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Hello Everyone! You have a very nice site here. Big Smile Smilie

My nickname is Anardil, but I will answer to Alda or Aldarion too. You might have met me on IRC, I am frequently chatting in Tolkien related chatrooms and am a huge Trivia fan.

I have been a lover of Middle-earth since my father read the Hobbit to me as a child. Now many years later those childhood readings are still with me. I never fretted about the movies clouding my mental images of Tolkien's world, they could never compete with the colorful imagery the Good Professor stoked in my young imagination.

I am now well past a Hobbits' coming of age and I still enjoy re-reading and exploring his world. My father who once read the books to me is now old and frail and suffers from Alzheimer's. I now read to him. He loves Middle-earth very much and I am grateful to him for sharing it with me. The very qualities I admire most about him, his gentleness, his love of beauty, of nature, his respect for living things, are the qualities that I feel most true lovers of Arda posess.

I look forward to discussing and exploring Middle-earth with you.
Nice post Anardil, allow me to welcome you to PT here as well! Elf Winking Smilie
Hey Anardil! I just welcomed you in another thread but as this is your official introduction - welcome again.

I'm glad your father gets enjoyment from you reading to him. It's a difficult thing to come to terms with though.

Hey Anardil/Alda/Aldarion

Smile Smilie Welcome here, I have seen you passing by in the chat and most likely we will see enough of you here as well. Enjoy the stay!
Hi Anardil , welcome to Planet-Tolkien and our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.
hi Anardil!! welcome to Planet Tolkien!!! enjoy the site!!! see u around... Wink Smilie
Welcome to the site, Anardil. It's very moving to hear that you are able to return the favour to your father, giving him the pleasure of JRR's books as he gave you when you were young. I look forward to seeing you around here.