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Plot: This is a continuation from a previous RPG, The defenders of Osgiliath, but new players are all welcomed to join. Those who were in Defenders of Osgiliath do not have to use their old identities.

This is set in southern Ithilien at the crossing of the River Poros, the one point entry between Ithilien and the Harad. It has been barely two months since Ner Zhul moved back north, and the people of Gondor attempt to reform a good standing army. In the south, some distance from the cities of Osgiliath and Minas Tirith, the crossing of Poros is being guarded by an assortment of men, elves, and dwarves, all who were hired and were brave enough to withstand the heat of the south. Captain Ranus is just one of the few captains stationed there, on a routine basis. But trouble has arisen. The dreaded lord of the north Nerzhul is moving again, he sends word to the southern leader of the Haradrum, Nadrumal, to overrun Ithilien suddenly, allowing Ner zhul to also attack, in a two pronged attack that will almost definately destroy Gondor. Now the Guards of Poros will have to try and hold down the Haradrim and foil Ner zhul's plan.

1) No Godmoding
2) None or very limited use of Magic.
3) you have a limit of 12 lines to post (exceptions when we are changing the story etc.)
4)Try not to post so much in one day
5) You can choose to be a Guard at Poros, or one of the Haradrim
6) Etharion is co-GM.
7) We will start when 4 people have posted their bios.
8. When choosing your race, please stick to the common Middle Earth races (elf, dwarf, man, hobbit)
Name: Anardil
Race: Men
Age: 21
Rank: Infantry
From: Minas Tirith
Weapons: Long Bow, sword, spear, dagger, and shield.
Allegiance: Army of Gondor

original post Posted Tuesday 3rd April 2007 (01:01pm)
name corgon
race elf
rank elvin ranger.
home unknow but clames rivendeal.
wepons two short elvish swords. long yew recurve bow , and many elvish daggers.
aligence royal elvish elite.
Sorry, we can't start until 2 other people have posted bios. Please be patient, and when 2 others have join we will start.
Name: Fionw’ H’rgwanneth
Race: pure-blooded Numenorean, as it was of old, +290 years old
Rank: a Lord in the House of Cirdan
From: Mithlond
Description: 6'0", blond hair going right below his ears, grey eyes, big build,
Weapons: all mithril and of Gondolin make, large elvish sword, a short curved knife hidden on him, a bow of the Galadrim, his wisdom, knowledge, experience, and strength.
Allegiance: the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth
Personality: Slow to anger, but when he does, it's not pretty, loyal to his friends, fearless in combat, ever eager to face danger, he exercises little caution when it comes to himself, and no caution if friends are in danger. A wanderer, he has much knowledge of places, and experience in many things.

When is this supposed to take place? Before or after the fall of Sauron, before Aragorn served as a captain under an assumed name?

Originally posted Thursday 5th April 2007 (07:53pm) Edited for info reasons.
OOC: This takes place 2 kings after Aragorn, in the 4th Age.

One more person and we can start.
i see four now lead off when ur ready.
1) No Godmoding

OOC: Curiousity, what is 'Godmoding'?
I want to join this RPG...will post a bio later today.
Now that life is starting to calm down, I believe I shall reenter the RPG world again. I'm gonna use my old profile from "Defenders of Osgiliath."

Name: Onigosien Calicien (goes by Oni)
Race: Man/solider, friend of several Gondorian Generals and captains.
Gender: Female, about 19-21
Appearance:curly red-brown hair, tied back, 5'7-8", almost golden eyes, usually wears a dark grey cloak.(she can be stubborn)
Skills: good with most weapons and with working out conflicts(treaties, surrenders, that sorta stuff)
Random info: she is easily angered, very opinionated and can be agressive if pushed too far. Around those she knows, she is more relaxed and easy-going. Oni is very loyal and will defend her friends to the end.
Name: Eglaviel
Race: Elf...warrior maiden...would rather fight than meander through Mirkwood listlessly.
Gender: Female, about 18-21
Appearance:long straight red hair, half pulled back, 5'10, brown eyes, loves to wear the colors of the woods...browns and greens...blends in VERY easily.

Skills: An expert with the bow and arrow...also good with the throwing of a dagger.

Random info: Eglaviel means what she says and sticks by her word. She can get annoyed...but works not to show it. Is very loyal. And loves to laugh. Is not as into composing poetry and songs as some elves are.
sounds good take her away haldar
OOC: Good to see an old Defenders of Osgiliath character Arwen Smile Smilie Well then, lets get this started!(This will break the post limit rules but I need to describe setting please bear with me for the first paragraph) Also I apologize if I am inactive during this because its starting to get busy again. Anyway heres the start-

the hot sun beat down upon the banks of the river Poros. Whilst a little vegetation grew on the north side (Gondor) in the south was barren and eventually desert. and through the river Poros was a crossing, a bridge that had withstood war for some time. No one expected the bridge to be attacked again, except the cynical captain Ranus. Glancing around he glanced at the southern end of the bridge where two towers stood, where Ranus had been careful to station men. on the north side were also two towers , but go a little further north and there was a palisade fort, with a ridiculous 10 watchtowers around it, again at the insistence of Ranus.

Ranus was standing at the north end of the bridge, ignoring the sun completely. While cynical he did show joviality and comradeship towards his fellow captains and subordinates. Unfortunately today he wasn't in that sort of mood. Turning to the fellow captains with him there he half muttered, "Bet there'll be an attack soon. Peace can't last this long here."
Anardil who was on watch glanced cynically at his captain without saying anything. He was used to that and didn't say anything. The captain was loved and respected by all.

ooc i edited my profile.
Unknown to the soldiers of Gondor, there was indeed much to worry about.. The Haradrim horde's were amasing again under the blazing sun in the south. There goal..Gondor and its riches. Their numbers have swelled in just a few months with astounding speed. Their leader Nadrumal was a merciless beast of a man..brought up in the cruel ways of the South, he was taught to expect no mercy in life..or to give any..
And he was a man on a mission. A task was set upon him by a very
Already there were advance scouts sent up all the way to the bridge of Poros, a place which the Harad war chief deemed to be a simple stop on the way to destroy Gondor. The two dark skinned scouts wore scarfs to keep the sand out of their mouths. They were curently hidden atop a dune, looking across the clearing at the towers guarding the bridge. They observed for some time and then vanished back into the scarce undergrowth.
Fionw’ had just arrived a few weeks before, and feeling that tinge of adventure, he had decided to stay. He stood at the top of one of the towers on the south end of the bridge. Gifted with the True Sight that most men had lost and most Elves retained, he glanced across the field in the south. "Captain, there is movement down there, by the smaller dunes. Could be just an animal, though," he said.
Anardil who was on guard at the gates facing the east, saw some haggard men running toward him.

Spear in had he strode in the middle of the gate and shouted 'Stop'. He tried to question the men but as they answered wildy in fear and Anardil, not wanting to be caught off his post looked around to see if there was someone who could fetcht the general or one of his captains.
Onigosien had been riding through the night, bearing urgent news from her recent scouting expedition. The black stallion under her was coated with sweat and dust as he pounded toward the outpost at Poros. Seeing movement along the walls caused her to spur the horse on faster, waving at the men in hopes they would realise she wasn't an enemy.
Seeing that Anardil needed someone to go for the captain...Eglaviel volunteered...setting off at a run for the southern gate where she has seen a general earlier...suddenly an arrow landed with a thud in the ground...narrowly missing her feet.

"Attack?!?!!" she yelled questionly, unsure if it was the enemy or just a tense guard.
Anardil who was still barring the door from the stranger looked around in search of the enemy if enemy it was, and removing his great shield from his back he god in defensive position waiting for the attackers to be seen or for orders.
OOC: Just a note, creating a little bit of enemy action (like now) is alright but creating a full scaled assault now isn't, thats up to Etharion and any other Haradrim leader. But besides that its all good.
Fionw’ had just warned him from a southern tower of movement, and arrows had fallen near Eglaviel as she moved south and it was Ranus' point of view that some haggard men, resembling HAradrim scouts, were running at Anardil. Ranus gritted his teeth, a messenger had just told him that a rider had come to the fort. Ranus looked slightly confused when he realized it was Onigosien, a veteran captain from the previous war. "Alright, tell her to come here directly, very politely," As the messenger galloped off, he quickly mounted his horse and raced to the haggard men that were moving towards Anardil. The scouts got too close to the towers and some were brought down, whilst the others escaped south. Ranus dismounted near Anardil, "Is everyone alright? "
O.C.C. Oy everyone, iv seen some stuff like Thorin posted that shouldnt be happening. You are in control of your characters and theyr actions, nothing else. You cant introduce other events and people into the story when you want to. Haldir and i are the GM's, we provide the NonPlayerCharacters and changes in the events. Just so you know, cause if that isnt respected a whole lot of chaos will break lose and the original storyline of the thread creator will be lost.
"Yes, captain though i wasn't really sure what was happening. Those men looked like old tramps to me," replied Anardil to Ranus.

ooc:You should have said that in the rules. But anyway who exactly is your character? Question Smilie
jogs up to the fighters and bows deeply my lords there is a small band of men among the dunes no more than 15 no less than 12 my archers stand by for orders sir.
O.C.C. Ok...let me make this as simple as possible.. Is anyone here familiar with the way Dungeons&Dragons is played? No? One person (or in our case 2, me and Haldir) is the DungeonMaster, or GameMaster,DM,GM..whatever.. They tell the story..explain and describe the suroundings, people in the story and run their dialouge. EVERYONE else is a PlayerCharacter, a PC. They have control over the decisions and actions over only their own characters, themselves, that is, the character you describe in the bio in the beggining of the thread. can control ONLY your own character!! The GM's (me and Haldir) will take care of all the rest..

Corgon:Please...try to take this as a bit of positive criticism.. Cause your posts are totally slows down the pace of the story when i have to deciphre what you mean in your posts.. Its ok if you dont know english well...but writing sentences is the same everywhere. (except maybe China..) Try to start your sentences with a capital letter. That is.. make the first letter in your sentence BIG, the rest small. And punctuate your sentences. You have only one sentence in your posts..cause the dot is always only on the end. Then..when your character is saying something put caption marks before and after the stuff your character says. That is.. like this: Corgon said "I will fight them." in a angry tone. "Who are you my friend?" he asked.
Ok? And as i said..there is no cant write that something is happening that me or Haldir didnt write.. There are no people in the desert. Please edit your last post.
A other would help if you were all ordinary soldiers. Pleeease no great generals, princes, or knights in mithril armor with whole battalions of soldiers following your every order..
Try to be a ordinary Gondorian guard/ will make the story more interesting and give the roleplaying more quality.
Yeah that's i started as an ordinary infantry. Can someone assign me to a battalion or regiment?

To Etharion: Now i understand the game better.
Onigosien approached Ranus, still trying to catch her breath. She saluted him, glancing around before speaking.
"I was coming to warn you about the possibility of a small skirmish but judging by the looks on everybody's faces, I assume I am too late for that. Tell me what you wish me to do, Ranus," Onigosien smiled lightly, studying the fort which she hadn't seen in so many years she had lost count.
Anardil who was still next to Ranus saluted the veteran captain. Though he had heard of her he had never actually, till now, seen her. Taking a last look at both leaders and saluting them, he departed back to the gate to finish off his remaining guard hours.
O.C.C. further improve stuff and make everything more orderly, i will ask you to put at the beginning of your every post your character's name and current location. A example:
Corgon - At the gates
It would also help if you underline it and bold it, to make it even more easier to spot. This is used in most RPG's on other sites as really does help.

Now..releating to the story.. im still waiting for Haldir to post some new developments, so until then roleplay your characters to the best of your abilities and develop their personalitys a bit.
Anardil - Guard Room
As his shift, ended Anardil went into the guard room to rest and maintain his equipment. Sighting, he went to the window and looked out towards the mountains. he had been so excited when he had learned he was to be posted to he Guard of Poros. He had thought he would see much more action than with the Cair Andros guard but so far not much had happened and he was rather bored with the monotony of things.
OOC: Just on what Etharion said, it does make sense, because if everyone made up events then the storyline would be all jumbled up. And Etharion I'll try to fix up the story here. Sorry everyone if its a bit strange.
Ranus- Northern end of bridge
"Well Oni, you're the more experienced one, so you should know what to do." Then Ranus remembered, "Well actually, it would be appreciated if you took charge of the large machinery here," Ranus gestured to the two large trebuchets, each one next to one of the northern towers, "Unfortunately we haven't really have that many of these but with your experience, I'm sure of that your accuracy with these could make them deadlier." Then Ranus actually smiled slightly, "But perhaps you would like to meet the most trusted and skilled soldiers here first." With that he called out for Fionwe, Anardil, Eglaviel and Corgon.
Anardil - Northern end of bridge
Hearing the call os his captain, Anardil came out from the guard Room and went to find his captain. He found him at the northern bridge, and after saluting him wondered why he had been called.

ooc: Can anyone give a description of the fort, locations, etcs...
Eglaviel - Northern end of bridge

Recovering from her surprise...Eglaviel quickly headed torward the captain's call.

corgon northern side of the bridge

at the sound of a soummons corgon graped his bow from where it was proped aginst the wall slung it over his sholder and made his way to haildar lossing his elvish blades as he approched him.

" you calld for us mi'lord?" he askd with a deep bow. " how may i sirve you."

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OOC Just a reminder Corgon, I'm Ranus, not Haldir in this RP. Also Because nowadays I have more time, I might create a separate thread (Later of course when I have time) on this RP just for reference on what this storyline is all about, and what the fort and location looks like (People seem to want to know more). Nothing too complex just a reference when you need it. And don't expect anything too fancy about the map either Smile Smilie
Ranus gave a nodded to those who had arrived, Anardil, Eglivial and Corgon. "Well what took you so long." then he couldn't supress it, he grinned, "Eglivial, as usual you came out of nowhere, you have got to stop blending in like that. And as usual Anardil the way you're going about checking that arsenal of equipment, maybe you're overdoing it a bit. Corgon, you have got to stop bowing like that, we're all companions here. turning to Onigosien he introduced his soldiers, "Not all have arrived yet, but these are some of the greatest soldiers I have worked with, Anardil, Egivial, Corgon, and Fionwe who will get here shortly I hope. soldiers, this is Onigosien a veteran of the last recent war."
Eglaviel grinned cheekily, "I'll do my best to try and stop blending in so well."
Turning to Onigosien she said, "It is an honor to meet a veteran of war such as yourself."
"Glad to meet you my lady," said Anardil turning to greet the war veteran.
Onigosien-Northern end of bridge

Oni politely noddded at each person as they were introduced to her, admiring the talents that Ranus was describing. He certainly has accquired a strong team this time....i just hope its enough. She thought to herself.
"Would one of you be so kind as to point me in the direction of the trebuchets and introduce me to the commanding officer there?" Onigosien asked, once Ranus had finished his introductions.
OOC: Sorry, I haven't been able to get in.

Fionw’- Northern end
Fionw’ came up from the southern end. "You have called for me, sir," he said to Ranus, saluting.
" It is an honor to meet you sir my blades and bow are at your sirvice if ever needed." corgon said

OCC o sorry i didnt know i have to close them i dont really use them alot ill get it right next time promice.
ooc: sowwie, been out w/ a combo of the flu and a major sinus infection.
ooc: to cargon: to close the italics, underline or bold do this [ /i ] [ /u ] or [ /b ] without the spacec before and after the /i so that it looks like that (/i) but with these brackets [ ].
OOC: The new thread will probably be up by tomorrow (note 'probably') On that thread there will be a map of the area, if we get the post up.
Ranus- Northern end of bridge
Ranus shrugged, "Well Onigosien, we really don't have an official commanding officer for the trebuchets. We usually have turns taking charge when required but theres no permanent officer. And speaking of taking turns, Fionwe, just in time, this is Onisogisien a veteran of the last war, Oni this is Fionwe, he was in charge of the southern towers today." Turning to the fort he added, "We take turns at a lot of things," then again he grinned, "Yesterday it was Fionwe's turn to write the monthly report back to Minas Tirith. And I got Eglaviel and Corgon to do the editing. It was Anardil's turn on lookout yesterday." (If you have a problem with that last bit let me know, I was only trying to start a converstation)
OOC: Sorry for double posting but I believe I haven't posted by bio. Sorry for the delay

Name: Ranus
Race: Mostly Numenorian
Gender: Male
Skills: A good bowmen, and average swordsmen. Good at basically any projectiles actually (Archery, trebuchets etc)
Appearance: brown Hair, grey eyes, Wears rangers garb, complete with cloak, bow and arrows.
Background/History: Fairly new to command, Ranus, since being appointed to be a captain at the crossing of Poros, has been labeled by some of his men as 'Captain Cynical' or more popularly 'Captain C' for obviously being cynical. Despite his cynicism, Ranus is actually friendly towards his men mostly except is susceptible to moments of dark moods which his soldiers put up with understandingly and fortunately not too many times.
Turning to Onigosien, Fionw’ gave her a bow. "Mae Govannen, it is a pleasure to meet you," he said. "Captain, I should like to say that I have some experience with trebuchets. I'm not an expert with them, but I can make a boulder fly fairly well. I learned how to use them at the siege of Umbar under King Elessar."

OOC: Not at all, Haldir. I have a question. I created the character that I am playing some time ago, and I have created a history for him. Now my question is, can someone make references to that character's history, or use things from it, even if it isn't in any other rpgs?
O.C.C. Just to announce something.. When this thread of Haldirs begins, all Out Of Character (O.C.C.) conversation will be held there. That is, it will not be allowed to post anything but stuff related to the story and your character. Anything that isnt In Game will be spoken in the new O.C.C. thread.

By the way, dont forget to put your whereabouts and name at the top of your post.
Plus, please do not leave one line posts!!! Give it some effort and write at least 2-3 lines... It aint that hard.
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Anardil - Northern end of Bridge
"Unfortunately sir i can't handle trebuchets being mostly trained in sword and spear fighting, and using the long bow along with other skills such as patrolling, guarding, etc... most of the things we learn at the academy. But i have can read and write, hopefully," he finished grinning.
corgon the meeting south end of brige

" i am not unfilaiur with them but prefur to just stay on the battel lines im far more skilled with my daggers and bow that one of thows over sixed slingshots."
Onigosien-Northern end of the bridge

Oni nodded slowly.i wonder how much experience Ranus' troops have had with the trebuchet. If these people are any indicator we could be in trouble...
"Well then Fionwe, if it is not too much trouble, i would have you accompany me to the trebuchets since it would appear you have the most experience in the matter. I must have an idea of your men's skills with the trebuchet before we are attacked. Shall we?"
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