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Rawl sits alone in the corner with a drink in hand.
He is a tall fellow and carries with him, a whip and a belt of daggers.
His cloak falls down to his ankles but underneath reveals a bloodstained shirt and green pants.
He appears to be about 21 but the dirt on his face and the years of war have kept his real age a secret.
He is 17.

"Excuse me, barkeeper?"
"Yes?" Asked the girl behind the counter,"would you like something else?" She glanced over to the man and grabbed a dish cloth.

Name- Delilah (Del)
Gender- Female
Appearance- Long, bleached, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, pale skin,
Weapons- Sword in harness, quarter staff, throwing daggers
Hobbyish thing-Secretly a druid, only just finishing her studies under Walker
Clothing-Dressed in black and
Trade- Assassin, but keeps it to herself
Another person slipped through the door, draped in a black cloak, sitting in the corner. She looked around quietly.

Name: Syeria
Race: Elf
Homeland: Lothlorien
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, looks to be in early twenties
Physical Appearence: A black-haired elf, with a few silver streaks, violet eyes, slightly tanned skin
Skills: A dark magic pupil, she is coming along well in the dark arts, and is also an excellent huntress
Special Items/Weapons: A rapier, several knives and daggers, a black stallion named Phoenix
Background/History: Unknown
Del looked up to the newcomer, "Can I get you anything?" She asked drying a mug and sitting down on a stool.

Hey Hoodie, is there any story we should be following?
"Yes, may I have another one of these? Im not sure what it was but it sure was good." He asked holding up the mug.

no Rue, we'll make it up as we go
"Right away sir, and it's Vashni ale". She stood and reached for a bottle, pouring it she added, "I'm surprised you can even get it down, the Vashni tribe makes it so bitter".
"Just the way I like it ma'm! Can I also get a room here? I'm very tired from my travels"
"Yes, of course, they're upstairs" Del slid the drink down the counter and turned back to continue cleaning glasses.

May I go up and pick one? Any one? Rawl asks clearly amused.
Del glanced over her shoulder again, "Yes,any one, although I suggest one farther down the hall, it's quieter".

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says who?

"Yes thank you.
But my horse is outside and I prefer to sleep in the stables if I may?
He is my dearest friend named Ember and I can not leave him for long.
If you could just show me to the stables or barn and if you have a loft I could sleep in then I'll be to bed."
"The barns outside and around the corner, theres no loft, but you can sleep in a spare stall". As Del was talking she climbed up on a stool and began placing mugs and glasses back on the shelf. "You're welcome to come inside should you need anything", she turned back and grabbed another glass.
Syeria sat back quietly, watching and surveying everything from a distance. Phoenix was inside a stall in the stables, being taken care of. Syeria watched Del quietly, not seeming to notice anything else.
Delilah quickly stepped off the stool, catching the girls eye,"Can I help you with anything? A room, a drink?" She walked over and began clearing tables.
(Hoodie, no one line posts)

says who?

Says the website rules, which all members should know and follow. Teacher Smilie

Also, Hoodie, as the Game Master you should have read these guidelines before starting the RPG:
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They will probably be of good help.

Well, I'm done. Have fun boys and girls! Smile Smilie
Syeria blinked and looked away, shaking her head.
"No thanks."
She glanced over to the other person who was noticable and watched him for a while.
Race: Elf
Homeland: Lorien
Gender: Male
Age: 123 years old
Physical Appearance: Dark Hair, brown eyes, elvish armour covered with cloak, elvish sword hidden beneath cloak. looks 20

An elf stumbles in weary and exhausted. Looking around, he spots Syeria. Smiling a bit more he walks over a sits at her table. "Don't mind if I sit here do you? Haven't seen you in a while."
Race: elf
Gender: male
Age: unknown
Looks: fair elf features, long light brown hair, long green brown trabelling robe of elf fashion
Equipment: A small backpack,a blade at his side and a quarterstaff in his hand

Etharion steps into the Inn and closes the door behind him. He bows his head to the people gathered inside.
" Barkeeper, two glasses of your best ale," Orophin smiles at the last word, " Please?" Noticing the stranger at the doorway he quickly added, " Make that three." Motioning to the stranger over he grinned again. " Come and join us here."
Syeria smiled some to Orophin.
"Haven't seen you in a long's life going?"
She grinned, propping her feet up on a table.
Delilah nodded and returned from the bar with three glasses of aqivi, "Enjoy". She said setting them on the table and walking off.
"Thanks." Turning back to Syeria he grinned, "Same as when you left, we still do the usual routine of of patrolling Lorien's borders. And I must unfortunately add, my brothers take the job too seriously." He scowled, "Really seriously...." Then he brightenned up again, "So what have you been up to?"
Syeria looked at Orophin curiously for a moment, just studying him, before saying anything.
"Same as always...still studying...that whole deal."
She managed a smile before glancing out a nearby window...Orophin was always so nice to her, and she didn't want to be seen blushing.
Name - Durnik
Race - Human
Age - 24
Occupation - Swordsman
Appearance - Medium height, brown hair, blue eyes. Green cloak, brown leggings, white shirt.

After seeing to the stabling of his horse, Durnik stepped into the cool shade of the Ruby Inn. Even to the reaches of the Western Lands had the Ruby Inn heard of. Durnik nodded towards the travellers seated at a table and took a seat near the bar. He waved to catch the attention of the barmaid.
"Ho there girl!" he said in a booming, good-hearted voice.
Orophin smiled inwardly, seeing her blush. He had known her for some time until she had gone away. "Still studying? don't know this is correct, but I heard that you went and studied among humans, and not always with your own brethren elves," Orophin chuckled, "I don't really understand them. Is it true you actually went and studied among humans?" Orophin took a sip of his ale.
Delilah looked up from her work and smiled to the man at the bar, "What can I get you? We have food, drinks, and rooms". She turned away for a moment to a shelf and replaced the bottle of aqivi.
Syeria laughed some, glancing back to him with a grin.
"You heard correctly, friend...humans. Odd, confusing creatures, but most certainly fun to trick.: Laughing, she smiled. "They're not so bad, though. Just different."
"The odd thing is, my patrols always encounter one of them, going around having an 'adventure', well thats what they tell the patrols. I find it crazy to go around by yourself like that. They are odd." Orophin took another sip of the ale, "That is where my brothers go a bit too into the job. They capture and interragate every single one. I find that they are harmless, I tell those 'Adventurers' to go away, watch them a little while then go back to patrolling."
Syeria smiled some, running a hand through her hair.
"They aren't too bad at all...I am going to go back to Lorien someday, help with the patrol once more...there's a whole world to explore first, though."
She smiled some more, cracking her knuckles.
"Glad you stopped by, though. It's nice to see a familiar face. How have the others been?"
"The others? Hmm lets see. Glarion, your cousin of course if you haven't forgotten, is his usual self, just like me, refusing to learn to shoot with a bow. He and I are still concentrating solely on swordplay, and of course, he still is waiting for your return. You know how he likes to play his practical jokes on you." Orophin chuckled, taking yet another sip of ale, " Ah yes and then theres Finrod, the young recruit, even younger then me, 145 years old I think."
"Some ale would parch this adventurer's thirst. I would also have your company. Wandering throughout the land is lonely work." Durnik answered, his usual friendly smile on his tanned, weatherbeaten face.
Delilah, still turned around grabbed a bottle of ale and a glass, "Lonely work indeed". She placed the drink on the counter and pulled up a stool on the other side."Adventurer you say?"
Is this set in Middle Earth?

"Aye, adventurer I said. I am infected with an insatiable wanderlust that oozes from my every pore. It drove to learn swordsmanship, for my protection when wandering dangerous regions." Durnik spoke heartily, with the enthusiasm of a man talking about his life's work.
"So far, it has taken me through the lands east of the mountain range that divides the land and back again. I have travelled on ships with great white sails, working as a crewman, getting off when it stops at an unexplored port. I have ridden through the dusty plains to the north, and traversed the swamp lands some weeks travel south of here." Here, Durnik's excited tone mellows out and he says almost sorrowfully, but with an undercurrent of eagerness:
"Now, I am here to sell my skills as a fine hand with a sword, to those who wish to purchase it. I still long to travel, but now I seek creatures and foes worthy of fighting. I want to go on a glorious quest for some treasure or artefact. I want a purpose; someone to tell me what to do, while allowing me to keep travelling the length and breadth of the land."
"But where are my manners? My name is Durnik. You are...?"
"Gildian has risen in the ranks to captain, she wants you in her patrol. And I still don't understand why you left the army to study." Orophin showed concern, "Especially now I hear among humans. I usually don't get on well with them. Did you manage with them?"
"Delilah". She took a sip of aqivi, "You too sell your sword skills? Interesting, I myself am a Sword-Dancer, hiring onto Tanzeers and such. Although we don't strive to take orders, killers will be killers, you know?" Del glanced at her glass and stood, refilling it. "There are many manuscripts of lost valuables, maps,and legends, we have a study in the back", She motioned to a door, "You can go in if you like".
Syeria frowned at the name "Gildian." Obviously, the two were never close.
"She's the main reason why I left. I definately am not going back if she wants me there...reverse phsycology, you see."
She drummed her fingers on the table for a moment, looking at him curiously.
"Glarion and you were always stubborn. Good to know that hasn't changed."
" Well, she wont be very happy." Orophin the reached for ale until he saw it was empty. He eyed the third untouched glass nearby. "Is anyone going to join us and come drink that?" In a more serious tone, Orophin continued. "In the past month, we have launched a new military campaign against the goblins hiding in and around the mountains. We need scouts and trackers with good skills. You do fit that role well." Orophin then cleared his throat. "Not that we need any urgently, the goblins are quite weak but all the same."
With a wry smile growing on his lips, Durnik replied dryly:
"Perhaps, if you were to accompany me. I am not the tidiest of people and may leave things lying around where they shouldn't be."
She smiled, "Alright". She made her way around the counter and over to the door. Pulling out a key and unlocking it,"What sort of treasure do you have in mind?"
Standing up and following Delilah to the door, Durnik replied:
"Nothing specific. I would, however, be more interested in some mercenary work. Especially if it were to include you." Durnik's look was direct.
"I'm a blunt man miss, and I must say that I find you very attractive. I must also say that you do not seem be a simple mercenary like me. Your line of work must include a far higher level of finesse than mine. It is clear to see by those such as myself. Not meaning to boast." Shame-facedly, Durnik lowered his head a little.
Syeria rolled her eyes upward.
"She can do well on her own, if she's that good to get to captain. And scouting? I'd never fit that role, and you know better."
She glanced to the third glass of ale and shrugged.
"Drink it."
"Well, you're not so bad yourself", She smiled and made her way over to a heart-wood chest and lifted the lid, inside were countless maps, documents, and diagrams. She shuffled through some of the parchment until she found what she was looking for. Handing the chronical fragment to Durnik, "These are Amber Runes, they're a very secluded language, telling a story of a treasure far beyond your expectations.Every few years an expedition is formed to recover the treasure, none have returned. You would need a crew, a ship, and supplies, You would also get to do things you enjoy, travel, sail, and take orders from an appointed captian", she glanced up at him, "I might even come along".
"Well, you're not bad at being a scout, " Orophin was hesistant, she was right but he wouldn't show. "Are you sure you wouldn't want that last glass? And by the way just to keep you informed, "Orophin now found it hard to tell the message, "She um really pushed me to tell you to join her patrol, and drop your studies."
Durnik grinned at her, his mind racing.
Perfect! he cheered silently. Aloud he said:
"With so many reasons to accept, I'd be touched in my wits to refuse. Now, being the devious vixen that you are miss, surely you would know where could we find a sturdy ship, a crew brave or crazy enough to man it and supplies."
This manuscript, you said it was a secluded language. Would you know how to read it? Otherwise we'd have to hunt down a translator, and it'd take a very advanced, not to mention expensive, translator to help us with it."
She frowned to his smile,"You missed something, we'll have no ordinary ship. We need an airship, to sail across the Blue Divide(Ocean). " She stood and closed the lid of the chest. "As for the language, I've had much time to study, my line of work requires it ". She turned and walked out the door, "I'll notify Redden Alt 'mer, no ship has ever survived when he's sailing the Black Moclips".
Syeria snorted some and shook her head, laughing.
"She's not going to make me drop my studies, even if she holds a blade to my throat."
She sighed some.
"I don't drink."
"Alright, I'll tell her but she wont be happy. I can't touch that drink." Orophin pushed his empty glass to the edge of the table. "Barkeeper, can you please refill my glas with the same ale." He motioned to the third glass, " If I drink that, it will haunt my conscience for the rest of my life."
Delilah turned away from Durnik and made her way behind the bar, "Yes sir", she said pouring a drink. She delivered the ale and dissapeared into the store room, to replace the emty bottle.
Durnik followed Delilah into the storeroom, his face creased into an expression of curiousity.
"An airship you say? Never been in one of them before. Could be interesting. Who's this 'Redden Alt 'mer' you spoke of? Is he dangerous?"
"Airships are just like any other ship, except for the sails and disposion cristals", She said without looking up. "The cristals are solar powered and used as an engine, the sails are just more dynamic. And yes, Redden is dangerous, But Rovers make the best flyers". She finally found the right bottle and stood up. "You seem concerned".

Okay peoples, This is based sorta half in ME and half in The Four Lands, a Shannara setting, hence airships and such. Shannara is basically a play off of LOTR so it wont be much different. The reason I'm starting it like this is becuase Hoodie got herself grounded for three weeks and can't go on unless we're at school.
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