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Ice gave a weak smile after her shock at seeing the orb Psy held. She glanced at Rane and saw that she, too, had seen the ball. Put her finger to lips after she caught Rane's eye, Icey shook her head, motioning for her to be quiet about the crystal ball. She leaned near Rane, cupping her hands, and whispering, "We don't want our group divided before the quest even begins..."

"Smart of you to think like this," the Cloveress set her cool green gaze on Icey. "Orb you say?
Psy decided to try and get up and run.He stood up and started to run but he tripped again."Ughhh I am such a clutz."he said quietly.He turned around."OK you got me."
Icey smiled, her own cold blue eyes glistening slightly. She pulled her bag off her back and reached inside. Pulling her hand out, it could be seen that she an opaque orb. The surface of the orb swirled and twirled, never staying in the same shap twice. Its inside was reminiscent of clouds during a heavy tempest. "This-" she held it up, "orb. It helps to sense magicks other than my own, when my own spirit-esque sensibilities fail me."

I do not know why I am defending Psy, just a thought that popped into my head...

"Ah I see. Quite a useful instrument." remarked the Cloveress dryly. "But there are some customers coming in and I'd better get back to the kitchens. I bid you good luck on your journey."
awww defending me that is soooo sweet. Smile Smilie
"Uh"Psy was speechless.What could he do hit them with black magic and kill them but what would that solve i mean hed be killing all his live and he liked these people especially Icey.
Just felt like being nice... Big Smile Smilie

Ice carefully places the orb back in her bag, and turns back to grin and wave at those staying behind to watch for her's and Rane's inn. She shoulders the bag and turns once more to face the road. "Well, guys," she said, putting her hand up to the back of her head, "where do we start?" she continued.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEH!!!!!!!!!!! Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie

"PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THE INN!" Rane made sure to empahsize on that, since the Inn wasn't even complete, and here she was leaving with a bunch of people she doesn't know. To tell the truth, she was terrified. She didn't know what kind of trouble he family was in, or what condition her family would be in if and when she got to them." ummmm. . . . . . . uhhhhh. . . . . . . mmmm. . . . right or left??" Rane hadn't been in this area for that long, so she wasn't sure which way was what.
"don't you worry about the inn, it will be in the best condition whenever you decide to return. make sure you save your family and bring them home!", the little hobbit shouted out of the window. "I wish you a save journey and good luck, and I hope to see you all again soon!" now she excitedly ran out of the door and hugged them all. "I've only got to know you, but I'll miss you..."
The Cloveress saw them going and waved from the kitchen window. "Good luck!" She winked. "Don't worry about the inn, business is booming now and things will be fine."
"Where do we-Rane! Does it say where they are in the letter? Let me see it!" Icey
said loudly, while turning back to face the elf. She crossed her arms over her chest and stood, waiting. "You haven't been on many quests have you, dear Rane?" she said. "The first rule of questing is to have at least a faint idea of where you're going...." she continued, the slightest hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Psy teleported in front of the girls."You dont know where were going do you?Well let me see the letter who ever sent it must have left some kind of DNA and I can track them by it."He took the letter and cast a spell."This way!"shouted teleporting 10 feet ahead of them.
"MY GOODNESS SLOW DOWN!!!" Rane shouted when she turned around to find Psy way ahead of the gang. Well,she though,We are getting a move on, and we know what direction we are going in. Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought, ooh I hope I didn't just jinx us!She then looked up to find the group sprinting after Psy. "HEY GUYS WAIT UP!"
Ice turned her head to glance back at Rane and screamed, "Hurry up, then!" She dashed ahead faster, to catch up with Psy, and said, "Would you mind if I went a little ways ahead to keep watch. Its one of best skills. You know, being half-wolf has its perks..." without waiting for an answer, Ice glanced up at one of the trees flanking the path, and leapt up into it. She landed on all fours, her hands clutching a limb, her booted feet crossways atop it. She stood, took a small step back, and leapt again, disappearing into the foliage of the next tree in line.

Im glad that I have these auwsome people to help me out Rane thought watching Icey leap through the trees like a wild animal. Rane had never done anything like this and she would be very lost without all of these people. She started thinking back to a time when she was younger and was at a party. Her and her sister had gotten lost in a field while playing hide and seek with some of the other young elves. She had started to freak out but her sister stayed calm and found the way out of the fields. Gosh I really do miss her! She thought, but she couldn't let her emotions get in the way of finding her way to her sister now, so Rane was very greatfull for all of the help. " Isn't that cool Psy?" pointing to where Icey had been a few moments ago.
"Yes that Icey is pretty cool"said Psy admirably.He jumped up and turned into a giant bird."Get on well get there faster flying."
Ice glanced back and noticed Psy turning himself into a bird! 'Wow,' she thinks, 'I wish I could figure out how to transform...' She noticed the bird was gaining on her, so Ice turned back, firguring to speed up a bit, but instead she turned back around just in time to see a large tree trunk rearing its ugly head right of front of her. Seeing no way around the trunk, and going to too fast to stop, Ice set one foot on it and continued running right up the side!

It was a dead tree, so there were no leaves, but a bunch of sharp little sticks that scratched her face and hands and she ran. Reaching the top of the tree, adrenaline pulsing through her veins, Ice leapt off the top, high into the air, letting out one long, high pitched howl of delight.

I'm sure that's an interesting sight: just seeing an elf-wolf launched into the air, and suddenly it howls?
( yes that would be a very funny sight to see!)

Rane hoped on Psy's back thinking, Wow! This is really cool! I am going to have to figure out how to do this someday!. " Yes this will surely get us there faster!!!" Rane yelled, her voice being muffled by the wind as they went along. Next thing she knew, they were almost right along side Icey, who strangely enough was in the air too. What is she doing????? Rane thought, but decided just to ask her later. For right now she would enjoy the view, and the ride.
Psy saw a beast in the distance."Hold on tight.I need to transform."he said casting a spell that turned him into a dragon.He shot fire at the beast and it fled.
Ice yelped when she saw Psy turning himself into a dragon. Thinking that he was shooting at her, Ice somersaulted in midair and angled her body so she was like an arrow, heading straight back down towards the cover of the trees. Ice cringed as she looked down into the trees, knowing that the one she was heading towards had many dead branches, which could all easily impale her. Ice covered her face with her arms and hoped for the best...

-CRACK- the half-elf heard she felt her body smack into one of the larger limbs. At the moment she wasn't sure whether the crack was the tree, or her spine...

Easy on the superpowers, Psy! Try not to be so, for lack of a better word, powerful.
Psy saw Icey drop down."Oh no! Icey !We gotta see if shes ok."Psy turned back into the big bird and swooped into the forest"ICEY!?"
OH NO! don't let this thread die, too! Somebody come back!!!!!
"I WILL SAVE YOU ICEY!"screamed Psy
After letting out a slight yelp of pain, Ice realized that that particular limb had cracked and was falling, with her falling with it. The large limb took out many of the smaller limbs she would have hit otherwise, she clung to it, her hands curved and her claws extended. Receiving no more than a myriad of scratches, Ice put her head down and cringed as her vessel broke free of the tree's limbs, and crashed into the ground, shuddering and finally fallling apart. At the very last second, Ice let go of the limb, intending to land in a roll, but instead she got caught up in a tangle of vines, and merely hung there, about twenty feet from the ground.
She wasn't she'd land on her feet if she fell, so Ice tried to stay still, while assessing the damage. Suddenly she felt something warm and wet trickling down her face. Gingerly, Ice put one hand to her head, and nearly swooned when the brassy smell of blood caught up with her, and as she felt where the skin of her forehead had been split by the impact and had then only been made worse and numerous scratches had been planted in it. 'Why am I not dead?' she thought. 'How am I still conscious?' she added cringing, as she felt that wound again.
"Oh my gosh!" Rane quickly ran to assist Icey. She climbed up to wear Icey was cradled by the vines and cut her loose with the dagger she kept in her boot. She slung her over her back and let go of the tree. She ascended gracefully to the ground where Psy was waiting."If you look in my back just there, maybe you can find what we need to fix these wounds." She layed Icey on the ground just on top of a bed of clovers.
Psy went over to Icey and examined her cuts."Okay I know u may think this is a little gross but you have to let me spit on your cuts.I have some vampire blood in me so it gives me the power to heal cuts when I spit on them.So do you mind?"
Ice's eyes widened as she looked up at Psy. "SPIT on me? You're right, that's a bit gross!" she said and winced as she shot up straight to look at him. She traced the scar that crept along the side of her face and said, "Every wound I've ever had has healed by itself, and I'm not sure I want vampire's blood in my veins...."

yays! you're back Psy! Orc Grinning Smilie
"Well,Ok I won't spit on you but I'm tellin you it would heal the cuts a lot faster.."said Psy as he stood up and started to walk over to a bluberry bush.On his way over there he tripped and landed his arm in a thorn bush."Bloody Thorns.."muttered Psy under his breath.He spat on them and they instantly started to heal..
I wish someone else (Rane) would come, so we could continue this...its rather difficult to RP in a thread with just two people, heh heh. but, Big Smile Smilie on the thorns....'bloody thorns' i don't know I find that so funny...
yes yes we do need rane to come on here and maybe we could get some more people to join!!
HELLO PEEPS!!!! Does anyone care to join this thread, I, as co-creator...WILL YOU ALL TO COME JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!!! Orc Grinning Smilie
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just about then a wolf howled, then again, coming closer as it howled
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