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Hi everyone, I'm new.
I joined this site to try to find out more about the Elven language, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Tasari (Elvish for 'Willow Trees')
Hello and welcome to Planet Tolkien. Enjoy yourself and engage in the website forums. I look forward to you joining our conversations. Watch out for Vee. Smile Smilie
Hi Tasari! Nice name.

I know nothing about elvish languages but I'm sure someone will be along soon with some advice or information for you. Meanwhile, avail yourself of our hospitality. Have a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich.
Welcome to PT!
is a great place. You should also look under Message Board > General Discussion for threads about elvish languages.
mmm.. the language of the elves...
Which one do you mean?
Quenya, Sindarin, Telerin, Nandorin, old-Sindarin?

I have found a nice website with a lot of languages invented by JRRT. I would say, try this site:

Good luck

[edit]: Doh, Amarie was ahead of me, with the same site.
welcome to PT Tasari! enjoy the site Dunce Smilie
Welcome to PT Tasari, hope you find the info you're looking for here, I think you will! Elf Winking Smilie
Tasari, welcome to our happy family; I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Happy Elf Smilie
Thanks for the warm welcome, guys
I will definetly try to look up all the sites mentioned.
As for which elvish dialect, I don't really know. I'll find more information about them .
Thanks again,
Welcome to the site Tasari. Look forward to seeing you around.
Welcome to PT Tasari.
Good luck with the elven language and yes, this is matt.

See ya round!
Hey Jenkins, see you round too.
Hello fellow Elves! I'm called Aragorn's Lady and a new member.I stumbled upon this site and wow! Luv it already! Hoping to make new friends and learn about the Elvish language.Any help about this site and how things work on here would be greatly appreciated.Great to see so many fans of Lord Of The Rings.