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Hey, well of course Im new but, um, my name is Cloud Wanderer. Im a huge Tolkien fan, or Lord of the Rings, its all the same. Im 16 and attend school. I was wondering how to fully navigate this site. Also, if we have to create our own persona within this site. well any help would be cool, oh and I know Irai. if that kinda helps. Bye
Welcome to PT Cloud wanderer! Nice to have you aboard! Enjoy yourself on PT; and navigation comes with experience. Hope you enjoy it here! Jumping Flame Smilie
NEwbies.... newbies... my favourite food. (Joking!! Honest!!)

CLoud Wanderer.... sounds so..... I don't know, it reminds of..... STUFF!!!!!! It's weird. Did you spend ages thinking of it? Yeah, you just navigate when you're used to it. But trust it, it's much more navigatable than lots of other Tolkien sites I've seen. Rabbit warrens, all of them. You get used to it. At least you managed to figure out how to post!!
Thank you very much. And, yes I do dwell on my name. I have no true name, but they have called me Wanderer , because, well, I wander. Cloud comes from the ever wandering clouds. They have been everywhere, just like myself.
Welcome, and cool name, it makes perfect sense. Irima-Arwen
Hi Cloud wanderer, welcome to PT! Have a look at the links below if you like, they should answer the majority of your questions.

List of Website Rules

FAQ and chatFAQ

Elf Winking Smilie
Also, if we have to create our own persona within this site.

Since we are a discussion forum, we are interested in your opinions and thoughts, not the thoughts of some made up persona. You have probably just become confused by all the RPGs going on. There they have made up characters. Welcome to PT, Cloud Wanderer. Smile Smilie

And in addition to what Elfstone said, there is a nice section under 'your account' called Help which will answer even more questions and even questions you didn't know you had. Thumbs Up Smilie
Welcome to the site Cloud wanderer. Nice name.

I addition to the advice the others have given, if following those leads doesn't help, just ask. We were all new here once, and there's generally someone around who can help.
Welcome, Cloud Wanderer. True, clouds do wander, but they also have a silver lining...I can't wait to see yours and read your posts! Good luck with the navigation-it is not as intimidating as many other sites, so relax and have a great time here at PT!
Howdy Cloud wanderer, welcome to Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.
Hey Cloud Wanderer! Are you from the City in the Clouds shown in Star Wars?
Welcome to Planet-tolkien, Cloud Wanderer!
Hi Cloud Wanderer! Hope you have a great time here!
No I do not live in the City of Clouds, I live everywhere and nowhere. I wander.
welcome cloud wanderer! welcome to PT!!! you look very!! Serching Smilie
Hello cloud wanderer Great to see you here I hope that you have as much fun with PT as we have all found Smile Smilie By the way how did you find PT??

Tiger_Eyes Big Smile Smilie:
Well meet Cloud Wanderer! I hope you enjoy this site, and i look forward to learning more about you. You seem like a great person with your nick and i hope you like RPG's and disscusions. See yaa. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
*tackles Tiger*
Welcome to PT Cloud-Wanderer! Luv the name. Enjoy yourself, share, and I hope to cya round!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie