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"Being Dunedain may give me a lifespan of thrice the normal man but dwarves and many others outlive the Dunedain. I feel even my extended lifetime is still too for finding my True Form" said Erumber looking gloomy "it would be best to stop trying to look into the future and continue our adventure". A mass of clouds approached them from the north. Shareg, followed by Erumber, shielded his face and put on his hood.

SHareg shivered slightly.

"It is not a matter of time, Erumber. A few weeks of meditating is a small price to pay in my opinion. Once you find it you will be able to use your own body's magic. Once you take that step, the journey is more than half over. I can teach you spells and magic and you will be able to test your limits for yourself."

As the two chatted on happily, the days slowly grew shorter. Darkness, it seemed, was overtaking the light of the sun sooner than expected. Or perhaps it was just a trick of the forest, it is not unheard of for one to lose their wits in the trees around them, as suddenly life seems an illusion. But what if it wasn't.

Suddenly Shareg felt a tremor in the earth and reached a hand out in front of his companion, stopping the two in their tracks. Moments later a dreadful rumble could be heard in the distance, like mountains slowly moving amongst each other. A calm wind blew through the leaves as the two listened. Erumber glanced into the trees, his hearing alert, looking for any sign of movement, as Shareg gently closed his eyes to feel the elements shift around him.

"The earth is changing," said the wizard. "It feels as if something is splitting the ground in two, tearing it down to its core. No machine, neither dwarf, elvish nor orc, could reach so deep into Ea, but that must mean..."

"Something is getting out," mumbled the ranger, speaking what he meant to be a thought. He dropped to his knees and placed an ear to the dirt beneath him. As the mysterious sound ended, Erumber stood and pointed to the Northwest. "It is coming from many leagues away, no less than the other ends of the Misty Mountains, though perhaps further."

Shareg stood tall (tall as a dwarf can stand at least), "then there is not a moment to spare! It's time we moved this journey along, something big awaits us!"

Shareg wrapped his hands around his staff as he tried to conceal a smirk of excitement.

Shareg spurred the Ranger to move at a speed that surprised the Man. The Dwarf's short stature did not hinder him from quickly outdistancing him. THe Ranger smiled slightly and ran faster.

Soon the Ranger's smile was lost to a panting tongue and weary legs. The Dwarf however was as sprightly as a young Elf.

"Come along slowpoke!" he called back. The Ranger tried to comply but his legs burned and he grunted as he sat down hard. The Dwarf hurried back with a concerned yet apologetic look.

"Forgive me my friend, it is easy to forget that a Dwarf is endowed with the virtue of endurance far beyond that of even the Elves. Here, take this and drink." He pulled a flask from his side and lifte it to Erumber's parched lips. The foul liquid was immediately spit out, follwed by a gaging from the Man's throat.

"What in the name of Elwe is that foul poison!?" he demanded. Shareg chuckled.

"That, my friend, is the blood of a cold drake. Unwholesome as it is, a virtue resides in it for giving strength beyond that of the body's ordinary bounds. Take only one sip. Then you may have a sip of water to wash the taste down."

Erumber reluctantly took a small draught from the flask and refused his stomach's plea to throw it back up. He then sipped from his waterskin. Suddenly he felt strong and leapt up. Shareg followed suit and the two bounded off into the East, fleeing from the westering sun, unaware of two jet blacks watching them from afar.



THe black stranger from Bree smiled, revealing two rows of sharp jagged teeth. His face was hidden by his hood from the nose up, leaving only his red skinned cheeks and chin visible.

"Soon my master..... very soon!"

somebody gonna reply?

yep, i will reply,How do you play games?

(basically Yu jus write the story with us like this) Suddenly a mighty wind arose from the South as the pair traveled. Shareg glanced around hoping to see his frend standing just behind him. But to the dwarf's surprise and dismay, the tall Dunedain had vanished, leaving only the lone wizard to battle his way across the barren plains.
(Come on guys. I cnt write it all myself.)

Whats the plot of the story? i will write some if i can.

Dwarf needs to kill a Balrog. Needs companions. Enter yur character bio an introduce them.

Shareg was the only one on the turf filled plain.He treks back to his starting route,but he findds someone he does not expect.

Lol. How can I respond to tht? Yu gotta give me at least some details about yur character

The dwarf  glares deeply into the blackhooded stranger.Like lightning,the wind turned cold,and the clouds turned dark and menacing.Shareg,being a stout dwarf as he was,was chilled to the bone.Then the shapeless shadow spoke."Long have i awaited you shareg."

This looks fun

"my friends, it is time for the last of the noldor to venture forth, it is not through numbers but through strength of spirit that our foe shall be vanquished."

 They had rode forth. In the beginning there were at least a score of them, but the road was hard and filled with endless perils. His mighty spear was nearly broken, his armor was dented and scarred, but when he came upon the dwarf hope rose once more in his heart. He approached the dwarf, and he saw that his purpose was the same.

"Hail, I seek the same foe as you, and only through the joining of the three kindred can we hope to prevail. I am among the last of the noldor in middle earth, and my prowess in battle can be matched by few. But we must ride swiftly for a time now, for a few score of orcs are hunting and I have seen to many comrades die already."

Shareg glared defiantly at the dark figure and gripped his hammer tightly. When the creatures glowing eyes strayed to the right Shareg became aware of the elf at his side. "A truly strange gathering" the dwarf muttered to himself as the wind blew. He patiently awaited the creature and the elf to make the first move.

The elf was aware of a third presence, and turned and stared at the creature. For a long time the three stood still as stone, then, after muttering softly for a moment, the elf spoke

"I am Ilbereth, and I wish what you wish. Both of you, or else my strength of mind is failing with the years. But if we stand here any longer orcs shall overtake us. I was fleeing them when I found you. We must fly swiftly or make a stand in these woods, but my council is for flight, for we may come upon some of my comrades who were scattered earlier..." Ilbereths face grew grim, "swiftly, or else we shall all perish!" 

Even as his words ended shouts could be heard from the woods to the south.

Shareg held his hammer tightly and closed his eyes. The others gave him puzzled looks. Suddenly the Dwarfs eyes snapped open and he raised his hammer yelling out "Scuzan khaz’diim!!" Without warning the trio was enveloped in light and the plains disappeared. When the light faded they found themselves in an entirely new landscape, this one dotted with stones and hills. To the North stood a high mountain. Shareg smiled. "Moria." he whispered

Ilbereth slowly gathered his wits. He turned a strange gaze at the dwarf and said

"It seems that you have studied the arts of our enemy, and yet you have remained uncorrupted. I offer you my blade, and my skills as a smith."

Even as he spoke he cast aside his spear and drawing his sword knelt before the dwarf. For a moment he had seemed like some prince of old who stepped out of legend. Ilbereth stood once more and spoke

"We must find out more about this strange creature at once"

turning upon the creature he gazed unblinking at it for a second and then spoke again

"I have known few like you throughout the long ages, and I see that you are weary as am I, speak if you wish, and be silent as you like, but betray us and I shall turn you over to orcs rather than dirty my blade with your blood."

The creature hissed venomously.Then it turned it's cloaked shape to the dwarf and his companion."Thou shalt not take me,you son of the stone.For i'm no fair abomination of the Light,i am the servant of Him who was cast unjustly into the Outside.I am his emissiary to his servants in hiding." Then shifting his head it spoke once more."Noldo of the house of Feanor.Thou shalt perish more violently then any of your kin." Shareg tightened his grip upon his mattock. 

Shareg backhanded the creature and snarled "No one calls me that. And secondly, if you wish to be united once more with your Lord, you must accompany us. You are an asset now. Or should I just slay you here? And Ilbereth, I appreciate the gesture, but I am no Lord, merely a wizard. There is no need to bow to me." The dwarf turned to the mountain and smiled. "I have returned once more. No creature fair or foul shall hinder me, not even Durin's Bane!"

"I curse thee thrice,Shareg spawn of stone,My master awaits you." With that the creature blended into the thick darkness.Shareg loosened his hold on the ax and grunted."Well that worm shall report back to Durin's slayer soon,curse him!His companion stared back.He spoke."You Shareg shall destroy the demon that haunts Khazaddum,with help or alone.And i shall forge thee a weapon worthy of the slayer!"

Shareg smiled. "Come my friend. The Gates of Moria are near and we must enter swiftly."

Ilbereth sheathed his sword wearily and retrieved his spear. "Nay, we must find a third companion, a man, for only by a joining of the three kindred can victory be accomplished. We should seek for one of lords of Gondor or for a ranger of the north, for the blood of Numenor runs still strongly in them. But I will follow your council, for I have been foolish too many times."

Shareg chuckled, "And where do You propose to find a fellow companion between Moria and Rohan? It is seventy three leagues that lie over the distance. Our best hope is to brave Moria ourselves. My teleport spell only works for me once or twice every fortnight. It is the one spell which I cannot use without limit, aside from the Spells of Lore, which none now dare to use."

illbereth smiled and spoke again."The Dunedain would be more likely to find for the realm of Gondor is yet many leagues away from here."                                                                                                                                    "What was that spirit or wraith," the shivering Shareg said.                                                                                        "Like the creature said,a emissiary of the Great Enemy,searching for his lost or scattered servants.That's why he is in league with The Demon."

Ilbereth leaned on his spear and spoke "as I have said, I will follow your counsel." 

Shareg and Ilbereth made their way swiftly to the Doors of Durin and entered the mines with no difficulty. Once they were closed Shareg waved his hand and the halls filled with light, exposing the long dead corpses of dwarves and Orcs alike. The wizard gazed at them sadly then turned away, making up a stairway to the right. Ilbereth fell in stride and the two were soon lost in the shadows and Shareg's light followed them, casting the halls once more into eternal darkness.

Their footsteps muffled softly as they tramped through the dark halls.The silence of just their own feet was eerie to Shareg,but he wa overjoyed to have entered the halls of his House nomatter  how dark.

Ok I like where this is headed, but side note, it doesn't make much sense that the group just wandered into Moria without trouble! There are several challenges worth mention, but I assume you're just trying to move the story along. But come on, it's about the little things! What's the rush? The internet ain't leaving any time soon!! And my only request is that you guys let me have control over my character, I have some interesting plots in mind Smile Smilie ________________________________________________________________________________


Cloaked beneath the forest canopy, the stranger watched from a distance as the peculiar company entered the ancient city, doubting their fate and scoffing at their courage. He stared motionless as the stone door shut behind them, sealing their fate within. It had been a millennia since any mortal had wandered into Moria alive and left the same. Immediately he knew their purpose. Other than lost dwarven treasures there is only one other matter of interest hidden deep in the black of Moria. One of fire and shadow, flame and darkness....And he was certain these were no treasure hunters.

Silent as a shadow, The Stranger waited patiently, listening to the world around him, the cycle of the sun nearing its end as the clouds went by and the sky faded to darkness. He watched as tiny shimmers of light appeared across the black canvas, thin clouds veiling their potential. By no coincidence the moon was full tonight, his timing was perfect.

Crouched among the twisted branches, he tucked his chin and muttered beneath his breath. A subtle wind began to manipulate the leaves around him. Without the slightest of sounds, silent as the wind yet as quick as a flash of lightning, a wave of darkness enveloped The Stranger and, as mysteriously as his arrival, he was again lost into the night.

They walked, and the light seemed to dim as they grew exhausted. After a long trudge they grew to weary to continue. "I will take the first watch" Ilbereth said. Shareg just handed him his staff. When the dwarf fell into slumber the elf searched for something in his pack. He took it out. When Shareg awoke for his watch the elf spoke a few soft words. "you need no longer produce light, for I have finished work on a lamp of crystal." his hours of toil had been enough to create a marvelous device. It used a crystal forged of old which was radiant even in the darkest cave to provide light which was then magnified using mirrors and lenses to give as much light as a small fire. Then Ilbereth turned towards the door and fell into an elven sleep, eyes still open and seeing.

Shareg shivered slightly in the cold as the elf slept. Taking a swig from his water pouch he sighed, feeling the darkness deepen around him. Suddenly he became alert. A small sound, a scrape on a stone arroused him. Nudging the elf awake he gestured for silence. The elf hid the light and the pair heard a scuttling sound. A sound like many footsteps, heavy footsteps coming closer. Shareg waited until they were near at hand and then suddenly unleashed an inferno that lit the vast cavern from end to end. The elf cried out as they saw the enormous spider-form. "Ungoliant! The elf's bane!" Shareg stood open mouthed. Ungoliant, mother of all spiders! But she was said to have consumed herself eons before. The wizard saw the spider rear back in pain and shock from the light, then braced himself as she lunged.......

"We cannot hope to fight such a foe, run!" The elf hurled the lantern at the spider and together they ran. The spider moved its tremendous  bulk upwards and the light went out. Unlight enveloped them. The dwarf cried. "I am lost in the shadows. We cannot run and we cannot fight, and if we stay we shall die." Suddenly a light appeared, far of but cutting its way closer. The sword gleamed in the dark. "IN HERE" The elf thrust the dwarf inside a side room and followed quickly. Outside  the hall in which they had been traveling drew their eyes in with a dark that was more than a lack of light. "We cannot fight, but I know one who can, one who has fought her before."

Shareg stumbled. "Ugh! What creature save the Dark Lord Melkor himself could face such a beast!?"

illbereth paled and said:"Then this beast is the one who shadowed Morgoth the cursed Vala in her darkness.The terrible Ungoliant.!No,she was not lost or devoured by herself,she dwells in the black pit! Flee and hide,for none can face her!" Shareg's terror grew by each moment as the monster swayed it's hideous bulk just a few dozen yards from them.

Suddenly the dwarf's senses fled and he whirled, the heavy war hammer held tight in his hands as he faced the spider, a towering ten foot tall creature from the depths of the abyss. Shareg's eyes glowed as his hair became wreathed in yellow flames. The spider snarled at him and stepped back slightly. Ilbereth meanwhile cowered behind a pillar, terror gripping even his brave spirit. Shareg roared and leapt forward, his mattocks whistling through the air to smash into the spider's head, denting the skull and enraging the spirit. Ungoliant screeched and knocked the dwarf back, slamming him against the wall as she closed in with her fangs to tear the dwarf apart.

"You are forgetting your quest, the one who is shadow and flame once heard a cry that echoes even today. And he and his brethren bested her who even morgoth could not, summon all your strength, and give forth a cry to split stone!" And then shadows enveloped them.

Shareg heard the fell voice in the air and heeded it, letting loose a bellow that resounded throughout the whole of Moria, halting the spider in her tracks. A faint roar was heard from the darkness of Khaz’d-d’m. A roar that gradually grew louder

There was a rumble then a roar.Ungoliant quailed and turned around.Her putrid stalks and fangs giving forth a belching darkness.She gave a terrible screech then bowling over Shareg with her legs,she scuttleled of into the everdark.

Ilbereth smiled, and began cutting down the unlight. The roar grew closer, but even as the Balrog came rushing into site the two hid in a dark corner behind the webbing. Invisible, the Balrog passed by and chased after the spider, leaving a trail of flames in its wake. "I may not be strong enough to fight such giants, but I have learned from the enemy that setting foe against foe is far better than fighting one in battle. I shall fashion some cloaks from the webbing, and though it may be foul to bear we shall be shielded from the eyes of any."  He gathered up the unlight and stuffed a great store in his pouch. Shareg spoke, "That was a sight to see, let us go that we may finish of the victor." As spoke the flames in the hall dimmed, and he lighted his staff.

Shareg got to his feet and hurried after Ilbereth who was fleeing down a nearby tunnel. After a long time they halted breathing hard as Shareg plopped onto a stone slab and lay back wearily.

"I have heard that dwarves love wagers, who of those two do you say will be the victor, if you win, I shall forge you a crown more beautiful than any that is now in middle earth. And my guess is that the Balrog shall win, for Ungoliant looked smaller and more weary then when I saw her last. What is your guess as to the victor?"

"That Durin's Bane shall conquer,it's fire is too great for the unlight to bear.But the spider-demon will escape without death."                                                                                                                                                           "Shareg,you are most likely right,it will be difficult to slay that spider thing. Just like what that cloaked shadow said outside the doors of Moria,that the servants of Morgoth will be gathered,for when the wrold grows old the watch on the walls of the night shall grow weary,but for know let's start following hunting our opponent."

Lol, Ungoliant in Moria? Really? That's a bit much for me...

Shareg pushed aside all the voices and rose, steadying himself as he spoke to Ilbereth, "Let us leave here. The once grand glory of Moria has burned out." A sadness was in his eyes as they strayed off in search of the exit.

"Indeed, I wonder what became of that strange creature." With that they gathered their things and began following the trail of flame and web. Soon they heard a great crashing and the ground began to shake. Finally they came across a huge hole in the ground that led down hundreds of feet. It was filled with flame, and by its light they saw Ungoliant perched on a massive web that was filled with all manner of refuse, including bodies which still wriggled. The Balrog was clinging to a wall and with its thong of fire destroying the web where it clung to the wall. Ungoliant reared upwards and seemed to grow, Ilbereth gasped, "I remember, I saw her once before, huge as a hall of men, black as night, on that day light fell forever." Then with a crash like the fall of a mountain she landed on the Balrog. Her scream filled the air, and the Balrog bellowed and seemed to flame even brighter. Then Ungoliants web finally broke from the wall, and both were enveloped in blackness. Neither Shareg nor Ilbereth could see anything save a blackness that was darker than shadow. Both peered into the darkness and after awhile they saw a tiny pinprick of light. Ilbereth spoke, "I see the Balrog has broken free of the web, and... I cannot find the spider anywhere, it has disappeared." Shareg nodded, "she has cloaked herself once more, this shall be a truly epic battle."

"Truly!" the dwarf growled, throwing off his cloak and glaring as his hair sprouted into flame. Ilbereth gaped as the dwarf leapt over the edge, his hammer lying forgotten on the cliff. The dwarf's twin wristblades flashed out as he descended towards the embattled creatures.

Suddenly, a change came over Ilbereth. he set down his pack and cast off his cloak, and wearyness vanished from him. He cast his spear aside, and his armor gleamed. He drew his sword and it glowed. Before, had he been traveling on the road, a passerby might have taken him for a weary old man, bent with age. Now he was a tall elf lord of old, ancient but still gleaming like the first Noldor who came out of Valinor half gods. He walked to the edge and spoke words for none but himself. "I thought I might remain deathless. It seems not." Then he leapt.

He landed like thunder on the spider, his sword striking sparks bright as Aulës hammer on its hide. Shareg stood balanced on the web, facing the Balrog and speaking words of power intermingled with dwarven words. Then the common tongue sprung from his lips. "I knew you would find your courage my friend." The spiders venom enfolded Ilbereth, but he swung to face the spider eye to eye. "You have drunk the light of the trees, now you shall die and trouble the world no longer." He sought to stab the creature in the eyes, but unlight enfolded him. he landed on the web.

They began a battle which would be worthy of songs uncounted had it been witnessed by any but one old dwarf who was himself fighting a Balrog. After many hours the Balrog and the dwarf began to fall once again, and the elf faced the spider in silence. Then it spoke by its evil spirit. "Your friend is gone, and with him left the only one of whom I have ever been afraid." Ilbereth smiled grimly, "do not worry, for you shall feel fear again before this day is done."

Then the fighting resumed, for hours they tumbled and smashed against walls, falling from web to web until slowly they reached the bottom of the pit. Then they stood fast, and saw flickering light far down the tunnel. It grew until an inferno raced by smashing the spider as it sped past, Ilbereth took a step as if to attack, but fell from weariness. Then Ungoliant gloated over her victim, and she spoke once more, "Long have you resisted me, little fly, but I always defeat my prey in the end." then her huge bulk descended in order to crush the near fainting elf.  But, in utmost hardyhood, he stood at the last moment and raised his sword above his head. And like the fall of a hill Ungoliant landed on its point. Ilbereth fell to one knee, and blood fell venomous and hissing about him. But his armor endured it, and he rose back to his feet. His sword clove to her belly and he left it, dragging himself to face her.

She was wailing a death cry, and all her legs swung wildly about. Ilbereth looked into her eyes and beheld true endless gluttony. He spoke aloud, "Are you afraid, like a fly in a web. Feel your death, and know that none can save you." She shuddered and spoke with her last strength. "I do not know fear. You to shall die, for these halls are my web and you shall never escape. I shall have my revenge."  Ilbereth saw lava on the ground and then gasped. Lying not ten feet from him was a spot of radiance most pure. He picked up the Silmaril and Ungoliant lunged with her last strength, but falling short she hissed and died.

Ilbereth stared for a long time. Then he cast the jewel aside, weariness falling from him, "that is not for me to take, the oath has done enough harm, and I shall not have Feanor breaking free of Mandos on my mind." He saw the dwarf come wearily stumbling down the tunnel. "It seems we shall be here for a while yet, come and tell me the tale of revenge!"

You know what balrogs, it was his idea, *pointing at Durin* I couldn't stop him, I suppose we can take some liberties, although at a few points we *cough* Durin *cough* were a bit far from the book it is okay because this is just a game.

Illbereth swooned onto exhaustion.Ungoliant,last mother of her hideous spawns of ungols.Illbereth waited on the threshold of death for many moments,then the light of the strength of the noldor flickered once more."what became of the balrog," he said?

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