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Hello, I must say I am kinda new here.... But the fact is that i used to be a member some years ago.... sooo many years ago... at least 2 years ago was my last posting... And i kinda missed this place and the old Order of Planet-Tolkien... would anyone tell me what happened here? Last time i was around, there were still here Plastic-squirrel, One white three (Aka Kate), and i think Grondmaster was here also... Gothmoga, and lots more.. but i dont think they are around anymore..... Sob.Sob....
Oh well, time for a new beginning....
My name is Carlos, from Mexico (hooray latinamerica!!!) am 24 now... studying architecture, am a cyclist... formerly a veterinarian...single.....and of course... i read The Hobbit about 10 years ago... actually... this month is the 10th anniversary of my first Hobbit reading..I used to be Earendill, but could not log in like that dont know why.. therefore.. now i am Beren Erchamion.. at your service... And besides the fact i am not loosing my hair, i still think that being and elf is far from the fact of having lots of hair or not... it is the heart that tells you if you are or you’re not.... and in fact.. i would be a little overweighted for an elf.. but still my heart tells me i am one.. or at least i own the heart and mind of one..but still i am having a cuasi.normal mankind life... still i love to do things that only elves would be eager to do......ah...nevermind....
I am happy to be here once again.. i feel at home....once again....
Welcome back, Beren_erchamion. Grondmaster is still around and probably a few others who remember you. But I am afraid I don't. I have only been here just over a year and I love it here. I hope you find all the changes for the better and look forward to reading your posts.
Well, thank you... i was a little bit confused... but now i see that old Taz is still it must be.... i really admire this kid.. i hope i have the chance to read something from him soon... and i still am eager to read some news about PlasticSquirrel..
Welcome back Beren_erchamion (aka Ear). The SKWRL drops in on and off and you can get to him via our Advertisments Section. His link was removed because his site is a little too edgy for our Family Friendly Site rules, but if you root around you can probably find a url that will get you there.
Hi Beren_erchamion, Welcome back!
I remember you as Earendill. You and the squirrel has some interesting discussions back in the old days.
It is always a pleasure to see a familiar face. Smile Smilie
hooray!!!! the old days are back!!! lets all dress 70s fashion and let's dance disco!!! muahahahahaha or not..... to tell the truth i am pleased to find an oldie.... andplease, tell the squirrel that i am back, please..
Hi Beren, welcome back. I do remember an Earendil having a very good debate at one time with Elfstone, when I was choosing a Post of the Week. In the end Elfstone won the award, but I believe I credited Earendil's posts too. I'm unsure if you are the same Earendil, but if so, nice to meet you again.... I did wonder where you had gone.
hi Beren!!! well come back to PT !!!! see you around! Wink Smilie
well.. i posted soo often and in so many threads, i cannot remember which one was that, but anywayz.. thank you all for your welcome... cheers
Heya Beren! Nice to meet you here and I noticed your arrival somewhere else as well. Smile Smilie