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"OOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!! THATS MY FINGER ICEY!!!!!!!!!!" Rane screamed. She sat down by the broken window sucking her finger giving a glaring look to Icefangs. If looks could kill, she would difinately be dead. Rane had no idea what she was getting herself into opening this run down building as an Inn. Icefangs had basically pushed her into the idea, but it was starting to warm up on her. " Maybe this was bad idea."
a loudly dressed Irish man comes striding into what he hopes is a quality pub. if thats not an oxymoron. "Oh me NAME it is Sam Hall, Chimney Sweep, Chimeny Sweep, Oh me name it is Sam Hall, chimney sweeep!"
OCC wot should we do?
Ice coverd her face with her hands, throwing mock shield against Rane's glare. "Don't hurt meh...." she said softly and walked around to sit on a table near the window. "Aw, come on, fixing up this inn was a good idea! Sure, the roof had a few holes, the windows were broken, there two missing doors, and not to mention the rodent problem, but we fixed all that stuff, except for the windows. Tell ya what, you sit down and suck on your finger and I'll fix this window?" Ice said, leaning back on the table, crossing her arms behind her head, and laying on them.
Rane, looking at the drucken Irish man in awe, just sat there, until Ice's insult knocked her into reality."Your treating me like a child! I dont need your sympathy! I'll tend to this drunken irishman while you fix the window." Rane spun around smacking Ice for the comment, and looked down to find the chimney sweep lying on the floor." Do you need anything? Another brew? Some cake? I think all of us know you need a good washing." Rane said, snickering. She walked up to the cupboard and grabs three sesame cakes and the supplies to make tea."Sam, since you are so at home, why don't you help ice with the window, and once you have sobered up, we can discuss just exactly why you are here."
"Hey hey people, what's all the fighting here about?" the Cloveress had just arrived. She was a nice woman who lived right next to this inn. And she was thinking of checking out this new inn, when she saw a drunken Irishman, and two women fighting over what seemed to be a windowpane. Oh great, look at my new neighbors now...
"This isn't the first impression that I was hoping to make, sorry. Do you have any idea of who this drunken man is on our floor??" Rane nudged Sam with her foot." If you'd like to stay a while, I was just about to make tea." Rane turns around, but notices something strange on the table. Its a letter addressed to Ranewen Leralonde, Rane's full name. " What is this Ice?"
OCC, maybe this weird letter can get things started
Ice sat up rubbing her head sitting with her legs crossed indian-style on the table. "Are we sure this guy's drunk?" she asked glancing down at him. As the newest arrival, a young woman, walks in, Ice smiles at her and hops off the table, walking forwards and holding out her hand. "Tis a pleasure to meet thee, my friend. I am Icefangs, but you may call me Icey," she says lightly.
As Rane speaks, Ice turns her head, one of her grey wolf ears cocked to the side, and looks at her. "What's what, Rane?" she asks.

"This letter, did you place it here on the table?" Rane took the mysterious letter and turned it over to open it. When she noticed what was on the envelope she dropped it. "O my! It can't be!" It was sealed with a green "R" , which means it was from her sister, who she had believed to be dead since many months ago. Rane knew that something was strange about her sisters death because when she was informed of the inccident, no one had any idea of how she had died. She lived in another dwelling of the elves, and they had been separated since they were in their preteens. " How can this be possible? What kind of joke is this?"
im not drunk! i was just wondering if you needed the chimney swept!
An elf poked her head through the broken window and smiled, "Well, you won't know what kind of joke it is unless you open it, will you?" She brought herself up to sit in the frame and twisted her finger through a lock of blood colored hair. "I don't think looking at it is gonna do anything", Rue stated, gesturing to the envolope with her free hand.
The Cloveress had noticed something wrong with Rane. Her face was wearing an odd expression. "What's the matter, young lady? " She walked over to Rane, who was holding the letter, almost tripping over Sam, who was wearing an annoyed expression. "Oops, sorry, laddie. Didn't mean to trip over you." She winked at Sam before gazing concernedly back at Rane.
Do we know each other in this, Rue?
Well, the only other time we've roleplayed together was when the Silver River Tavern started back up, but we didn't really get far in that, so...I'm not sure.
OCC, i'm being Cal again if anyone has objections, tell me and i'll change characters, k?

Cal glanced at the rundown inn then hearing familiar voices from inside laughed and made her way to the wooden door. After listening for a second, she pushed it open then made her way sliently behind Ice and Rue and poked them both in the back, shouting Boo!
*arghhh* hearing a very shocking *boo* ithil stops in front of the door and asks herself if she really wants to go into that strange inn (she's just only a tiny little bit frightened of anything and anyone), but finally she slowly opens the door and peeps in. "in case anyone needs first aid - I'm a perfectly trained hobbit..."
"Jeez!" Rue jumped slightly when she felt something touch her back. She spun around to find herself facing Cal. "Oh, hey. You know, you're really getting good at that", she smiled and moved her hand from her knife belt.
Suddenly a man burst through the door wearing a hooded robe."Give me aquivi."he said throwing some mithril down on the table.

Name: Psydous
Height: 6'7
Age: unknown
Race: Limdule High Mage
Weapons(powers)-He can use his psyhcic powers to control minds.He is also a master of magic especially dark magic.
Appearence: Black Bloodstained hooded robe that bears ancient writing on it.He has glowing red eyes.And spiked up white hair with red streaks.He also has spikes wrapped around his knuckles wrists and neck.
Backround: unknown
Personality-headstrong ruthless will do anything for power.
sure ppl need a mind first for u to control it "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
The Cloveress felt a bit scared at the bloodstained mage's appearance, but held her composture. And the little hobbit was too cute for words. "I'm glad to see you, little one," she smiled at the tiny hobbitmaid.
"Whoa!!!!" Icey screamed as Cal poked her. She turned around, one hand balled and pulled back, the other clutching her swordhilt. At the sight of Cal, Ice starting scratching the back of her head and held out her other hand for handshake. "Like Rue said, you've gotten quite good at that booing stuff," she said with a grin. She gave another smile to hobbit, and glanced worriedly over at Rane. "Everything okay over there?" she asked.
Just then the hooded man came into the inn. Seeing as no one was behind the bar and Rane appeared too shocked to do much, Ice turned and jumped behind the counter. She snatched the mithril from the table and disappeared through a door behind the counter.
Returning a few seconds later, with a black bottle and a tall, clear mug in her hands, Ice poured the fellow some of the drink and handed him the mug.
"Sir, this-" she held the mithril in one hand, "is a bit more than that costs.. let me get you some change," she said and turned back towards the bar.

I know you don't know what to say, Rane, so I hope that helps

The Cloveress smiled. Now this looked more like an inn now. She sat down comfortably on a bench, and put her chin in her hands, gazing merrily at the comings and goings at this inn. If things really got going here, then why! Maybe Icey and Rane would start throwing unbirthday parties! The Cloveress had an almost hobbit-like liking for parties. But right now Rane was loking a bit shocked and that hooded man was certainly no party creature... Just thinking about him made her shiver.
Icey grinned at the Cloveress, and walked over to stand beside Rane. She cupped her hands and put them near the elf's ear. "What's the matter?" she whispered. When she said nothing in reply, Ice looked closer at the letter in Rane's trembling hands. She then noticed the seal on the envelope, an R placed against the very intricate design of a tree. Her eyes widened as she realized what that meant. Putting her arm over her friend's shoulder, Icey led Rane to chair and gently pushed her down.

Sighing, Ice pulled the letter out of Rane's fingers and opened, her icy blue eyes scanning every word. As she reached the last few lines of the letter, her eyes widened once more, and jaw dropped.

Try this one, Rane!!!!!!!

Rane finally came out of shock. She caught her breath and then looked up at all of the people that had entered the Inn. Wow, she thought, maybe the Inn will get better business than I thought. " That was a letter from my sister, I had heard that she was dead, but instead her, my mother, and my brother are all being held captive. I do not know where exactly. It looks like she was writing very fast. And the letter cuts off aqwardly. I think she wrote me this letter in secret." She looked at the letter and noticed that there were spots of blood stained to the parchment." She wants me to find her."

sry you guyz, extremely sry, i brought a sister into here, not thinking about needing someone to play her lol, so i was trying to think of something to do.
"Whoa whoa whoa..." the Cloveress' eyes widened as she heard these words. Adventures like this didn't often come to such ordinary housekeepers as herself. And finally now was the chance! But she suddenly didn't feel like going on an adventure. She looked out the window in the direction of her house and sighed. The children, she still had to take care of them.
"wow... that sounds bad..." the hobbit girl, who had somehow been struck by everything going on round her - she wasn't used to the big ones - stared at the letter. "you have to help her!! and you better be fast... oh, who knows what's happened to her... oh, there are so many terrible things out there..." the hysterical shrieking voice turned into an inaudible murmering and the hobbit finally calmed down again to see how the whole thing would end. she was the kinda hobbit that couldn't worry about something too long as she was easily distracted and forgot about everything important.
Rue looked around the inn at the panicking people. She tried to smile in reassurance, though after her first few attempts, she settled for a sliver of a grin. "Well, I think I've heard enough. Let's all get going before another gut wrenching letter comes and we go through this again. Your sister can't save herself, and you're gonna need help".
Icey smiled at Rue, thanking her for the reassuring words. Knealing down, Ice looked at Rane and smiled once more. "She's right, you know. If your sister needs saving, then we'd better get going," Ice said, standing and holding out a hand to help Rane stand.

"I dont need change. Keep it."said the mage."I'm Psydous.Pleasure to meet you all."Psy heard someone mumble something about him being a kook."What was that?!"he yelled as he lifted his hand and lifted the man into the air."Bow down mortal."he said as he made the man land at his feet.
"Oh great," thought the Cloveress as she saw Psy revealed in his fury. "Y'know, ,Mr, uh, Psy, you should really go with Rane and Icey, they're going to need your help along the way." She smiled brightly. "And you have such great powers, too. As for me, I'll just stay here and look after things at the Inn.""
Psy thought the little hobbit was modest."Thank you for noticing my powers.I will go with Icey and Rane."said Psy as he walked out of the inn swiftly.
"Um... Psy, was it? I think we might need to gather some supplies before
we leave.... I mean, with me being half-wolf, I'm all hunting and gathering
in the woods, you know, eating o'naturale, but I don't know if you other guys
would like what I found. What say you to getting a pack ready with water,
food, and the like, for the road. Not that I don't want to save your family, Rane ,
but dashing off into unknown territory without some idea of how you're gonna survive
when you get there is not the smartest thing in the world to do; believe me, I learned
the hard way...." Icey said, glancing at all those who were to accompany them in their quest.

ithil looked at all the determined faces with a shudder. they were all so brave... and tall... "that indeed sounds very reasonable... good preparation is the key to a successful adventure... or so my dear uncle simbo used to say... but, you know, I think I better remain behind, accompanying you I would only be a burden to you, I guess. maybe I can help dear cloveress - we aren't related by chance? have you got any relatives in buckland? - with the inn... it's certainly a lot of work for a hobbit, though it's the perfectly right job for our kind." she tried to smile smartly, but as she couldn't quite hide her excitement, she looked rather awkward.
"Hmmm, relatives in Buckland? Don't recall any, but my family tree is so jumbled up I can hardly remember everything anyways. We could be related, y'know." The Cloveress was secretly very glad that she would have the hobbit for company, and she was also very relieved that yhe young hobbit lass would not be going on such a dangerous quest.
"I don't need to gather supplies.I kill and eat.Rane may want to gather some supplies though.And cloveress do me a favor get me something to drink."
The Cloveress scowled a bit at the commanding tone of Psy, but she scurried off to do as he asked. Apart from getting a mug of mulled mead for Psy, she also gathered some bottles of strawberry cordial for the others to bring on their journey. "Here you are, my lord," she bowed as she gave him his drink. "And this is some cordial for the rest of you on your trip. Eru knows what wonders a good bottle of cordial can do!"
"Thank you my lady.At leastsomeone is respecting me around here."said Psy to Cloveress in a commending tone.
"Well don't get used to it", said Rue in a quick tone. "Being arrogant will only get you so far". She unstrapped her aqivi from her belt and sipped as the others got ready.
Ice dashed into a back of the Inn and snatched hers and Rane's bags off the floor.
Handing Rane her's, Ice slung her own pack onto her shoulders and moved to stand
silently beside the door, leaning back against the wall. She absently sipped a little
bottle she had taken from her belt.

"Well are you two ready to go?"said Psy in an annoyed voice."Meet me outside I have something to do."said Psy as he swiftly walked out of the inn.He went out side and pulled out the Crystal ball of the Forsaken Priest Oskaka.Everyone knew he foretold the truth about the wars but everyone told him he was foolish.He went on a killing spree but they captured him and stunned him.They took his crystal ball and hid in the deepest part of the eart.Anyone who had the ball would be severely tortured the same way Osaka was.Psy quickly started chanting and looked into the ball."O great Osaka let me use your crystal ball to see my future and the future of my companions!"The ball glew a great red.Psy saw the future swirl into view when he heard a gasp.He turned around and there was Icey......
Psy stood up holding the ball and teleported behind Icey.He was afraid Icey would yell something so he teleported behind him and he covered his mouth."Shhh.Dont say a word."he whispered in Iceys ear.He hoped noone else would come out they would probably think he was trying to hurt Icey.
Spinning deftly on her heel, Ice turned to face Psy, abrubtly removing his hand from her mouth and locked her icy blue gaze on him. "Alright, you have my attention. What is it that you want?" she asked quietly, crossing her arms in front of her.

"Oh come on dont tell me you dont know about the cystal ball.every one knows and thats why you cant tell anyone."said Psy almost desparately.

psssst i think u should like yell ey everyone and tell them ok just an idea
Rane went to thank Icey for getting her bag, but turned around to find out that she had disappeared." I am ready to go when you guys are." Rane stepped out the door of the Inn to find rane being silence by Psy. What tha?She thought looking at this, but she ducked quickly before she could be seen. She listen to their conversation, trying to get a better idea of what was happening, and overheard something about a crystal ball. Oh no, this can't be what I think it is! She stood up quickly and started to ask. . . . . but decided not to. She look at the two, who were looking at her with scared faces thinking maybe she had heard something. " We are all ready to go. Did you do everything you needed to do Psy?"
Psy froze as he gazed into Ranes eyes.He turned to run but tripped on a stump." Ah Crap"he grunted as he hit the ground.It made a pretty loud noise and he heard footsteps coming from the inn 'Oh great.They will probably just kill me here.'thought Psy to himself.
The cloveress came outside to see what the commotion was about. She saw Psy on the ground, looking very frustrated and quickly helped him up. "What's the matter?" she asked, seeing the looks on Icey and Rane's faces.
Ithil stood on her toes to look out of the window. "first aid required?", she asked with some effort, struggling to sit on the windowsill.
Elessar Lossehelin stumbles through the door in a panic on hearing the desparate cry for help and delivers Ithil First Aid and helps her into a chair.
"thanks for the chair", ithil muttered. "what's going on out there?" the commotion had made her quite nervous and she excitedly looked at elessar lossehelin. "what's happened?"
The Cloveress winked playfully at Ithil and Elessar. She had just seen that Psy was not really hurt at all...
'Im not quite sure what happened Ithil, i heard noises but i found that everywhere i looked found nothing' Lossehelin spoke to Ithil 'but i am glad to see you ok, so i suppose that ill stick around in case of any more accidents' winking as he finished Wink Smilie and turned to relax after the commotion.
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