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"I'm coming, I'm coming...."grumbled Clover. She waved her arms at everyone. "Hello?!!! Let's get going!! We haven't got all season." She looked, exasperated, at Freca. "Oh well, someone should get going. I don't care if you guys are coming. See you at Mordor!" She hopped off the rock she had been standing on and walked off in the wrong direction confidently...
Lairen sighed in amusement at the ridiculous hobbit then deciding to be kind, caught up to her, grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her in the right direction.
"You might have better luck arriving at your destination beofre its too late if you were actually headed towards it, don't you think?"
Clover was stopped in mid-hop and clumsily lost her balance. When she got up again, she shook herself and glanced a Lairen embarrassedly. "Well, which way is the right way? Would you be so kind as to tell me?" Clover let her face fall into the "angelic and irresistable hobbit esxpression" and added, " Of course, if you guys could be kinder, you'd all hurry up and stop dilly dallying! Let's go!"
Freca stared at the hobbit, he jumped up and landed on a thick low-hanging branch. "It's this way hobbit, and I suggest we hurry, the uruk-hai are coming down that way." He jumped down and sprinted along with the speed and silence of an elf.
Lairen stayed silent and simply took off after him, without glancing back at the others. She kept the hobbit's arm grasped firmly in her hand and dragged her along behind, ignoring the protests being made.
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Clover did not like to be dragged along, but well finally they were moving their fat bottoms from the fire...the trees were rather thick and the night was dark, casting many shadows over their surroundings. Clover wouldn't admit it, but she was actually for the first time in her life glad that she was with a bunch of such capable-looking warriors. She clutched tighter onto Lairen and hurried.
Lairen glanced down at the sudden tighening of the grip around her wrist. She sighed at the pitiful look of fright on the hobbit's face and paused just long enough to lean down and whisper in her ear.
"It's alright. We're all here, nothing's going to happen. And if anything does, just stick close to me, understand? Oh, and I'm Lairen, what is your name?"
Freca was scouting out the road ahead, the hobbit and elf were following some way behind. He and the elf was holding the hobbits hand. Their the size of children, they looked like children, he was so confused.
Name: Etharion T.

Age: 146

Race: elf

Basic Appearance: elf features, long light brown hair, green, brown and blue clothes.

Residence: has a friend in Mirkwood where he stays sometimes

Weapons: walks with a quarterstaff, wields a bastard sword

Animals: Animal? No. Im not a animal.

Short History: Last place visited, Mirkwood. Made journeys to the far North. Nothing else known about him. Single...

Goals: None defined. He is fair minded, just, good hearted, likes a good laugh, enjoys company with all races (cept the evil ones).

If someone could just give me the shortest overview on what happend last, where the happenings are curently located, and exactly who is all there? Pleeeeease? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
There is a quest set on us by the old Maiar woman Hinhael (played by Dineniel), to get some treasure of Aule's from Mordor. Right now we have just set out on our journey to Mordor.
"Mae govannen friends!" said the elf that just came in front of the travelers path, riding on his shiny black horse.
"What brings you to these lands, if i may ask?" he said politely.
"Uh, just a secret mission that's about as dangerous as ten thousand Morgoths piled on our heads...In fact we are just..." Clover stepped up to the stranger humourously, but cuaght a warning glance from some of the others. "uh, just off on a daisy-picking expedition." The hobbit smiled brightly at the Elf, ignoring some of the scowls from the others.
"Hey Eth", said Rue glancing away from the loose-lipped hobbit. "You know, just another one of those treasure retrieving missions, you're welcome to join us if you like". She rummaged inside her bag for a moment and pulled out her bota, sipping the aqivi slowly as she waited to get going again.
Etharion smiled at CloverLess!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
"There are no daisy's there where you are going im afraid. At least...there have been none in a long, long time." he said thoughtfully.
"Of course, if you will it, i shall accompany you. It will be my pleasure helping you. And how could i say no to such beautifull a company?" he said smiling at the them all. He shifted his horse o the path.
O.C.C.- You guys..girls, are all on foot right?
Clover looked at the ground in embarrassment. It was obvious that Etharion knew Rue. For a fee days they all walked steadily on in silence. Until they came to the dangerous places. The filthy stench of Orcs was everywhere and Clover knew that sooner or later they would meet up with a gang of them.
Etharion felt the orcs presence as well. As they rode on he said "We should all be on our watch from now on. That means keep your eyes peeled and well take turns at guarding through the night. If were lucky, there wont be any raiding partys nearby." he finished as he scaned the horizon, which was already starting to look like a barren wasteland.
Clover clutched her healing herbs tightly as she ran alongside the others. "Oh dear, now I really really wish I hadn't left my cosy little hobbithole." she thought fervently. "It's bad enough that I have to listen to battle outside my door every other day without witnessing it with my own eyes! Orc-blood, disgusting substance... but I admit I'd rather see that than other blood."
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IC: The group could feel eyes pressing in on them from all sides and the land was deathly quiet. Not a cricket chirped or a swallow sang. A rotting stench tickled their nose, faint at first but getting stronger. A rabbit burst out of the brush ahead suddenly and bounded off downwind.

A grimace cracked on Hinhael’s face, her ever-alert eyes darting around the huge boulders and trees. She drew her sword as quietly as she could, and slid over to the group’s left flank. A rumbling swelled from up ahead and to the left that accompanied by the stench’s increase. A swarm of orcs burst through the trees and rushed towards the group.

The orcs faces were dark and bloodstained, and their yellow teeth formed malevolent grins. They bore crude swords, were clothed in thick armor, and there was nearly a score of them.
Clover got her herbs ready and noted with unease the change on her companions faces. She had been a healer, so she didn't possess many poisons, but she suddenly recognized some black nightshade bushes. An Orc leapt at her from behind, but she fortunately stepped aside just in time and the orc went headlong into the nightshade. "Yuck," she wrinkled her nose in disgust. But she didn't kill the Orc or anything as she knew the nightshade would get into him through his scars and wounds.
Etharion yelled as the orcs burst out "Draw your weapons!! There's yrch about!" and he drawed his sword. "Hold close together, and watch out for those arrows."
OOC: I'm not going to be here for the next week and a half. I appoint Etharion and Cloveress as my stand ins. Cloveress gets to play hinhael if she can, and Etharion can be the GM for as long as I'm gone. Don't go too fast while I'm gone. Wink Smilie
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Greetings to all! I'm new, and I love being in RPGs... is this one still open?Or if not can we get it started back up?
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Clover ducked behind a tree and watched the remnant of the Orcs being demolished. Some of her friends were hurt, but most were only minor wounds, nothing too serious. Clover clutched her bottle of aloe gel tightly, and wished it would all end...
Name: Inwe
Race: Elf
Basic Appearance: Long dark hair, light green eyes, dressed in all black, along with a large grey cloak, very fair skin, a large scar on her neck from an unknown origin
Residence: none as of now
Weapons: long sword, bow and arrows, and a small dagger tucked away
Animals: none
Short History: She's learned to cope with her circumstances. Her father betrayed her whole family and left them in Rivendell to fend for themselves. Her mother died of heartbreak. Her mother gave her her father's ring, and she constantly battles wanting to rid herself of everything her father holds on her, but she wears it anyway..Afterall, it was really from her mother. Once her mother died, she left Rivendell and has been living in various woods her whole life. She's not the kind of Elf you'd automatically run to in case of danger because of her hardness, but she's always up for any kind of danger.

Inwe slowly crawled down from the tree she had just been in. What had awakened her? she wondered. More nightmares? As she trudged along the path where the woods lead her she swung her cloak around her and hugged it close to her tall figure. She wasn't really accustomed with these woods, but she wanted to walk in the freezing night air. As she walked, she saw a fire up ahead. Inwe saw tracks of a group of travelers of all different sizes. Perhaps Hobbits, and Elves alike in one group. "That's strange..." she said to herself as she walked along the left over tracks of the travelers. Up ahead she could see them, just standing there, like they had just been in some sort of battle. To her astonishment, she saw why they were all silent. A band of orcs were laying on the ground, all dead, she supposed.
Inwe walked silently towards the group, and saw an old woman looking at her. She seemed to have eyes that knew her past. Inwe became a bit afraid for the first time in her life, but resolved to speak with the strangers. She didn't want to appear friendly, so she swung her hood over her head and spoke in firmiliar tongue.
"What brings you here? In the presence of Orcs nonetheless, Travelors?"
She walked to the outer edge of the circle the Strangers had made, and stopped, waiting for an answer.
Etharion sheathed his sword. Then he looked at the unfamiliar stranger. "We are just passing by. As you said, we are travelers. As for the orcs, they deserved what they got. They ambushed us. And now perhaps, you could tell us your name m'lady..."
Ok, I'll do two posts, one for Hinhael and one for Clover.

The old Maiar smiled at the stranger. "Now, friend, reveal your face as it is, if you will not reveal your heart, for one could never have too many true-hearted friends. Come! You are among the bold and hardy, if such characteristics would impress you. We are warriors all, of will and of body." She looked round at her little band of warriors. "Let us get away from this orc-filth and find a proper place to dine." Her eyes twinkled at the stranger. "Would you care to join us for a meal?"

The shy Hobbit clambered out of her hiding place. She found the Elf intriguing, but made no move of affection towards her. She hid behind Hinhael and peeked at their surroundings. She was delighted at the mention of food, of course., and her hobbit self could not contain its hibbitness. "Dine! Why, that's just what we ought to do in such a dark hour. My appetite is not at all ruined by the gruesome battle."
Inwe pondered the proposition for a moment, then her stomache spoke for her. "I will come.My name is Inwe." she resolved as she pulled off the hood of her dark cloak. She couldn't help but feel all eyes looking at her deep scar, having old questions come to the surface once more. Questions she herself could not answer.Maybe they don't see it." she thought as she stepped closer to the little hobbit.
Her mind wandered as they searched for a wholesome place to eat. She wondered about this company. Why the old woman seemed so firmiliar, why, after all these years of hating her own kind, she seemed to enjoy these elves company, and why she actually took a liking to this halfling. Inwe felt as if she was letting her guard down, and she didn't like the feeling. She wasn't one to show feelings and emotions on her sleeves, so to say.
Once the old woman had found a spot that was oppropriate to rest and eat, they all sat and waited for dinner. Inwe glanced around at the faces of these strange travelors. Finally she spoke and asked the question that had been weighing on her mind. "Truley, where is this strange company traveling, and may I ask your names? Afterall, it was a bit foolish of me to actually join a company I do not know."
Hinhael did not answer the elf's question, but just poked at the fire with a stick. The stew was coming on fine, and indeed, who else could have asked for a better cook than herself? She looked up at the evening sky. Stars were coming out, and she could see those familiar constellations. It was a good omen, she decided.

Clover hopped up to the elf. She had to admit she was pretty, even with that scar. "I'm Clover, that's Hinhael, and the rest of the infuriating company will no doubt introduce themselves to you sooner or later in their violent warrior-like ways." She stooped to pick a clump of common mallow. "Hey! Hinhael, I found some soup base for you!" She handed the mallow over to the old lady, who smiled and recieved it into her pot.
Etharion moved closer to the newcomer. "If im a are a giant." he said picking up the hobbit and moving her to the side. "I know some things about swords, but i am no warrior in heart. My name is Etharion...Turambar. It is a pleasure most special to meet someone like you in these dark lands, and times." he said taking the strangers hand. " And you are..?" he asked quietly, looking into her eyes, not the scar, but showing interest none the less.
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Inwe had come to the strange conclusion that she liked the hobbit. It was an unfirmiliar thing. Elves liking Hobbits; but nonetheless, she liked Clover.
"My name is Inwe." she replied to the other of her kind. This Elf was different. She always said that eyes were the windows to people's souls, and in this Elf she saw kindness, not a warrior, or a killer, but perhaps a friend. A friend..... Inwe thought as she reached for the Elf's hand. This company is strange indeed...
She felt a chill come over her body as she pulled her hand away from the current introduction. It seemed to be late into the night, and sudden drowsiness came over her as if she had not had sleep in many a day. Inwe pulled her hood over her head just enough to keep her warm. Afterall, she liked the way she felt when she looked into her new friends' eyes. They were kind. They didn't care where she came from. She was a blank canvas to them. She could be who she wanted. Other than the fact of her scar. She could always feel her pulse cirulating throught it. She wanted to find answers. She wanted to know where it came from. She wanted to know why of all things, she was with a group of people who she didn't even rightly know.. but she wanted to stay. All these things ran through her mind as she sat, waiting for a meal.
Finally, she spoke, "Where are we going?" Inwe asked as she looked into the old woman's eyes. Of all people here, that woman intimidated her the most. She had always had that affect on people.. it was a new feeling. Intimidation. Of an old woman? That was almost ludacris.
As she waited for an answer, she couldn't help but feel like this company wasn't just a group of old friends having a stroll in the woods. What were they really here for? What was their task?
Inwe sat in silence as she waited for an answer. She pulled her cloak closer to her body, and her green eyes searched for an answer in the darkness that surrounded the company. She drew her fair hand to her face and moved a strand of brown hair out of her face as the freezing wind came through. Was anyone going to give her a clear answer?
"Dinner's ready!" Clover hopped around, bringing everyone their food. She found a comfy spot on the grass and began to guzzle hers with gusto. "Top hole in the cooking, as usual, m'lady!" She grinned broadly at the old woman, who was neither eating nor drinking.

Hinhael decided the newcomer was trustworthy. Her voices told her not to trust her instincts and impression, but she ignored them. Putting aside her ladle, she straightened and pierced straight into Inwe's eyes with her own. This gaze was nothing like that of Etharion's. It was neither kind nor menacing, neither warm nor cool, neither inviting nor forbidding. It merely pierced her mind, and saw the truth.
Etharion felt a shiver run through Inwe as he held her hand. He tried to make something more out of her, just by watching, and he decided that this fair looking elf had a interesting past. And a fair looking ring she had on her hand.
As to her question, he anwsered "Where are we going? Can anybody truly anwser that question? I think not... But if you mean in a more current time, we have a taks that needs to be done. To Mordor we go, to the darkest center, where the dark one once sat and contemplated the future of Middle Earth. We go to retrive something." he said, not wanting to reveale to much so soon. He wanted to give Inwe a chance to prove herself. Then...he could talk more freely with her, as a friend...

The night was not young any more, and the moon gifted little light to the the land, for clouds were gathering for days now. But it was quiet, with the occasional sound of a bird hunting, and a nearby stream rushing.
"Get some sleep while you can," the old woman murmured to Eth, though her eyes never left Inwe's face. "We travel with all speed tomorrow." She dismissed Etharion and moved closer to Inwe. "And you... we have yet to find out more about, my friend, for so I believe you are."

Clover had picked a new batch of herbs, and was now reclining on a soft patch of moss. "Lovely bedding!" she thought before rolling over and falling asleep. She didn't even notice someone covering her up.
Etharion found a comfortable log to sit on and rest. His ears were listening for any odd noises in the night, but none came. And so he was the first to see the sun rise above the clouds in the morning.
So this particular story is dead?
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