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The Cloveress met this mysterious person's gaze unwaveringly and circled around him, so that she was nearer to the trees and the way of escape. "Oh yes, young man, they were horrible people." Her eyes glitterd in the green light of the forest. "But excuse me for not staying to chat with you, as you might be thinking of killing me." She withdrew her slender arm from the person's clutches and slipped away into the deep forest.
Gargoax saw the girl slinking away."Where do you think your going?"He boomed out and shot after her.
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The Cloveress disappeared behind and tree and waited as Gargoax neared her quietly. He knew she was hiding, and she shivered. A pure gargoyle would hear her beathing and even her heartbeat. But she stood firm and calmed herself. Gargaox was only half gargoyle anyways. She didn't know what his other half was, but she hoped it wasn't a demon...
Rabbi Eleizer tran after them, but did not get very far because of his lod age. He sat there panting. As soon as the Rabbi was ready again he sat down and prayed. As he prayed he began to levitate, but that was not all for a circle of light had encased the gargoyle who was feriously banging on the walls. The Rabbi floated by casually for the gargoyle could do nothing.
The Cloveress breathed her relief as she saw the gargoyle shrouded in light. But she knew too much about people to trust the Rabbi completely. It could all be a sham to capture her. She looked back once and slipped away as stealthily and quickly as she could. Experience told her never to go directly back home, so she decided to go to one of her Northern hide-outs and then loop back to the Cloverine palace Lamenair Ascen. She retrieved her attire from a bush which she hid it beneath and walked out the forest dressed in her light warrior gear.
Luka crossed her arms, shaking her head in disappointment as she walked up to the barrier encasing Gargoax. ’Isn’t it funny’, she said casually, ’That you’ll blast a tree for no reason, and yet when I lay facts out in front of you, you let the girl slip away without even the slightest bit of trouble?’ She hit the barrier once and spat an insulting oath at him, before shifting her gaze to the Rabbi. ’And before you call us creatures of shadow again, I’d just like to point something out. I’m not a vampire by choice, and I highly doubt this man had any say with his demon issues, just because we look like bad guys, doesn’t mean we are’. She spun around angrily and pulled out her double-bladed staff, she sliced it through the wall of light and it faded into the darkness.
The Cloveress had reached her northern hideout. "Phoo," she let out a long breath as she took off her cloak and hung it on the wall. "Finally out of their reach... for the moment." She called a maid to bring her lunch and prepared to rest a while.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh!We lost her and its all because of you!"shouted Gargoax at the Rabbi.He jumped on him and used his demonic eyes to put a spell on him.
The Cloveress felt she had rested enough and prepared to set out for Lamenair Ascen. "Thank you, Lida," she smiled at her Cloverine as she accepted a warm cup of tea."I'll set out for Lamenair before noon. You stay here and relax. You've done much for me these few days, and if by any chance those pursuers come here, I trust you know how to deal with them?" Lida nodded, and the Cloveress put a hand on her head, blessing her, but at the same time planting a spell of utmost obedience on the Cloverine. "Very well, Lida, I will leave now. Come to Lamenair in autumn if you feel too lonely here." The Cloveress donned her cloak, put up her hood, and trod silently on the path to her palace, Lamenair Ascen.
Gargoax grabbed the Rabbis arms and ripped them right out of of their sockets. He then threw them into a river and watched them float away.
The Cloveress had long arrived at Lamenair Ascen. She had not been idle, however. And the first thing she did was to strengthen the spells hiding Lamenair. The second thing she did was inform the Cloverines to carry about their business. The third thing was the brewing of clover essential oil and the making of clover sprinkles. Some of these she took, the large part she left as a store. Then, fearing for the safety of her Cloverines, and the safety of Lamenair, she donned her murky green cloak and hood, and ventured out into the hostile world again.
"We must find that idiotic girl," shouted Gargoax with fiery flames of rage burning in his eyes."We must kill her or she will mess the whole operation up and I dont wanna be hung!"
The Cloveress decided to go along paths she knew best, the ones with woods and lots of plants. Not only did they provide concealment, but they also provided the herbs she needed for her own uses. A Cloveress is most dangerous in the woods, especially in rainforests where the plant species varied. But this particular one was planning to live in a forgotten and forsaken forest for a while. It was a forest few knew even existed, and it was on the near the steep mountains where mist curled always. She chose her abode in the very heart of a deep valley surrounded on all four sides by skyscraping cliffs. The trees grew even there, and there she dwelt, keeping no contact with the outside world at all. But if anything went wrong she would send up a flock of doves high into the air. They would get to Lamenair Ascen.
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The Rabbi's body died. With a white light the body was gone. When the light faded there stood the Rabbi, with both arms. "Silly gargoyle, if i die, well commiting a good deed, I wil be revived." The Rabbi laughed. He muttered a few words, and a shining light sped down from the sky, and severed the Gargoyles hand. The Rabbi smirked and vanished.
The rabbi materialized in front of the girl, who jumped. "Do not worry, I will protect you".
"Owwww that-"Gargoax cursed and sweared and shot flames out of his mouth."I'm gonna kill that stupid fool!"
The Cloveress was surprised nd a bit confused at how the Rabbi knew her whereabouts, but she still moved and spoke as decisively as any Queen. "I take you as my ally, Rabbi. But I fear you may not find the reception of a true Cloveress in so wild a hall." She inclined her head at the dense woods. "Still, come and have a meal with me."
The Rabbi gladely followed the girl, his age was starting to way on his shoulders. A good meal was always nice. He followed the girl and they entered a small shack. When she closed the door, the rabbi spread his hands out, and a light covered the house. "So there are no intruders" he reasured her, as she began serving.
The Queen smiled and sat down to eat with her guest. "You can never be too careful." They ate in silence for a while. Then the Cloveress asked him, " So tell me, how are my Cloverines faring back at Lamenair?"
"We gotta find that Queen!"screamed Gargoax as he took flight.
Gargoax was flying at a steady pace when an arrow came out of nowwhere and hit him in the arm. It didn't hurt him that bad for he was part Gargoyle but it still hurt.Just as he turned around to see who shot the arrow a barrage of arrows came at him sending him plunging to the ground where he was knocked out.
The Cloveress, finished with her Rabbi friend, watched as Gargoax fell. "Hmmm..."she said, stroking her pale chin, "He's a bit closer to me than I anticipated..."
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