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"Yes, as long as you keep me in the middle of you four elves and I'm guaranteed that I won't be imprisoned there. I don't want to get lost in Mirkwood. If that's settled we'll have to decide whether your other Elvish warriors will lead the company on or will they wait for us here?"

"What do you counsel my friend?"
Arath laughed heartily
"My dear friend why should you be imprisoned?" He asked still laughing
"I shall ask my kin to lead the host trough the forest. as for us we will only swiftly visit the wood halls to see if there are more who would come whit us."
"I don't know. You Elves are strange. Ok then, that's settled. Let's go then."

"Ok see you all at the eaves of the forest," Thorin shouted to his troops.
They moved forward as fast as they could and soon they could see it; The mighty gate of the woodland realm. In front of the gate stood three tall elves whit long spears in their hands.
"Mae govannen!" Arath shouted as soon as the guards were aware of their coming.

"Ah! We have been expecting you Anorloth!" One of the guards said.
"Seven hundred are willing to follow you" Said the other.
"All is well then." Arath said.

"Gwaihir has come to take you to the lookouts. I believe he has much to tell you." the guard said.
"Very well." Arath said.

"Thorin... shall you arrange the seven hundred who will accompany us or will you come whit me to the lookouts?" arath asked
"I'd prefer to come with you. For one I would very much like to see what the lookouts look like and then I doubt whether 700 Elves would obey to a single Dwarf."

"By the way where are those lookouts and why do we need the eagles to travel there? Can't we go on foot? I must say that flying isn't a favourite past time of mine," Thorin said looking doubtfully at the eagles.

"Why did they call you Anorloth?" Thorin whispered to Arath. "What does that mean?"
"Ah... They call me Anorloth because of what i carry" Said Arath and moved the old shaggy cloak and the shining armor aside showing a huge sunflower inked to his back.
"It is the emblem of my house" Arath said.
"Unfortunedly i believe that i am the only one left of this house" He continued.
"Ah well... we must hurry then i am eager to see the eagles." Arath said and whit fast strides ran along the path leading to a opening in the forests dark roof.
"Hoy! Wait for me Arath," the Dwarf shouted to Arath who was fast disappearing in the distance. "I do not want to get lost in this forest. Hoy Arath, slow down."
"Hurry on up my friend! I can hear the eagles!" Arath yelled.
"Just follow the path and you'll be fine!"
"Ok!" Thorin shouted, running and panting after the running Arath. After some moments he too saw the eagles and reduced his speed admiring the great beards.

Not being familiar with the eagles he stopped at some distance and watched them unsure what to do next. After all dwarves were friendly only with ravens!
comes rideing up from the path ahead with a army of 2,000 strong of both men and elves waveing to floian as he comes up to them he signals for his men to stop
" hail friends of mine i i know im a bit late but i hope these will heep you from feeding me to the wargs of saroman" he said waveing his hand at his men " we have come to help as promised and from what i see before me and behind i think we will take the mines back nay i know we will."
" what say you and your men master dwarf may we ride with you?"
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