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Delilah frowned, "Another time them, Stranger", then glancing to the man, "Perhaps the same consists for our match, I really must be leaving soon, and need to pack quickly. Getting caught up in a duel will only waste time". She sheathed Samiel with a sigh and made her way inside again.

(Adreia, Hoodie ment for this to be an RPG thread, are we going to start anything?)
Syeria sat down by a stream a little while away and sat, looking at the water, reflecting on her thoughts.
Hm...that would probably be best, but what should we do?..
Well, when Connovar was here, he and I were going to get an airship and go in search of lost chronicals accross the Blue Divide, we could still do that...
Sorry peoples, but Connovor is currently inactive and I don't know if he'll go back on.

Orophin shrugged and sheathed his sword, walking back into the inn.
Hm...well, Rue, if that is the only thing that will get this thread back up and running again, then let's go for it! (And sorry if this is a one-liner)
Whatever's needed.
Okay. Well, you seem to be the expert in that department XD give it a boost Wink Smilie and i'm here if you need help
Ocky docky, let's see what we can do to revive this thread.

Delilah appeared behind Syeria suddenly, having avoided the other man, she moved around and sat down across from her. "You don't seem like the type to pass up an adventure, am I right?" She shrugged and held out a hand, slowly a black sphere began to appear above it, growing larger and larger until burst, producing a shower of sparkels. "I like to play with magic, I know you do too, this was just a little thing I learned from a voyage, and I'm planning to go on another one. If you want to learn more powerful tricks and gain a larger knowledge of the arts, you and your friend would be welcome to join me". She smiled happily and flicked her hand to the side, causing a small burst of color to erupt, residing for no more than a moment. "I just like to play around sometimes".
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