do you guys' think?

Puppy Smilie Snaps to you, babe. I love ya and miss you dearly Sad Smilie
Then, if any of you others want to go searching for a treasure, start your own thread with the character from this one or some other character and then this thing won't drag on forever.

Doesn't that thread already excist under the name The Barbarian Elf? I guess Icey is a litte bit different but it is basicly the same people.

But all good things have to end. Wouldn't it be fun to create brand new characters and new adventures? And new names, as a reader I am getting a bit bored to see the names Cal, Bradly, Icey and Etharion in almost every RPG. Wink Smilie
Whatever you lot decide. Im finished with Treasures.... And now im currently developing my character Arthas in The Balrogs Horde, im maybe gona play him for a while.
Hey everyone, sorry it took so long, but I've finally got a reply back from Ayan, here's what he said.
Tho i haven checked the
latest posts but i guess u guys r goin a bit astray. I
think its ok to give the thread an honorable burial. U
guys should go on to new threads. I wont be able post
on pt cuz my life has become very busy.

well, catcha all of you later! Big Smile Smilie Arwy
izit too late to join this?
I wont be able post on pt cuz my life has become very busy.

Did Ayan say that? Well, He'll be back on PT after Mid-December. Just wait and watch. He will.
LA: yeah, I know, and yes he did say that.
Haldir: I'm not sure, u might wanna wait for some of the others to answer, cuz I'm not sure.
I posted my idea, then i got kicked to my account area nad lost the entire post. I dont have time to retype it. be back later to retype it.
Ummm......why do i have a comunity supporter on me??
either taz drafted you or you accidently clicked the community supporter option. get an avatar.
You can't "accidently" become a community supporter, unless you think your creditcard info is needed to log in. Tongue Smilie One of our community supporters have chosen to "add an extra subscription, maybe as a gift for another member" as it says on the account home page (if you are a com supporter).

Lucky Ethy! Big Smile Smilie
I'm very happy to know the council hasn't gone to drafting people. Glad to see you took my suggestion and got an avatar ethy. (even if turin turambar has the same one, I'm never gonna be able to tell yall apart)
Alright Ar, I'm posting my opinion here. I think that we should keep going with this thread, tho whether we put it in the same thread or a new one. However, I say that we still use just Treasure cuz it would really be rather confuzzling if we got a new one and we might as well just continue with the one we have. Oh, and I say u bring Strat back, seeing as all we have left as far as men are concerned is Bradly, and we've lost our equilibrim...anyway...that's opinion.
I say we finish with this one and when its done we get a new thread, I'm getting kind of tired of this one...hey Ar-37 "if" we're getting a new thread you can just make another character there if you don't want to edit this one... just a suggestion.
i support adweena. we shud start a new thread. we can keep our old characters but kind of go on a new journey. this thread is gettin borin now. we have lost gud ideas an continuing will be kinda crap. try to understand Arwen. i guess u shud start a new thread Ar
Tally-ho then. I guess ill start the thread as soon as i get a name in my head. Someone come up with an excuse why the characters in treasures are going to the gray havens, thats where im going to begin.
Okies, will do..might take some thinking, but I'm sure there's a reason why... *puts on thinking cap* Big Smile Smilie Oh, and I still need a description from u Ar, and Loni if u want we to draw you. you want a description of me or strat? Or maybe we look the same. (Yeah, like I'm 9ft tall.) I might get the valar to send strat back. Of course, he won'y remember dying or going to "The Fate of Men Place". The new story in my head involves a boat. That's all i've thought of yet. I'm a little short on free-time lately.
Sounds good so far Ar. And I need a description of Strat...not u. :P
Since you have agreed to stop writing in treasures, I will now close the thread according to guideline nr 5.

Once a game has concluded to the satisfaction of players and GM the thread will be locked.

Good luck on future adventures. Smile Smilie
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