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I am Fingolfin, son of Finarfin. I am new to Planet-Tolkien and am enjoying it so far.
hi Fingolfin!!! welcome to PT!!! enjoy this big family!!! tell us something about u!!! Pary Smilie
Hello...this is my very first day here...and I'm very excited to be here!

I hope I will meet alot of new friends..the kind that understand and appreciate Tolkien/Lord of the Rings in the way I do.

Glad to be here!..........Anneli
Hey Fingolfin! i just joined yesterday and the people here are awesome! Have a great day!
Hello Fingolfin, welcome to P-T and have a good time here as well as sharing and learning about all things Tolkien. Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome to the site, Fingolfin. Your namesake is one of my favourite elves, although I think you'll find Finarfin is your younger brother, not your father (unless your Dad really has joined this site as Finarfin, in which case I'll take back that statement).

Anyway, have fun. I'll look forward to seeing you around.
Hello & Welcome Fingolfin, Anneli & Idrilcuthalien !

Have a ball & seeya around.

Take care,

Welcome to PT Fingolfin, hope you enjoy yourself around here! Waving Hello Smilie
Waving Hello Smilie Fingolfin, Anneli & Idrilcuthalien

I'm new myself but having great time, it's becomimg coming very very addictive Very Mad Smilie

I love using all these little inserts, wish there were more - hint hint to the powers that be.

Again hello and enjoy, everyone has been very friendly. Wiggle Smilie

Talk to you soon Deal Smilie