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Ashwyn, edit your posts together, you don't need to do them like that. It looks better. Use this as an example.

"Drogo, How long till the end?" Eruheran muttered, turning to face the hobbit. Drogo pulled out a small pocket watch, and Eruheran held his torch above him.
"We left 5 Hours Ago." Drogo replied, looking behind them. There was a orange glow far down the tunnels. He gasped, and looked at Eruheran, then Ashwyn. He knew the tunnels, and this meant danger.
"There is a orange glow, around a mile back!" Drogo whispered, in fear. Eruheran turned, and saw the glow. The glow was too big for the small group of Orcs that had survived.
"And how long to go, and how long will it take?" Eruheran muttered, thinking about how they could escape.
"25 Miles, around a day." Drogo replied. Then he also realised the glow was too big for a group of Orcs. He pulled out a whistle, and blew it. A loud, high-pitched noise boomed from the whistle, and echoed down the corridor in short but loud pulses.
"Run, I have 2 smaller caves along the tunnel, which is how I found you. They are slightly linked to each other." Drogo shouted. Eruheran halted, and glared at the hobbit.
"You didn't tell us!" Eruheran muttered, annoyed. He had began to loose trust with the Hobbit. He began to run again, followed by Ashwyn and Drogo.
Ok will do. I fixed the other post now

Ashwyn watched the glowing lights nervously the depressing aura around these undergorund caves was getting to her fighting spirit and she was feeling more nervous then usual. It didn't help her mood having the hobbit Drogo looking scared, especially when he was the one who lived here. Eruheran's growing distrust irked her too. Surely it was reasonable for the hobbit to keep secrets. After all why should he trust two strangers traveling through his mountain? But regardless of her worries the priorites right now were whatever danger was behind them and getting out of this underground tunnel.

Drogo could sense the elf's discomfort and it worried him. If it hampered her battling skills they would be in huge trouble if the things behind them caught up. His only hope was indeed the secret caves. And so shoong them forward worriedly, he hurried towards the caves with his strange guests.
Can I join as Ent’rin the Nazg’l? This RPG has potential to be good.
Yeah. You have the dwarf and that lot and 50 people who escaped from Mirkwoodian dungeons.

Drogo halted, and looked at Eruheran.
"We need to get to the exit by night-time so they don't catch us. We can't enter my emergency home because it is on a ledge, designed so only Dwarves and Hobbits can climb it. We have a few hours to reach the end, and reach Mount Gundabad." Drogo explained, looking up a ledge.
"Oh..." Eruheran muttered, annoyed. He looked at Ashwyn, who wasn't tired from the hours of running down corridors.
"Why can't elves get tired, drunk or die of old age!" Eruheran said annoyed but slightly amused. Drogo pointed to a faint white light in the distance, and began to jog.
"Hobbit, how long do I have to run." Eruheran added.
"It is 10 Hours walking, and around 12 Miles, so it is around 4 Hours running at this speed." The Hobbit replied, and Ashwyn began to jog behind him.
"Ashwyn, do you have any Lembas?" Eruheran asked, as he began to jog.
Ashwyn grinned "Sadly no I don't have any lembas with me right now." and giving a mockingly sweet smile she added "But if you get tired I could always carry you."
"Shut Up Ashwyn!" Eruheran grumbled.

Ashwyn, post about you reaching the exit a few hours later, then me and Drogo reaching it a few hours after that. Then I will explain where we are and stuff, or if Fornac posts here, about planning in the castle Sauron had during the time of the Hobbit. We can ignore the big plot hole.
It was several hours later. Ashwyn had already reached the end of the tunnel and was standing, frowning slightly at the weather which was steadily getting worse just outside the tunnel's entrance. She had gotten bored of plodding slowly behind and had decided to reach the exit ahead of them. Ashwyn turned now towards the tunnel and tilted her head to hear or see how far away they still were. The sound of their footsteps was still fairly soft so she guessed that they would be out just before sunset.

As usual Ashwyn was right and the two came huffing and puffing out of the tunnel just before sunset. Turning to them with a smirk she said "What took you so long?"
'DEAD?!' Ent’rin screamed in fury.
'Yes...yes, my lord,' grovelled the goblin, backing away over the cold stone floor of the Nazg’l's mock throne-room. 'Eru-...your cursed brother somehow managed to kill the elf.'
Ent’rin sat back in his chair, his sudden anger calming as quickly as a leaf's stirring.
'So... where is he now? Who travels with him?'
'Our goblins have managed to find out, sir, that he journeys with a she-elf, and a hobbit. They have been fighting in the tunnels of the Misty Mountains, lord.'
'Such weak companions for one so - I shall admit - skilled.' He paused for a moment. 'Fetch me my captains, worm.'
'At once, sir,' the goblin said, scuttling back out of the room and shutting the heavy oaken doors with a bang that made the torchflames flicker.
So you are strong, my brother, Ent’rin thought within the depths of his wraithen mind. Soon you will find that you are dust as to me.
Eruheran, can I ask why your route makes that huge arc over Mirkwood, going through Mirkwood and into Lothlorien? Why don't you just go from Rivendell to Lothlorien?
I originally had it going through Helms Deep, Minas Tirith, then Minas Morgul/Ithil, Mordor then Ch’sor, but that would have been dull so I changed it so we travelled through lots of places with Orcs and stuff. Should I change it to have some more cities of Man/Elf?
I think going through a couple more man/elf cities could make things more interesting......maybe a couple assassins or something out to get Eruheran and his companions while they buy more supplies Big Smile Smilie
What I'm saying is that it seems completely pointless to take that long and winding route, since there isn't any reason for it. Either you come up with a reason or change the route.
Yeah, we need supplies! So from here, we go through Gundalok to reach Framsburg. We go down the Carrock, and enter Mirkwood at the Old Ford. From there we go to Amon Lanc, Lorien and Fangorn. Then Helms Deep to Edoras, Then we go through Firien Forest and some mountains to Druadan forest, then Minas Tirith. Minas Tirith to Osgiliath, and there to Minas Morgul, and Morgul to Cirith Ungol. Then we go south, across Maegond Spur. We Cross Mountains of Shadow and we are there? Ok?
Some of the names you mentioned were unknown to me (did you make them up?), but yes, I understand. BTW, does Ent’rin reside in Dol Guldur or the Mountains of Mirkwood?
Ok sounds good to me Big Smile Smilie
This is the Map I used.
My comp is always messing up just before I finish my posts/editing. I mite not post that often until my DSi is connected to the internet again. Yeah, he stays in Dol Guldur.

"Why did you run! We were tired!" Eruheran shouted at Ashwyn, pointing at Drogo.
"Where the heck are we!" Eruheran added, looking at the Hobbit.
"I have a map of the area with me, and I think we are at the base of Mount Gundabad." Drogo replied, pulling out a book with a red leather cover. Eruheran took it from him, and flicked through it. It had a few family trees and a few pages of maps, then a few hundred pages of writing, with a few hundred more blank pages after that. He passed it back, and looked around. It was heavily snowing.
Ashwyn snorted. "Maybe you two were tired but I was not. And I wanted to get out of that dreadful tunnel as swiftly as possible. It's hardly my fault that you mortals tire so easily." Turning now to survey the land which was slowly being covered in snow she asked "Where do we go from here Eruheran?" and then turning to the hobbit she inquired "Do you know of any places we could shelter in around here? Preferably NOT a cave?"
Drogo shrugged "I only know that this is the bottom of the mountain because I've been down here to greet dwarves passing through but I sure don't know what lies beyond here." he said gesturing to the snowy land before them.
OOC: Anyone notice the discontinuity of Ashwyn's earlier 'warm sunlight' and Eruheran's later 'it was heavily snowing'? Someone might want to make a quick edit.
Ya I noticed. I'll (regretfully) give up my happy sunshine and change it Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Ashwyn glanced at her two companions. They both looked travel worn but she supposed that was to be expected. Her quick elf eyes glanced over the dirty pack Eruheran carried and she shouldered her own bag noticing worriedly that her bag, at least, seemed uncomfortably light. Glancing at Eruheran she asked "What of supplies? If we are to continue this venture we should either hunt or find someplace to replenish our dwindling stores." Turning her gaze now to the hobbit she said "And what of you Master Drogo? Did you bring any food that could sustain us for a bit?"
"No... I thought you did." Drogo muttered. Eruheran was even more annoyed by this, and walked away from them for a bit, mumbling under his breath. Minutes later, he returned.
"This is Mount Gundabad, as Drogo has explained. If I am correct, it is inhabited by Goblins, Orcs and Wargs. So; We Hunt for Wargs." Eruheran explained.
"Master Bolger, do you have any maps of the mountains or information of where the Wargs live?" Eruheran added, looking at the hobbit. The Hobbit pulled out the red book, and passed it to Eruheran. Eruheran flicked to the maps, and he got to a map of the mountain. It had Orc/Goblin areas, coloured in blue, and Wargs in Orange. There was a circle, marking where the cave was.
"The Nearest pack of the animals should be nearby then." Eruheran grumbled.
"We will enter the Goblin caves. Steal their food, and hunt for Wargs on the way. Maybe we could also tame a Warg, the only survivor of their pack to carry the meat of his family for us." Drogo recommended.
"Is that sensible?!" Eruheran shouted, slightly shocked. Drogo nodded, taking the book back.
"We shall do that then.." Eruheran added, walking towards a ledge, and beginning to climb it.
Ashwyn had no love for Wargs but forcing the poor creature to carry the meat of it's family seemed cruel. But they did need the meat......she sighed and said "Is warg meat even edible? Surely there has to be some form of wild game that tastes better. There must be deer herds nearby or the wargs wouldn't have much to feed on......well unless they eat goblin's or orcs but I don't think that's the case." She raised an eyebrow and turned questioningly toward Eruheran.
"Ask the Hobbit!" Shouted Eruheran, still annoyed. Suddenly, he pulled out his cross-bow and spun around. Within seconds, he had aimed his cross-bow and fired it. Into a bush.
"What was the point of that?!" Drogo muttered. "And I have ate meat from a Warg a few times. Disgusting but edible." He added. Eruheran ignored this, and crept up to the bush, pulling out his 2 Scimitars. A Warg leapt from the bush, its leg was heavily bleeding.
"I missed!" Eruheran shouted, swirling the 2 blades around him. Then the Warg stood on his 2 back legs, and tried to grab Eruheran's face. He leapt back, and held one of the scimitars against the Wargs legs, and stabbed it in the stomach with the other scimitar. Before it slumped, he swirled the other scimitar and chopped the Wargs head off, and pushed the Warg onto the floor.
"Lunch!" Eruheran muttered.

Day 21

Eruheran leapt down from the tree he had been sleeping in, and shook it to wake the others.
"We need to have found the entrance to the mines within a few days. And we need a better way of transporting the meat." Eruheran announced, not waiting for them to wake up.
Ashwyn looked unhappily at the dead warg. It was definitely not her idea of food. She turned to her two companions. "I'm going to go see if I can find a small herd of deer. Perhaps I can get us a better meal." but seeing the unhappy look on Eruheran's face at this she added "And if I don't find deer I'll at least be able to scout out the land around here and perhaps find where the warg pack is staying."
"No!" Drogo shouted, pointing to a small opening a few hundred meters away from them.
"Half an hours climb." Eruheran muttered, climbing the tree and pulling down his cloak and bag.
"Burn the Warg. It will strengthen the scent of the Warg, and bring its tribe to us. Then we shoot them from that ledge." Eruheran explained, pointing to the ledge next to the opening.
Ashwyn frowned unhappily but grudgingly agreed. After all they also needed wargs for transportation and she suddenly had an idea, "I'll help you shoot some of the wargs IF you let me choose and attempt to tame the ones that we can use for carrying our baggage and food and for riding." It seemed fair enough to her and it wouldn't be too hard to tame them, or so she hoped, they didn't seem very intelligent.
"Yeah, you tame the Wargs." Eruheran shouted, beginning to climb the ledge. Drogo pulled out a small sack of gunpowder, and poured it into the tip of one of his arrows.
"Elf, stay here then. Hide in a bush. Me and the Man will shoot the Warg from up there, and by then the gunpowder will ignite the arrow, and then the Warg. Then we will shoot them as they head here, and kill them Melee when they arrive." Drogo explained, beginning to climb.
Ashwyn nodded and took out a finely made elven rope from her pack. Carefully she tied it into a slipknot and positioned the rope on the ground a few feet in front of the bush she was crouching in. turning towards the ledge she called "Try not to shoot the ones I catch ok?" Then without waiting for a reply she peered out in the direction of the forest, from which the wargs would come.

It didn't take long for them to come. Ashwyn could feel the vibrations their paws made, vibrating the ground she was crouching on. She took a deep breath and watched her slipknot carefully as the wargs approached. Suddenly they came, Ashwyn could hear their panting breath and snarls as they ran towards the putrid carcass of the warg Eruheran had killed earlier. They began to draw closer. Her eyes caught those of a young, cleaner looking warg who was fast approaching her slipknot. "Him" Ashwyn thought inwardly. Then he paused, his one foot was in the circle of the slipknot! Ashwyn's breath caught. While the rest of the pack thundered past he stood, within her grasp, his eyes locked on hers. Suddenly Ashwyn pulled the rope, it closed around the young wargs paw and he crashed to the ground. At precisely that moment yelping and explosions could be heard coming from the small clearing where the wargs would have just discovered their comrades body and were now being killed themselves.
Eruheran fired, and hit one of the Wargs in the head.
"Drogo, Are you armed?" Eruheran asked, pulling out his longest dagger. Drogo grabbed it, and leapt from the ledge. Eruheran groaned, shooting another Warg. He looked to the side, and saw the leader of the Pack, watching from a ledge. He pulled out a arrow, and ignited the tip of it, before firing it from his cross bow. It exploded next to the Leader, who stumbled, and turned to face Eruheran.
"Come on!" Eruheran shouted, and the leader pounded towards them. Eruheran grinned, stepping away from the edge, as the Warg jumped down next to him.
"Ashwyn, You deal with the Wargs." Eruheran shouted at her, swirling his sword. The Warg hit it out of his hand, and grabbed Eruheran's arms with his paws. Eruheran stumbled, shaking off the Warg then grabbing its paws. He found wrestling with Wargs oddly fun, and slowly pushed him towards the edge. It suddenly roared, and pushed Eruheran back.
The Warg stumbled, and fell. The second it slipped, it grabbed Eruherans leg, and pulled him with him. He was dangling by his arm off the ledge.
"Ashwyn!" Eruheran shouted.

Drogo watched from below, Eruheran was dangling by his arm, with a Warg pulling his legs. He smirked, Eruheran was apparently a heir, but he was also the only person he knew who could end up dangling from a ledge with a Warg. A Warg leapt at Drogo from behind, and Drogo spun, swirling his dagger, before chopping off its left paw. Drogo twirled, and stabbed the Warg in the stomach. The pack of Wargs had been reduced to around 17 Survivors.
I'm always checking on this thread Eruheran, so if you need me to post as Ent’rin just say.

Drogo turned, and looked at the entrance to the caves they had been a few days ago. He could see a faint orange glow. There was a bigger threat than a pack of Wargs.
"Run" Drogo roared, running towards Ashwyn. 2 Wargs leapt in-front of him, preparing to stop him. He smirked at them, before twirling his Sword. A Warg leapt behind him, and slowly, 3 more began to circle him. Drogo looked up, and saw a shadow Emerge from the caves, but the source of it was still far back.
"Hobbit... run while you can." One of the Wargs hissed at him, before Drogo stabbed the sword into its face.
"No." Drogo muttered, spinning round, catching another Warg in the neck.
"Ashwyn! Peg it." Drogo shouted at her, spinning again, chopping off the third Wargs head. He looked as the circle of Wargs grew, and reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small bag of gunpowder and explosives, designed to explode on Impact. He threw it, hitting 3 of the Wargs, and killing 2 others. He ran through, and looked at Ashwyn.
"Ashwyn, get to the peak of the mountain, quickly." Drogo ordered, before running away from the small fight. There was only 8 Wargs remaining.

Eruheran looked down, Drogo was running while being chased by 3 Wargs, and another 4 surrounded Ashwyn. The Warg leader swung again, trying to pull down Eruheran.
"There are 3 of you. We have... allies." The Warg explained, swinging again.
Eruheran ignored this, and reached for his second scimitar. The Warg gasped, surprised.
"I have a bunch of people from Rivendell." Eruheran replied, spinning the scimitar, before dropping it. It severed the Wargs arm, and skimmed its face, scarring it. It fell, and Eruheran swung, climbing back up. He ran to his other Scimitar, and grabbed it, before looking over the Edge. The Warg was lying on the floor, but still alive. He ran to the lowest point on the ledge, and leapt, landing next to the Warg.
"Look who has won." Eruheran boasted, slamming his scimitar through it, before grabbing the scimitar he had dropped, and ran down to Ashwyn.
"Where is the Hobbit Going?" He asked.
Ashwyn turned irritably from her Warg, honestly couldn't the two of them do anything without her? The shadow worried her but they needed her aide even more. Pulling out her bow she turned to fire,the warg she had caught growled suddenly and turned to her "You have spared me and yet ensnared me, thus I am regrettably yours to command." Ashwyn snorted pulling out an arrow "If you can bring yourself to do it, warg, then please prevent your old pack mates from attacking me." So saying she pulled out her bow and let a volley of arrows fly, all stayed true to their mark and 4 of the 8 wargs fell. The presence of the sudden elf bow frightened the 4 remaining wargs greatly for they had not sensed her presence and deeply mistrusted elves. Worse still in their minds was the and swiftness in which their 4 comrades fell and so most turned now to Ashwyn to stop her fearsome attack. She saw Drogo go running looking frightened and also saw Eruheran leaping towards her and so she swiftly stowed away her bow and turned to the warg "Will you carry us?" the warg hesitated and then nodded "Yes." Ashwyn leapt on and as Eruheran came running, she reached down a hand to help pull him onto the wargs back.
Ashwyn, do you mind starting a new line for each line of speech? It is slightly easier to read. Smile Smilie

Eruheran saw 4 Wargs collapse, before leaping from another ledge, and twirled his scimitar.
"Go." Eruheran muttered, calmly. The Wargs ran to leap at him, and he slashed his arm, and 3 of the Wargs fell in mid-air. Eruheran smirked, before grabbing the final Wargs neck, and flipping the Warg onto the ground. He held the tip of his blade at the Warg's neck, and stamped on its stomach.
"Ashwyn, Three in One!" Eruheran shouted, slicing the Warg's head off. He picked up the Warg's head, and examined it.
"I need a helmet..." He muttered to himself.
sorry I was in a rush or else I would have made it easier to read

Ashwyn snorted, Eruheran was such a showoff. However the way he was staring so intently at the dead wargs head was vaguely disturbing and so she called out to him
"Hey Eruheran are you coming or shall I leave you to stare at that wargs head until another pack comes?"
"Coming. Where the heck has the short dude gone?" Eruheran asked, looking around the small valley. He noticed that the tunnel from the Ettenmoors was now bright orange, and that the tunnel they had planned to take had caved in. He then saw Drogo, climbing to the peak.
"Follow the Hobbit!" Eruheran ordered, beginning to climb towards the peak. Suddenly, the first tunnel's entrance exploded, and the Balrog marched out.
"To the Peak!" Eruheran shouted. Drogo turned and nodded at him.

Cheesey, can i please be in the RPG? If i can, i'll be Argon, a Fierce Rivendell elf.

May I as well join? I will be who ever you want or need but you seem to be in a odd place for my character to come in and shout "Hey guys can I help you adventure!".

I'll check back frequently to see when it's appropriate for me to come in (if ever). You can give me a character or just let me make it up but I'll try to make it make sense I don't really care I just want to join the fun!


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