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It was the day of the hanging and the whole town had shown up.Even King Alaskar the 3 showed up.."Please.I didn't do anything.I swear.I was framed."said Gargoax."Sure you were and I'm the next king"said a guard sarcastically."Fine If you dont believe me then..."The man struggled and two huge black wings about eighteen feet long poped out of his backTwo huge horns came out of his head and his teeth became long razor-sharp fangs.He flew up and yelled"This isnt the last of me foolish town!!!"He flew towards the distance a trail of thick black hate that looked like smoke was shooting behind him.

OK no rules and well do stuff as we go along.

Race:Half Man Half Demonic Gargoyle
Clothes:Black ripped up t shirt,Black pants.Chains hanging off of his arms and legs.
Appearance: Fiery red eyes,Two huge curved horns on head,Long razorsharp fangs,Spikes coming out of body.18 foot wings.
Weapons:Two crooked swords made of Dragon Hide and Orc Blood.Cross bow that shoots flaming arrows and of course his foot long claws and fangs.
Name: wots a cool one....Elrose! ya!
Age: idk....50 l
look: goes for a classic, "porew ranger" look jk, lets see, black hooded cloak, walking staff, glowing eyes (ice blue) and has a dirk hidden somewhere on his body.
other: is evil/neutral, magic, really powerful, ummm ya. lets see if i stay evil *doubtful*

Race-Vampire (Ooh, never been one of these before...)
Age-Couple thousand?
Clothing-Long black shirt, gray pants, high black boots
Appearance-Long black hair with silver streaks & gray eyes
Weapons-A metal quarterstaff with blades on each end & knives in various places. Oh, she's got her own little bit of magic.
The Cloveress, Queen of the Cloverines of Lamenair Ascen.

Name: Peridina, but nobody except real intimates knows that because when she becomes queen she casts away her name and is only known as the Cloveress.
Race: Woman
Age: 18
Appearance: Long green cloak. Black hair. Green eyes. Sharp warrior boots. Dark green leggings and white top. Beautiful but calculating and dangerous.
Description: Evil. Very fast in battle. No special powers except being really good in battle. Rules over a small community consisting of Cloverines. The council of the Cloverines are devoted to making demons miserable. They care for little else.
Name: Etharion
Race: elf
Sex: male
Age: unknown
Looks: long white robes with a golden colored vest. Long light brown hair, prominent ears and a pleasant face. A silver staff, with a golden sun symbol at the top.
Background: A mage lord, with a rich past, seeking to thwart evil where ever he finds it. Currently on a pilgrimage for greater wisdom.
Gargoax landed on a ledge and looked down into the forest.He saw a man walking with a staff.He flew down and land behind him.He uswed his demon powers to cloak himself. but he spoke."Who are you o mage?"he asked in his deep voice that rolled like thuinder.
(Who me?)
The Cloveress entered the scene. A very handsome Elf with a staff was looking bemused. That was the only person she could see. "What a desolate city," she muttered, "The Council could have picked a better place for me to travel to." She had to collect the dewdrops before the sun rose for the potion she was devising. "Oh well, let's see, plenty of what I came for..."
yes you Etharion.
"Speak your mind sir" said Etharion to the gargoylish person.
"I am Gargoax.Half man Half Demon.I was framed in my town Kasiana for killing 5 men but it wasn me.I was about to be hung but I broke free and flew away.Will you join me in a quest to thwart the man who framed me?"said Gargoax desperately.

psssssstttt guys someone needs to be evil plz
Etharion listened interested. "Of course i will help you if what you say is true. Who is the man who framed you? And why would he do such a thing?" he asked.

P.S. Les, whats up with your avatar? The one i sent you dosent work? Or you just changed your mind?
ummmm i never got the email i think my computer is messed up but ill check it again and the villian needs to e someone so well wait until someone volunteers ok
ill try
other: is evil/neutral, magic, really powerful, ummm ya. lets see if i stay evil *doubtful*

someone might still volunteer, im not an evil guy Wink Smilie
I'll change my profile and be evil too. I'm getting a touch for it I think...
"Does this man need a reason?" came a heavily accented voice. Luka dropped down from her tree and smiled to the group, bearing her fangs. "Five of his men were killed, he had to pin it on someone. It's just too bad he didn't get the right someone".
The Cloveress eavesdropped skillfully, getting more and more worried by the moment. As soon as she heard enough she sped back to her abode to discuss things with her Cloverines. "The old case has come back again. That gargoyle is back and he wants revenge. We must stop him from finding out that the man guilty was my late husband."
"I ahve a hunch of who framed me.His name was Alject.He had many wives ranging from elves to cloverines."said Gargoax looking at his two new friends.
The Cloveress took off her splendid robes and quickly changed into light travelling gear. "I don't know why but I have a hunch that gargoyle knows more than he's supposed to, but he can't prove anything...yet." She slipped her blades in her boots and looked at herself in the mirror. "Why I ever married that fool I don't know, I sometimes wonder if he somehow managed to trick me into it, he had a wicked tongue." She started to disguise herself with make-up. "But I don't deny that we both got profit from our marriage." She stood up. "And I suppose I'll have to honour that alliance."
Luka shifted her gaze to rest on the demon, "Do we get to kill this Alject-of-many-wives?" she asked casually. "Or is this just a matter of clearing your name?"
"Both."said Gargoax firmly."There are many ways to track him.I know hid blood scent for we once got in a fight and his blood was very foul smelling.It was hard to forget that smell."Gargoax hovered a little above the ground.
"Then we should head towards this person at once. If anything to solve this matter. But that dosent mean we have to kill him right away, understand?" he said looking at Luka.
"Oh, completely", said Luka thoughtfully, glancing briefly to the elf. Her eyes then shifted to the sky, which was growing steadily darker, "Should we be off then?" she asked.
"I think I will go up and trace his bloodscent."saaid Gargoax as he ascended into the cloudy gray sky.
The disguised Cloveress immediately set to tracking the group. Bloodscent? These people were clever. But the scent would be old, and would only lead to Alject's grave. Good heavens! The grave! That would lead them to the Cloverines! With a swish of her cloak the young queen ran to disguise the scent and put false trails. After all, these fools didn't know Alject was dead, did they? She grinned. Oh, what a happy chase she would lead them on...
"Ive got a strong scent."said Gargoax as he landed besside his companions."Quick get on my back we must hurry!"They flew a long distance and Gargoax started to descend."Were here this is where i got the scent."Gargoax landed and ran over to a tree.He found a capsule of blood."This blood is old and it smells almost deceased.Some one led us on a wild goose chase!!"shouted Gargoax angerily.He picked up the tree and smashed it as if it were a twig.
"Excuse me", said Luka sarcasticaly, "But how will making kindling help with the problems at hand?" She walked over and grabbed the small container, examining the blood's condition. She shook it lightly before tossing it over her shoulder, "Cold blood can't track a dead man or the one covering for him".
Gargoax was even more enraged at the kindling remark.He charged through the air at Luka but he stopped himself."I smell another bloodscent and this could prove to be corect.It doesnt seem to far from here so I think we should go."
Cloveress cursed as she plucked the thorn from her ankle. She saw Gargoax heading towards her. "Oh am I in a tight spot now..." she muttered. "But at least they discovered me instead of Alject."
Gargoax flew a little longer until he suddenly went into a bomb dive straight at the ground.He swooped up in just enough time to not kill them and he land smoothly on the ground."Shes around here I know of it."
The young Queen heard his words and her heart chilled. It sounds as if he knows who to look for. She quickly hid her clover powder in her pockets. At least he'll have a hard time identifying me as the Cloveress, she thought.
"She's right over there", pointed Luka to a movement just a little ways off. Her eyes focused on the spot for a few more moments, "Hmmm.....She's alone, shouldn't be too hard then".
"Who are you Miss?"said Gargoax bowing."I am Gargoax Kasakagi.We got lead here because we are trying to find the man who framed me do you know this man?His name is Aljecht."he said holding up a picture.
The Cloveress acted frightened, which would be normal if she was really a simple country girl who was suddenly faced with a gargoyle and warriors. She shook her head, her eyes wide with apprehension. "N-no, sir." She fumbled a bit with her hands and backed away from Gargoax. "P-please don't hurt me. I'll go away and never bother you again..."
"We wont hurt you but for your safety were takin you with us."said Gargoax tying up her hands and feet.
The disguised Cloveress widened her eyes even more and trembled a little as Gargoax tied her up. "Wh-what do you w-want of me?" She looked at Luka. "Is he going to eat me up?"
Luka glanced to the girl and shrugged, "Beats me, but if he does, he'd better not hog all the blood", she smiled and bared her fangs casually. She turned away then, rolling her eyes, she liked to mess with people when she was bored.
Oh this looks like fun

All of the sudden a bright light beamed at the gargoyle and his companions. "Back you creatures of Shadow" came an old voice. "This is not your place." And appeared the old man. A Rabbi by the name of Eliezer.

Name: Eliezer Ben Hyrcanus
Race: Men
Age: Old
Clothing: long white robe.
Weapon: He is not a fighter, but he has god on his side so he is well protected. His staff can be used in dire need.
powers: If he prays to god, god may cause something to happen. Offers very good Morale to soldiers.
Biography; Rabbi Elizer Ben Hyrcanus studied his religion ,many hours a day. He is very close to god and is a nice kind, but strong willed man.
Hope no one minds I am a rabbi, if you do i can change it.
The Cloveress shuddered as the Rabbi appeared. She never had anything to do with Rabbis, the Rabbis and Cloverines kept pretty much to themselves, but she knew what this guy could do. "I really wonder what made me marry that thing in the first place," she grumbled to herself. "He's more trouble dead than alive!"
Luka clutched her bare arms, the light had burnt her skin just as the sun would, "We're not the bad guys, here!" she issued painfully. She glanced up to the Rabbi, "We are no creatures of shadow as you've accused, and our place is where we make it".
Rabbi Eliezer inspected the group of people. Correct me if I am wrong, but it would appear that you, what ever you are seem to be corninering this inosent lady with your sharp fangs." Rabbi eliezer inspected all of them. When his eyes fell apon the Gargoyle they oppened wide. "You were the one going to be hung" The rabbi began praying to YHFH, or hid god.
The Cloveress did nothing but stare avidly from one person to the other. Maybe this Rabbi guy wasn't that clever after all... but she did not like his praying to the gods. So she grasped his arms, breaking his prayer and choked out,"Save me, good gentleman. Let me get away from-from them..."
"Oh yes, good gentleman, please", mocked Luka in irritation. "Save the poor young lady who just might happen to be a lying little witch!" She stepped forward and her hand dove into the girls pocket, pulling out a handful of clover, "Now, why would a young girl such as yourself need such a large amount of clover, when you happen to be in the middle of absolutly no where? Is it, by any chance, for your little Cloverines?"
"And why would a Girl like yourself be in the company of a wanted Crimanal. That does not look good on your record." Rabbi Eliezer looked at the girl and said. "Let us leave before these fools start using their fangs." And he grabed the girl by the arm and started to pull her away.
’What!’ issued Luka in disbelief, ’Surly a man who has devoted so much of his life to the Lord would have the common sense to take pity on the cursed!’ She grabbed his arm and spun him around to face her, ’You’re telling me that because we look like creatures of darkness, we’re demonic? How can a Rabbi not give those who are trying to do the right thing a chance? I’m in this criminals company to prove him innocent, and I expect you to do what you know is right. Give us back our only lead to the man that framed him’.
The Cloveress looked at everybody mildly and only raised an eyebrow. "Did you really take me for an innocent country girl? Oh how foolish of you... but now, with the help of this young lady here-" she indicated Luka, "we finally know I'm a Cloverine." She turned to Rabbi again and nodded a polite greeting to him. "I apologize for the drama, but you know how it is, a young lady alone, even a Cloverine, would stand no chance among such heavily armed ruffians." She shook her head of silky hair sadly and let the sunlight illuminate her face so that she would seem even more touchingly beautiful. "And you do see how we are discriminated as witches and mixers of evil by them. 'Tis a hard life." What she said was pretty true. The Cloverines were sworn protectors of justice, but they had gone eccentric and ruthless over the years and even now they still thought what they were doing was right. But she did not reveal her identity as the Cloveress.
Gargoax started to tremble and he managed to mutter out."I may be a demon but it doesnt mean I murder for fun!"His eyes glowed a fire red and he shot a beam of fire at a tree.
Rabbi Eliezer was smiling now. "That was a perfect example to prove my point, whats to say that the people you killed made you mad. From what I have seen I doubt you have control over your anger. Maybe you did not mean to kill them, but you did. And thats that." The Rabbi went over to the tree and started mumbling some words. And as soon as a beam of sun reached the tree its wound was gone. "We must even value the life of trees". Rabbi eliezer looked at the gargoyle, "and the lives of humans as well."
The Cloveress liked what the Rabbi said about valueing life. But she felt anxiety in her. There was something wrong with all this. A Rabbi usually would have more sense than to be fooled by simple pretense of innocence. And what's more, she had felt a connection with the gods come into the glade when he had prayed. "He knows who I am," she thought, "but he doesn't want to hand me over to the gargoyle." She realized the truth with cold dread. "He must have some other uses for me." She began to slink away...
As she started to back off, she bumped into something. Turning around she looks into the eyes of the smiling elf. In his green blue robe he stood before her, and his staff in hand. "Greetings! Where are you headed on this beautifull day? Perhaps you are fleeing this group of....assorted gentlmen." His eyes never left hers. But he seemed aware of the others.
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