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Northern end of bridge

"True that may be, I am not experianced with trebuchets, although I can work them, I am more suited to archery. I will leave you two to inspect the tebuchets, but Anardil, Eglaviel and Corgon, please follow me. I need to discuss something with you. And please, Onigosien and Fionwe, after your inspection, join us. " With that Ranus curtly turned and walked towards the southern end of the bridge.
Northern end of Bridge
"Yes, sir! Lead the way, Oni." Fionw’ saluted and walked off to the trebuchets. "Since no one seems to have much experience with these," he said to her at the trebuchets, "Maybe we could set up markers at different distances from the fort. Though first we should replace the cables. By the inexperience of the fort with these, it's obvious that they haven't been used for quite some time, and the cables tend to get weak if they are used to much, or not used at all. What do you think, Onigosien?"
Northern end of bridge

Eglaviel hurried after Ranus, her bow clutched tightly in her hand. Her arrows were strapped to her back and she knew that before this was over...her need for new arrows would be very great indeed.

Oni--walking towards the trebuchets...

Onigosien nodded, seeing where Fionwe was going. "It sounds like a great idea, especially the cable part. If you would be so kind as to attend to the placing of targets, I shall oversee the repair work on the trebuchets. I need to be certain they are functioning properly before our enemy arrives. Time is of the essence so let's get moving."
Onigosien smiled at him and then let out a loud whistle to get the men working the trebuchets' attention.
"Greetings, I'm Onigosien. In just a moment, I will be dividing you into two groups. The first group will stay with me and get these trebuchets up and working. The latter half will be helping Fionwe here with preparations for a little excercise to test your skills."
Hurrying after Ranus - Somewhere near the northern end of Bridge

Having heard the Captain's order Anardil, marched behind him, not really knowing where they were going. Though he his weaponry was rather heavy he did not complained because he was used to it and knew that they would be his best friends if any battle occured.

*That maybe not be so for quite some times he told himself. After all this is just routine i expect, or isn't it he mused....?*
Somewhere in the field to the south of the fort

Fionw’ was in the field with some of the men. He was directing them in setting up markers. "All right, these will provide target practice at different distances, and when an attack comes, they will double as distance markers."
He pointed to a a dune not far off that had a good number of somewhat large boulders on it, too large for the fort's smaller sized trebuchets to fire. "We will take these, and move them to positions between a fifty and a five hundred meters, at intervals of five-and-seventy."
corgon on the bridge!!

makeing sure his blades where loos in there sheths and his bow string tight he walked along with the others keeping his eyes and ears open.
Southern end of bridge
Ranus watched for a while at Oni and Fionwe preparing for some kind of drill with the trebuchets. Turning back to those three gathered around him , he shook his head. "I didn't call you here to watch some trebuchets throwing some rocks" He folded his armed, "I called you here about the camp." A nearby guard (Not any of you RPers) gave a tiny shake of his head, Ranus was in one of his moods. "I walked around the camp, and I saw a strange dog inside the camp, a dog! What if it wasn't enemy spy? I can't believe any guard would let in that animal.." And on he rambled. (cue for one of the three to stop his rambling!)

The new thread will be ready soon after some issues have been clarified. Then there will be a map which will show everyone where they are. thanks for your patience
Somewhere Near the Southern Bridge

"Well sir, none of us was on guard when that dog got in. It must belong to someone of the other Patrols. But what exactly did you call us here for as we have no skill with trebuchets," Anardil said to Ranus.
Now back on the Southern Wall

Fionw’ came back to the wall with his men. "Oni, the markers are set up. If you're ready, we can begin the drill," he said.
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Oni: at the trebuchets!

Oni surveyed the arrangement of the targets and nodded her approval. She quickly examined each trebuchet thoroughly one last time.
"We are ready, Fionwe. At my signal, release your trebuchet!" Oni called to the men manning them, rasing her hand above her head and then dropping it as the trebuchets release simultaneously.
corgon the meeting

"the dog is belongs to the new privite that joined our ranks he is of no theat to us i spoke with him he sirves the boy and no other mi'lord." corgon says " if i may sir id like to check on our enimes movements sir."
south end of bridge
Having had some sense knocked into him, Ranus shook his head. "I'm sorry, its just I had a stressful day." with that he regained composure, "The real reason I called you here now truly is of importance. Not that it would seem important. But I want you to tell me are you happy serving here. Or if you have an important reason. Can you bear the heat here without hating it? Can you put up with constant raids from the south without it breaking your spirit? You are the most experienced soldiers in this army. Above all the training you received, everyone needs a reason." (NOTE here you may share some history of your character only in some relation to this storyline. I'm just trying to develop character here, if you think this isn't good, change the subject)

sorry people, I know its being delayed long, and already I can see some confusion on the map. when its fixed we'll post the map on.
Eglaviel: South end of bridge

Eglaviel saluted Ranus and then began to speak.
"Sir, experiences from my childhood drive me forward like nothing else. I would rather fight ememies until my time of death than do anything else. Do not fear burnout from me sir, my vengance is too deep for any amount on enemies to fill!"

Realizing that she had just let everyone see a much darker and louder side to her usually quiet and happy personality-Eglaviel quickly looked down and pretended to examine the grooves in the stone bridge.
At the Trebuchets
Fionw’ watched with growing concern as the boulders hit the ground, completely missing the targets except for one, and that by luck. Looking over at Oni, he said under his breath, "We've got a lot of work to do."
Turning to the men, Fionw’ started talking. "You know the basics, which is good. You can load and fire the trebuchets, but you can't aim. I will teach you how to aim them, and make them go farther. First, reload this trebuchet," he said, patting the one next to him. Once it was reloaded, he took his postition next to it, and checked all the cables.
"I shall hit that large boulder out there, the one at three hundred meters."
Adding some more ballast, and tightening one of the cords, he took aim and fired...
Again I apologise for the delay, but when Etharion is ready we will start the new thread, and hopefully finally begin the 'battle'.
That's fine with me.

Fionw’ at the trebuchets
Fionw’ watched as the stone hit the boulder, shattering against it. "And that is how you fire a trebuchet, men. Now, let me see you do the same thing."
Hours later, Fionw’ figured that the men were skilled enough at handling them, so he gave the men a break, and told them to go refresh themselves. "Report back to Ranus, and then take your break."
Somewhere Near the Southern End of Bridge

"Well Sir, i have no family and only an empty house waiting for me back at Minas Tirith so i'll prefer to stay here and live the live of a soldier as i've always done, since i first became an apprentice when i was 10 years old," Anardil added leaning on his spear.
Name: Aethar Elendil (given to me by
Race: corrupt Dunedain
Rank: Haradrim Captain
Physical Appearance: Dark Brown hair, green eyes, travel worn clothes and tattered cloak and hood, sword at his side.
Equipment: sword named Morfaroth (longsword with a dark red blade and a moonstone inset into the pommel) with a simple yet effective sheath, typical bow and quiver of arrows of a ranger.
Skills/Abilities: skilled swordsman, blacksmith, bowman, stealth, wilderness lore, leader.
Out in the field

Fionw’ looked around the plain as he rode his steed, Starmaene, silently along the edge of the dunes. He knew that being so close to the dunes would leave his flank open to attack, but he was hoping for something like that to happen. He had no intentions of fighting, but he knew that there was always a possibility that something could go wrong, so he kept his blade loose in the sheath. Starmaene was also a good lookout, keeping her ears up and listening for the slightest sound. Fionw’ greatest danger would come from any archers and riders of the enemy; his steed could outrun any of the Haradrims, and as for the arrows, he just had to trust in his armour.
Southern end of bridge

Thorin who was rather getting bored standing with Captain C and the rest decide he had enough.
"Well Captain, with your leave, I'll be rejoining my barrack. There's a lot of equipment to be checked and I have some mending to do on my mail shirt. After that I believe its my turn on the Guard Tower but I haven't yet received confirmation of that."
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