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This is approx year 40 IV

Eruheran was one of the 9 N’zgul, and after the Death of Sauron, He had headed for the Khazad-Dumish Inn, and his ring was shattered after he almost destroyed the place. Before he had became a Nazg’l, he was Heir to the throne of Ch’sor, and on the recovery of his spirit, he found out that Ch’sor had been lost in the same attack that took him as a prisoner of Sauron. Eruheran and Joe the Bard immediately set out from the Inn, before finding out that the button to post journal entries doesn't work, so he started a RPG thread instead. He then set out to reclaim the throne of Ch’sor, to the North of the land of Haradwaith.

In Rivendell, Eruheran was recruiting for his mission, for Ch’sor was the last surviving fortress of Sauron, and was swarming with Orcs. He wanted to have a few companions to assist his quest, to help him travel from Rivendell to Ch’sor, before taking the fortress and reclaiming the throne of Ch’sor.

However, One of the 3 Surviving Nazg’l is Ent’rin, Brother of Eruheran and the only other possible heir to the Throne of Ch’sor, and is Followign Ent’rin on his quest, and until his ring of power is destroyed, he shall be the greatest threat.


Rivendell - Ettenmoors
Ettenmoors- Mount Gundabad
Mount Gundabad - The Grey Mountains [Ered Mithrin]
The Grey Mountains - The Lonely Mountain
The Lonely Mountain - Mirkwood [North East]
Mirkwood - Mountains of Mirkwood [Home of Ent’rin]
Mountains of Mirkwood - Mirkwood [Mid-West]
Mirkwood - Lorien
Lorien - Fangorn
Fangorn - Helms Deep
Helms Deep - White Mountains
White Mountains - Lebennin
Lebennin - South Gondor
South Gondor - The Harad Road
The Harad Road - Haradwaith
Haradwaith - Haradwaith [Near Harad]
Haradwaith [Near Harad] - Haradwaith [Khand]
Haradwaith [Khand] - Ch’sor [Realm]
Ch’sor - Temple of Ch’sor

[I basically need people to tag along, do stuff, get through places infested with Orcs, Wargs, Giant Spiders, The Temple of Ch’sor and to help Eruheran fight Ent’rin]

When the Land of Ch’sor is reclaimed, I will invent up some magical thing on the other side of Middle-Earth that involves us to keep this going. (The Title of this thread Isn't very Specific so I can do that Orc Grinning Smilie )

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If in bold they are Active. If there number is replaced by a # They have vanished.

1 - Eruheran
2 - Ashwyn
3 - Ent’rin - Fornac
# - Cloaked Figure [Disappeared]
4 - ...............
6 - ...............

Will introduce these when we get to wherever is in the brackets. I will change the # to a after that. If , they have been taken captive or something. If , They are Dead.

#- Arthion (Helms Deep)
# - Morohtar (Osgiliath)
’ - Drogo Bolger (Mount Gundabad)
- Joe the Bard (Ch’sor)
Start of RPG

Eruheran and Joe unlock their room in the Rivendell Embassy, planning to gather an army of reinforcements before they set off for the Mountains, and buy a messenger pigeon, to send it back when they reached South Gondor, so the troops would arrive when needed.

They searched for an Inn, finding the most crowded one, and they entered, Eruheran pulled down his hood, and un-buttoned his cloak, revealing his Dark Green Robes. He slid across the bar, knocking an Elf off his stool, and ordered some Apple Juice, he turned to his left, and saw a man with the Emblem of the Rivendell Post Office sewn into his suit.
"May We Buy a Messenger Pigeon, one trained to return here?" Eruheran asked. Silently, the man beckoned Eruheran to follow him, and he did. Minutes later they arrived at the tower where they kept the birds. He pointed at a large Pigeon.
"2 Gold Pieces." The man mumbled.
"When the Pigeon returns, it shall have the money with him. We have the old currency, from the Second Age." Eruheran explained. The Silent Bird-keeper climbed the ladder and pulled the the Bird's cage down, and gave Eruheran the sheet with what food the bird liked. He walked off. Minutes later they returned to the bar, preparing to get the forces tomorrow.
Day 2

Eruheran exited the Embassy, the Council of Rivendell had accepted his request for troops, and would send them when they got the message from Eruheran. He headed to the Library, looked at a Map, and left the Library. He jumped onto his horse, his Nazg’l steed. He was going to sell it the day before he set off, and buy 2 carrier Ponies with the money. Minutes later he had left Rivendell, and within almost an hour he reached the Trollshaws, and began to hunt, preparing for his journey.
Give me a few days and I will play with you. You can develop the story a bit more as well as the background in the meanwhile

Also one thing which would help is that none of the characters have super human/natural powers
Wink Smilie
Eruheran entered the forest, pulling out his Scimitar, the Elven Jewel that makes it slightly more powerful shone in the light. He heard footsteps, Like the Sound of a Nazg’l Steed, he spun, and saw a large cloaked figure.
"Eruheran... I have Awakened... Halt... Stop before you fail..." It hissed.
"That Doesn't Make any Proper Sense, and Second, You have been awake for the last couple of Millenniums." Eruheran replied, cockily.
"Never Joke with a Nazg’l." Joe mumbled. Eruheran leapt onto his horse, Chopping the head of the Nazg’l's horse, and began to ride away, and threw a throwing-axe at the Nazg’l, knocking it back. Joe leaps onto his Pony, and began to follow Eruheran.
"Who Was That?" Asked Joe.
"One of the last surviving Nazg’l, So he could be my Brother." Eruheran replied.
"Duck!" Joe suddenly shouted.
"What Duck?" Eruheran muttered. An Arrow flew into Eruheran's shoulder, knocking him off his horse, and The Nazg’l walked up to him, preparing to stab him.
Joe leapt down from the tree, stabbing his knife into the Nazg’l's arm, causing him to drop his sword, and Eruheran ran, picking up his scimitar, and smashed it into the Nazg’l's hand, and there was a flash, the Nazg’l collapsed, unconscious, a face under a helmet was visible under his hood. Eruheran looks shocked for a second, before wincing and pulling out the arrow. Joe quickly rushed to pull out some medicine, and dabbed it on Eruheran's wound, before they walked to their horses,
"Its Ent’rin, my Brother, the only other Heir to Ch’sor." Eruheran muttered, jumping onto his horse.
"Then We must Kill him, or he shall follow or defeat us to the throne." Joe replied, scared.
"He is my Brother, however he betrayed me, he had secretly worked for Sauron for years before sending our Forces off to the Middle of Mordor, allowing them to Invade and take me Prisoner." Eruheran replied, looking back at him.
"He does not Deserve the Throne." Joe said, annoyed.
"He was betrayed by Sauron, who promised he would Invade Ch’sor to give him the throne, but then he took us both prisoner." Eruheran explained. Ent’rin began to Revive, and looked at Eruheran.
"Shut Up! I have an Army of Surviving Orcs at my disposal, ready to unleash on this forest." Ent’rin shouted.
"In the time it takes for them to arrive we would be in the Shire." Eruheran replied, preparing his Scimitar.
"Are you Threatening my Master?" Joe shouted, pulling out his sword.
"However, I was prepared for that, and I have the people of the forest on my side, the Outlaws of Rivendell, hunted by all!" Ent’rin shouted back, grinning.
"And I could unleash the Armies of Ch’sor on you." Eruheran argued. Ent’rin climbed out of his Cloak and pulled out his Sword in 1 swift motion, before swinging it through a tree, which fell behind him, and blocked Eruheran from his Horses.

"I was Champion of Haradwaith at one point, the best you got was Champion of Umbar. Before I beat you. Don't Bother!" Eruheran shouted.
"Why? You are over 4 Millenniums old! I am also over 4 Millenniums old, just a bit less!" Ent’rin replied.
"You flee when you can tell you will lose, this fight will be over before I pull out my Scimitar." Eruheran added,
"Why would I Flee?!" Ent’rin shouted.
"You Surrendered to Sauron the day the War Began, Secretly commanding our forces to enter fights they would lose!" Eruheran argued, annoyed.
"My Armies overwhelmed the Raiders of Moria!" Ent’rin shouted.
"You Took Command of the Raiders of Moria, you killed their leader in his sleep!" Eruheran muttered.
"It was Quicker." Ent’rin muttered.
"No, It was Cowardice." Eruheran replied, pulling his scimitar out. He charged at Ent’rin, and they began to fight, Eruheran quickly gaining his advantage through Ent’rin's injured Wrist and Arm, before swinging his sword into the palm of Ent’rin's hand, and then picked up Ent’rin's Sword, passing it to Joe.
"You Have 1 Chance, next time, I will kill you." Eruheran muttered. Eruheran and Joe leapt across the tree, before climbing onto their Horses and riding back to Rivendell.
Day 3
Ent’rin walked into the cave he had been hiding in for the last few Decades, 7 Mercenary's, Warriors and Soldiers, all different species, Trained by Ent’rin [Nazg’l], were sat round a table. A Dwarf in Dark Armour stood up.
"I Can see you found your brother. The Ranks of the Nazg’l seem to be 2 people remaining." The Dwarf muttered.
"He Pierced my hand with his blade. He has set out to the south. I want you to find him and whoever he is traveling with. Please kill them all!" Ent’rin muttered, angrily.
"I will set..." The Dwarf began to suggest. A heavily armored Elf stood up, covering the Dwarves mouth with his hand, making him shut up.
"I Shall go." The Elf muttered, jumping onto his Warg which was stood behind them.

Day 5

Eruheran was in the Library on the last day before he set off when there was a thud on the lower floors, Eruheran pulled out his sword and went to investigate. As soon as he reached the third floor, a book swung down on his head, knocking him down, before he rolled over and pulled out his scimitar, preparing to attack the Elf that had attacked him.
"Who Are You!?" Eruheran shouted.
"An Assassin of Ent’rin." The Elf replied. Eruheran swung his sword, starting to fight the elf, and they headed to the window, still fighting, before Eruheran swung underneath The Elf's feet, causing him to jump, but pulling his sword up halfway, catching the Elf in the leg, who tripped and knocked over a book case.

The Elf grabbed a Ancient Vase from another shelf, and threw it at Eruheran, who ducked and the Vase smashed outside the window, and Eruheran dived underneath the Elf, elbowing him in the head, but injuring his elbow on the Elf's spiked helmet.
"You Ruined my Masters Power!" The Elf shouted.
"He never had any, he was, and still is a coward!" Eruheran argued, then he laughed, swinging his scimitar at the Elf's unprotected neck, and the Scimitar chopped through half of his neck, causing the Elf to be paralyzed. The Elf Collapsed, eyes wide open, as Eruheran pulled off the Elf's Helmet.
"Getting beat by someone who was not wearing armour, while you are wearing armour, in a suprise attack is pretty weak. When you revive... If you revive, Tell your master to send someone better next time." Eruheran said, smirking. He pulled out his Scimitar, and kicked the Elf's head, before plunging his sword into the Elf's stomach, and walked off with the Elf's helmet.
Day 6

Eruheran leapt onto his Horse, and looked at Joe.
"Get onto the Pony over there, I bought him yesterday for you, then rope your pony to the Baggage Pony." Eruheran asked. Joe roped up their horses then jumps onto his own, and begin to Trot to the North, heading for the Ettenmoors, from there they will go through Mount Gundabad and then Ered Mithrin.
Day 9

Eruheran leapt down from a tree dramatically, running through the small forest, a few miles north of Rivendell. He was being chased by Trolls, Joe followed him down from the tree, and fired an arrow into the Largest Troll. The Troll roared and swung its bat at Joe, who ducked; milliseconds away from death. Eruheran pulled out his scimitar, jumping onto a low branch of a tree, climbing up. "Joe! Aim for the Eyes!" Eruheran roared, climbing up another branch, throwing a dead bird he found in a tree just below him. The Troll walked under the tree, and leant down to pick it up, Eruheran leapt down, and stabbed the scimitar into the trolls neck, and dragged it down as he fell, ripping open the trolls back. Joe shot at the other 2 Trolls, who were annoyed at Eruheran, one of which was caught in the eye, and walked into a tree, slipping and banging his head on another, knocked unconscious. "Trolls are Dimwits Master, we shouldn't bother!" Joe shouted, as Eruheran stabbed the unconscious Troll in the face. "When we get to the Ettenmoors, we won't need to bother!" Eruheran replied, as Joe fired a arrow into the surviving Troll, who was hit in the side of the head, knocking him unconscious. "You got his temple?" Eruheran muttered, grinning. Joe whistled, and their horses caught up with them.
Day 12

After Days of Walking through Troll Inhabited Wilderness, Joe and Eruheran stopped their Ponies, and Eruheran pulled out his map.
"We will travel through the mountains until we reach the Ettenmoors." Eruheran said to Joe, pointing to the West, and rolled up his map.
From a nearby bush a shadow was observing the two strangers.

"What can they be doing here," he asked himself. "If they're thinking of using the mountain route they're in for a bad time. Not an hour has passed since this band of orcs and their mountain troll have passed through."

"I better follow them. I'm sure they will need help."
Eruheran and Joe stood on the edge of a small Ledge, 10 meters up, and looked around.
"Sir, I am not sure, but I can see something in the Distance." Joe muttered, pointing to what looked like a small party of Orcs.
"We will have got passed them by nightfall, when they start hunting, so we shall avoid them." Eruheran replied.
"They look like Mountain Orcs, a breed between Goblin and Orc, rarely seen but travel in packs of that size, and deadly." Joe added, "They Travel with trolls."
"And a few days ago we took down 3 Trolls blindfolded." Eruheran replied.
"You spent all your time climbing trees, jumping down dramatically and then stabbing them, we were not blindfolded and they were only children." Joe Added. There was a sudden Roar and Joe slipped, falling from their ledge and sliding down the slanted Cliff face. Eruheran whipped out his scimitar and turned, and saw a Fully Grown Mountain troll.
"Leave us or Die, Foul Beasty!" Eruheran shouted, "I am Heir of Ch’sor, A Nazg’l and the best swordsman in the Deep South!" Eruheran added, before the troll swung for him, he jumped over its Troll Battle-Hammer and he stood on the Edge of the Ledge.
"Fight me if you want to die!" Eruheran continued, whipping his Scimitar into its Scabbard and pulling out his Bow, ready to fire at the Trolls Head. The Troll roared, and slammed his Battle-Hammer into the ground, causing the Edge to crumble, and Eruheran fell.

The rocks buried Joe, and Eruheran was trapped under one by his foot. The Troll climbed down, raising its Battle-Hammer to Hit Eruheran. Eruheran pulled up his sword and waited for the Troll to swing down, before throwing it infront of him, chopping the trolls arm off. The Hammer slipped, smashing Eruheran's Leg and the Rock. He limped up, and quickly used his bow to shoot the troll in the eye, then climbed its back and cut its throat. It Roared as it died, alerting the Mountain Orcs.
The Shadow hidden in the thickets had seen the combat between the troll and the warriors though he had not been close enough to understand the shouting.

"They will have alerted the orcs with all this racket," he thought. "I must do something before it is too late."

Leaving the cover of the bush he stealthily ran to the edge of the cliff, and stood there, a hooded shadow glaring at the strangers. No sight of his face nor the colour of his garb could be identified because of the dark.

"Strangers from afar," he spoke. "What do you seek in these hostile lands? Speak swifly or I will not be able to help you."
Eruheran looked up, and saw the figure.
"Eruheran, Heir to Ch’sor, a land lost during the Second Age, Due to Sauron. I am recovering my throne, and the Palace of Emerald. However, The Cities of Ch’sor are overrun with Orcs, and the Emerald Palace is now a Orc Fortress." Eruheran shouted. Eruheran turned around, and saw a large rock next to him. He picked it up and whacked it into the rock on his leg. The Rock on his leg shattered.
"Sir, Will you help me find my annoying friend." Eruheran asked, looking through the rubble. There was a small groan from a few meters away from Eruheran.
"Very well, I will help you for the moment. But you are yet to prove your worth to me strange!"

"Your friend seem to be buried there," he said pointing ti a pile if crumbled earth and rocks. "Let's give him a hand and get out of here."

Eruheran nods, looking up the cliff. His bag was still up on the ledge.
"Thank you for your assistance. Please... I missed your name, could you recover my bag from the ledge, for It has a spade." Eruheran muttered, pointing to his leg. He picked up a large rock, and slammed it into one of the other rocks. Shattering it. He heard groans from under the pile, and a bleeding hand reached through the gap Eruheran had just made.
"Hurry," Eruheran added, looking towards the Mountain Orc camp.
The roar had not only alerted the orcs! Only a short way into the troll woods an elvish warrior was wandering. Hearing the roar she suspected trouble and ran towards the sound. Coming to the crumbled edge she threw back her hood and peered down. Her name was Ashwyn. She was an Elvish warrior from Lorien who had left to seek adventure, this she figured, certainly counted! She glanced about and saw the bag of the warrior down below, and so, she grabbed it and dropped down to return it and ask about what was happening.
Eruheran walked towards the Elf Woman, and does a slight nod of the head for a greeting.
"Hello, Who are you, and do you want to help me travel across middle earth in a odd route to rescue a temple that has been lost for the last 2 ages of men and become some high ranking person in the new kingdom of Ch’sor?" Eruheran asked quickly, accepting his bag.
"Hurry, there is Orcs preparing to kill me."
She shrugged "Why not, this could be entertaining. I'm Ashwyn by the way." she said "And as you say there are orcs coming, so shall we fight or flee?"
"Fight. It will be fun." Eruheran muttered, digging up Joe.
"Wonderful" Ashwyn said with a grin looking expectantly to where the orcs would soon appear.
Joe popped out of the ground, Eruheran had dug him up, before some Orcs leapt on them from behind. Eruheran grinned, swinging.
Ashwyn turned too, drawing her twin elvish blades from their sheath and twirled into the fray where a fairly large group of orcs where now milling. She slashed and stabbed felling several orcs within the first few strikes.
Joe ran for cover, as Eruheran, the Cloaked figure and Ashwyn began to fight off the Orcs. Eruheran raised his sword into the air, before diving under an Orc, chopping one of its legs off. There was a roar, echoing through the mountains, and a pack of Wargs charged in. The leader leapt on Joe, dragging him off, before the other 5 joined the fight.

Joe will not be in this thread until we find him in the dungeons of the Emerald Palace.
Ashwyn started toward the bard Joe who was being carried off, when suddenly a huge swarm of orcs was on her. Seeing that she was helpless to save the bard infuriated her so she gave a Lorien war-cry and began hacking and chopping at the orcs viciously.
Eruheran grinned, leaping from the ledge he was on into the crowd with Ashwyn, and began to hack away with her.
The number of orcs was thinning and indeed the vicious attack by the small group of 4 was most unexpected by the orcs for the orcs had come into the battle confident for surely a small party was no match for their numbers but now it was clear that their confidence was waning in the face of such an attack. Seeing this Ashwyn leapt upon them with renewed ferocity for it offended her that the orcs had so blatantly thought they were a non threatening group.
Eruheran twirled his scimitar, before pulling out a hidden Duplicate of his Scimitar, and began to spin roun, killing a lot of the Orcs. He then spun the second Scimitar again, before sliding it back into its scabbard.
"Run." Eruheran muttered.
Ashwyn didn't want to run of course but seeing as trouble seemed to follow these strangers she figured it was wiser to go with them. So with a shrug of her shoulders she said "Sure I suppose, but where shall we run to?"
"High Ground! You have a bow...?" Eruheran shouted, swinging his arm behind him, causing a Goblin to slip over. He grabbed the goblins Cross-Bow and passed it to Ashwyn.
"I have a Uruk-Hai crossbow! Cloaked Stranger...?" Eruheran muttered.
Ashwyn had her own bow of course (being from Lorien where silent attacks from the trees via bow where commonplace.) but seeing as Eruheran had gone to the trouble of grabbing her a bow she decided to keep that fact silent for now. And so with a nod she twirled around knocking another orc to the ground and lightly ran a short way up the mountain before turning back, stringing her bow and shooting a couple more orcs.

There. Happy? I changed it to "mountain" Tongue Smilie
Hill? We are crossing some mountains.

Eruheran leapt from a ledge to another, then helped Ashwyn across. He shot from the Uruk-Hai crossbow, knocking down a goblin. He ran along the ledge, then suddenly a blast of lightning smacked down in front of him, and the ledge crumbled. He slipped and fell down. The second he landed he rolled over and stood up. He ran along, and came to a stone archway at the bottom of the largest mountain. He waved his arm as a signal, then ran in.

2 More Goblins came from behind, he swung and severed their heads, before pulling a torch down from the side.
"Ashwyn, come in." He shouted, running along the corridor.
Ashwyn nodded and leapt down to the stone archway and crossed into the corridor, hacking down orcs and goblins as she went.
Ashwyn, It is pretty much deserted, until we get further on. Do you want to continue this way or take a unknown shortcut through a long secret tunnel to arrive at Mount Gundabad?

Eruheran grinned, charging through the long corridor, but suddenly stopped. There was a roar coming from further down the tunnel, and a few goblins ran straight past them. Fleeing. Eruheran killed as many as he could, before slowly advancing. Suddenly the wall next to him exploded, rock flying everywhere. He was thrown to the floor, and he was un-conscious before he could discover what it was.
Ashwyn who was still a way behind him had the ill luck of seeing what had caused the commotion. It was a balrog, and, if her sources were correct, the LAST of the balrog's and he had a terrible temper. She had seen the goblins fleeing straight toward Eruheran and thought that odd so had stepped into shadows to see what was causing the terror, but now she almost wished it had been her ill luck to be knocked unconscious without seeing it. But seeing how this was to be her fate she took a deep breath and stepped out of the shadows. The balrog found the goblins disdainful but he positively HATED elves so much so that he completely forgot Eruheran in his rage to reach Ashwyn, who was grateful that Eruheran would be safe for the moment but feeling that her time here was coming to an end and deciding to make the best of it. So drawing her swords which glowed ferociously she gave an elvish war cry and waited for the inevitable doom of battle with an almost unvanquishable foe.

let's take the shortcut, interesting things ALWAYS happen when you try to take shortcuts Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Eruheran revived, climbing up. There was a roar behind him, and he turned. A Balrog, one of the last of the Balrogs. He grinned, amazed at this. The Orc's had started to attack Ashwyn, which meant he had the Balrog. He saw a large steel archway at the end of the corridor.
"Nurta Adel Ta! Ndengina Ta!" Eruheran shouted, in Elvish. He Sprant towards the
Archway, the Balrog followed. He then grinned and crouched to the floor, before rolling backwards, straight under the Balrog's legs. He sprant to the large hole that the Balrog had ripped into the wall, which lead to a un-discovered tunnel.
"Ashwyn! Tula sinome!" Eruheran added,
"Deal with it later." Eruheran muttered.
Ashwyn had by this time resigned herself to an inevitable doom and was fighting a huge host of orcs valiantly while waiting for the balrog when Eruheran started calling things in Elvish which of course infuriated the balrog and to Ashwyn's disbelief it turned to Eruheran and began bellowing at him! She could hardly believe it. But seeing her chance she twirled hacking the surrounding orcs heads off and hearing Eruheran calling her form the tunnel the balrog made she ran very swiftly (For she was very light footed and fast, even for an elf.) and slipping past the balrog darted into the tunnel to join Eruheran. Though she still had her doubts about the balrog and how wise it was to go deeper into the mountain with the furious creature behind them. But deciding to trust Eruheran's judgement, be it folly or fair, she continued on with him down the tunnel.
"I Told you to follow the Balrog, which was chasing me, then kill it where we have room!" Eruheran muttered,
"Go Ahead, distract it." Eruheran added, climbing up to a ledge. From there he monkey barred over the ceiling, and hung from one hand, waiting for the Balrog to slip underneath.
Clearly Ashwyn was distracted which annoyed her for missing such obvious instructions but now she nodded and jumped ahead turning to yell elvish at the balrog who gave a mighty roar and could be heard charging through after them. He soon came into view but Ashwyn, who was determined to keep him distracted, kept on yelling elvish at him as he approached filled with a terrible wrath.
"Ashwyn, get him directly underneath me! Try your best to slay him!" Eruheran muttered, swinging a bit closer to the middle of the tunnel. There was a rumbled from the ledge, and some rocks slid down, revealing a door. Goblins and Orcs streamed out, climbing towards Eruheran and leaping at Ashwyn.

You can fight him, but leave him alive.
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She frowned as she saw the orcs coming at her. This certainly did not bode well especially with the balrog near at hand. Glancing up toward Eruheran she saw that he too was going to have his hands full so with a deep sigh of resignation she prepared to make, perhaps, her final stand. The balrog came in smoke and rath towards her and then stopped. Snorting out a huge plume of smoke and fire he brought out a fiery sword made of ash and flames. With a bellow the creature raised the sword above it's head, Ashwyn could only be thankful that the beast was slow for she just managed to escape the crashing blade and thrust her own sword deep into the balrogs leg. Perhaps it was sheer luck or perhaps the elvish blade had a stronger enchantment on it but whatever the case it sliced cleanly through sending the balrg crashing down to earth with a bellow of rage and pain. She was about to strike what would probably be the final blow when around 6 orcs gathered around her with swords at hand. She battled (and destroyed) them for perhaps no more then 10 minutes but upon looking up the balrog had gone, all that was left as proof of his existance was a trail of thick, red, soupy blood and the remains of what appeared to be a severely burned leg. Yet Ashwyn had a feeling he'd be back for the last look he had given her was one full of pure, unrivalled hatred. Shaking her head to free the disturbing image of the beast she turned now to sprint to Eruheran's aide for he was now getting the worst of the attack (Her battle with the balrog had frightened the orcs for they were deeply frightnened of the fiery creature.)
Eruheran watched from where he dangled. The Balrog was fleeing along the corridor, and had got almost underneath him. He swung his sword to block the Goblin and Orc knives that were thrown at him, before letting go. He landed on it's neck, and sliced off one of its horns. It squealed, and tried to shake Eruheran off. He grinned, and kicked the back of the Balrog's neck. The heat of the Balrog had made him sweaty, so he lost his grip. He slid down the back of the Balrog, and slammed his sword into it at the last second, ripping one of its wings off. He threw himself off, and stood watching the Dragon. The Orcs and Goblins had stopped fighting, and had begun to back down the Corridor. There was a sudden high pitched whistling noise, and the Orcs and Goblins fled.
"Flee now, creature of Darkness!..." Eruheran roared. There was another whistle.
"What is that!" Eruheran muttered, walking towards the Balrog. The Balrog backed away, before screeching. There was a final, longer whistle. The Balrog swung his arm, knocking Eruheran away, then knocking away Ashwyn. He stomped away, fleeing the large tunnel.
"Continue this way. Whatever is whistling seems to be on our side." Eruheran muttered, heading in the opposite direction.
"And shoot the Balrog in the neck. If we face him again, he'll be dead." Eruheran added, grinning.
Ashwyn grinned too. Though she was covered in grit and grime which was most uncomfortable the victory (however short) over the balrog and the flight of the orcs and goblins had truly cheered her up. She was, however, a little aprehensive about the whistle. It didn't seem sinister or feel sinister but you can never be too careful. She turned and jogged to catch up to Eruheran, wondering if they would encounter the "whistle maker" as she had decided to call him, her or it.
3 Days Later - Day 15 - The End of the Tunnel

"Ashwyn, do you have any Lembas with you? I have a feeling I went north, instead of south. This might be a few months longer than I wanted." Eruheran muttered. Over the last few days they had only encountered 19 Orcs and Goblins, and they could sense that they were within a few hours of an Exit. Suddenly, before Ashwyn could reply, there was 2 more whistles, both only lasting a few seconds.
"Pull out your sword." Eruheran muttered, pulling out his own Scimitar.
There was a sudden crash.

"O'er 'ere!" Someone shouted. Eruheran spun, and saw a small cloaked figure.
"Master Dwarf, where are you headed. If you are heading south, please help." Eruheran asked.
"Dwarf? I am a 'obbit!" He replied, pulling his hood back.
"Drogo Bolger, from the Shire." He muttered. He pulled his cloak off. He had a Green Flatcap, a red leather waistcoat, brown hair and a small wooden walking stick.
"A... What?" Eruheran muttered. Drogo ignored him.
"I set out from my hole in Hobbiton to explore the mountains, and discover the history of Middle-Earth. I even faked my death." Drogo explained.
"Go Home." Eruheran muttered.
"Go further that way and you are at serious risk. There is a gathering of Orcs and Goblins there, so come with us." Eruheran explained, pointing back to where they came from.
"It was me who saved you from them!" Drogo shouted. Eruheran looked at him confused.
"I have been protecting these tunnels for the last decade. I built myself a home nearby." Drogo explained.
"We would like some rest, if you would let us stay for a few days." Eruheran asked.
"Fine. For a few days!" Drogo muttered.
Day 16 - Morning - Drogo's Cave
Post a few times from his house; I want to spend some time expanding Drogo Bolger. You have permission to write as him. FYI; He is from the West Farthing, his father was Frogin Bolger, and he never knew his mother. I will explain the rest of his background myself.

After they had met Drogo the night before, he had taken them through a few hidden tunnels, and arrived at a circular door. He had explained it was made from rock, and he had hired some Dwarven builders to make it, and they had dug the the tunnels to the same plans as Bag-End. From that he had given them supper and took them to their rooms. The following morning, Eruheran had reached the dinning hall early.
"Drogo, why did you leave the Shire?" Eruheran asked, sitting down.
"Some Big-People, like yourself, came to the Shire, breaking the laws. We chased them to the borders, but I was separated. I went through this forest, met this weird bloke, and ended up In Bree!" Drogo answered.
"So, I hitched a ride back to Hobbiton, and met up with another Hobbit, and hitched a ride back. He told me about this weird bloke... Bilbo Baggins. He could disappear, and return with bags of cash! I remember my dad coming home one night, when I was only 7 years old, and he told me that he saw the same bloke vanish, at his 111st Birthday party. I remember years later, almost 2 decades, his Son, or something like that vanished aswell. Then a big dude came along, so I vanished too. I headed to the mountains, and will stay until the Shire returns to normal." Drogo explained.
"Where did you get the plans to Bag-End?" Eruheran asked.
"I passed Rivendell on the way here. I... found some plans in the library." Drogo explained, heading for his kitchen. Eruheran climbed up, and followed him.
"So Bang-Flash Bilbo just dropped the plans to his house." Eruheran muttered.
"Yes he did." Drogo argued. "Pack your Bags. Now. We will leave in 2 days, maximum." Drogo suddenly shouted, storming out. Eruheran looked up, confused.
Ok cool.This will make things more interestingWink Smilie

Drogo didn't like having company in his home. Too loud it made the mountains. The last thing he needed was orcs clustered outside his doors! The elf was alright he supposed. Quiet at least though she sometimes had a dangerous look about her and obviously didn't like being underground.But the other one......noisy, and he asked too many questions that Drogo didn't want to answer. "People from outside shouldn meddle with other people's affairs" he muttered irritably. He began to walk about to gather his things, grumbling as he went. He had decided to go with them for a while, even if only to get them out of his beloved mountain.and was set on theidea that the sooner they were gone the better.
Ashwyn was growing to dislike the mountains more and more. At first, with many foes to face she had been able to put out of her mind her dislike for the cold underground land of mountains. But now she could almost feel the great hate of the mountain for anything that walked it's ancient paths. The decision to come here had been an easy one. She had hoped the little creature that called itself a hobbit would lead them out. But until today there had been only subtle hinting that we should leave. Eruheran's inncessant questions which were obviously unwanted by the hobbit had begun to grate on her nerves and she felt that if they didn't leave soon the stifling air would choke her.The little creatures sudden announcement had finally lifted her spirits. They would beleaving soon! And from the little hobbit's hinting she was certain he'd be leading them outside into fresh air.
Day 17 - Drogo's Hole

As soon as Eruheran woke up, he pulled a chain-mail shirt on, then a Green Tunic. He then slid his cloak on, and pulled his back up.
"Ashwyn! Bolger! We're Going!" Eruheran shouted, walking out. Drogo was in the kitchen, and walked into the small corridor, and blocked Eruheran's way.
"Where are we going?" Drogo shouted.
"The end of this tunnel. If I succeed, Orcs will stream towards Mount Gundabad from the south, and if Gondor and Rohan can't stop them, you will be found." Eruheran muttered.
"What the Blimmin' 'Eck are you doin'!" Shouted Drogo.
"There is a small kingdom to the south, a few miles south of Mordor. It was taken during the War of the Ring, and I am reclaiming it. It is the second biggest stronghold of Goblins. The first biggest is a few miles that way. I have a army of Elves who didn't head to the Undying Land on my side. We are passing Mirkwood aswell, and they will stream into the city." Eruheran explained. Drogo looked at him confused, and picked up a walking stick. Ashwyn walked into the corridor, with her small bag.
"Where are our Ponies?" Eruheran muttered.
"We left them before we entered this tunnel!" Eruheran realised, kicking the wall. Drogo whistled, and went to the door.
"Get Out. I am locking the Hobbit Hole, It stores information on nearly all ages of Middle-Earth. Hurry!" Drogo shouted. Eruheran walked out, followed by Ashwyn. Drogo came last, holding a thick red book and a large bag, before locking the Circular door. Eruheran grinned, and ran through to the tunnels. Minutes later, Drogo and Ashwyn arrived.
"Slow Down!" Drogo shouted. Eruheran nodded, walking down the corridor.
"Here's a Deal. We can have your home rebuilt in the New Kingdom, and I will build you a personal Library." Eruheran asked.
"Fine." Drogo replied, smiling. Drogo pulled on his dark green jacket, and followed Eruheran down the Tunnel.
"Ashwyn, your an elf, can you see the end?" Eruheran asked.
Ashwyn wasn't frowning exactly but was feeling rather displeased and irritable. Heaving a huge sigh she peered through the blackness "I can see the end but it's a long ways off." suddenly irate she turned to Eruheran and said "But wouldn't it make more sense to ask our hobbit guide? After all if he's lived here so long, he should know better then anyone where, and how far, the end is."

Drogo had been content to let the foolish Eruheran stride down the tunnel while he walked along, knowing exactly where and how far the end was, but now that the elf had in exasperation pointed this out he knew he would soon be leading them out. This didn't exactly bother him and as long as in the end did get his library he was content to follow Eruheran's lead, and, grudgingly, do as he was told.
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