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Lets have a game of adventurers going through mirkwood. My info

race: Hobbit
age: 35

weapons: a staff of solid oak and a rather broad little dagger that ignites in flame( for lighting my hobbit pipe).

Description: a little hobbit with decent speead and brown curly hair. I have a liking for comfort but never find any. Oh and im rather handsom lol.

.....story starts
One day a small hobbit by the name of pancakebeast enters the dark forest of mirkwood and is comfronted by a giant man eating spider. Frustrated i the hobbit call to help to my fellow adventureers who are yet to be named. Who will come and aid me?
Would an Ent standing silently behind the beast help you?

Name: Slumberoak
Race: Ent
Sex: Male
Age: Older than you can imagine
Description: Like all Ents, un-hasty, poetic, touchy about trees, hates Orcs, loves to drink Ent-draught.
Ι'm here to help you my friend!am a gentle fairy(tom bromandil's spouse is my siter)I've got long brown hair and blue eyes.I'm 200 years old and I'll help you by casting a magic spell on that evil man-eating spider.Oh,if you need more help my name is Nanerl.
I'll just stay here in the shadows and watch you little saplings handle the spider.
'Have no fear........ Loss is here!!!!'

Name: Loss
Age: 20
Description: Unusually small with Black short hair and unusually Dark for a jolly hobbit (so feels right at home in Mirkwood Big Smile Smilie

'How do you want me to help???' asked Loss to Pancakebeast.
oh,please I'm not as powerful as you my dear Ent.I will surely need everyone's help in order to kill that beast.So.let's go for it!