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Hello all, I am new here. I hope to gain lots of Tolkien knowledge here.
Happy Posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome,Welcome,Welcome! It's great to have you here at PT. Exploding Head Smilie
And no, there are no exploding heads here Rue! How many times must we tell you that?! Wink Smilie Very very much a warm welcome, huh? Welcome to PT Big Smile Smilie
Ha,ha,ha, very funny...Way to welcome Adreia...!
What can I say? My people skills are sharper than a tack! Wink Smilie Yes, I love to welcome people. I should be on a welcomeing committee! *dances* Welcome welcome!
Lets just make sure you don't scare all the newbbies off!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Rjm_08402. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy!

Please try to ignore those other two newbies above, who have yet to learn this is our message board and not the #tolkien chatroom. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to PT Rjm_08402! Enjoy your stay here and just ignore those two :P I'm sure you'll learn tons here, I know I have, and make new friends. Happy postings and I hope I see you around.
I don't think I can be called a newbbie anymore,been here long enough...
*grumbles* Meh, meh, Grondy's right. I have yet to learn. I am more stubborn than a mule and proud! Very Mad Smilie Just...don't mind me, I am an oddball :P Definately be careful...mmk?
*dances* Welcome welcome!

Hey! I never got a welcome dance! No Fair! Sad Smilie

And welcome Rjm. Tough to pronounce that. I'm using scandinavian to pronounce your name if ye don't mind!
Wiggle Smilie well met Rjm_08402!!! Hope to see you around often.
Sorry about the no dance for you LA! I wasn't around when you first were, so there's that! *hugglez* But a hug will suffice for now! Pixie Smilie As you see Rjm, PT is a wonderful place, filled with friends and happiness!
...Unless you run into Virumor the Grumpy! (Only kidding, Vir).

Welcome, Rjm, may you enjoy your time here and hopefully not fall victim to the dreaded
Newbie Cannibals!!!!!!!!!!
*me tackle hugs LA, Adreia, and L* Happy new year! Welcome again to Rjm. Tell me how do you prefer to be cooked? or not at all, I like sushi too. :P
Newbie Cannibals

There are no Newbie cannibals, we ate them all. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Welcome Rjm, we are not as scary as we sound. We are just nuts. Merry Christmas Smilie
Welcome Rjm_08402! Hope you enjoy your time here! Waving Hello Smilie