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Hello , Iam a new member to this wonderful site ! I hope to meet some new friends and learn more about Tolkien books !
I am from Norway Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Mellon, I thought I had already welcomed you in another thread yesterday, but anyway, here's my welcome to you again. Happy Elf Smilie
Hi again, yes you did . Happy Elf Smilie
Hello! Remember me? It's HobbitHomie05! Hey everyone! I'm soooo sorry I haven't been around. my password got lost and my email was different so I had to get a new username and I am a HUGE procastinater and I just got around to it now! LAZY, I know! Well I would love to hear how everyone is so I will be around! I've been so busy with school.. so much!!! Well I hope everyone is well. I am very well, I know you all have been worried sick about me... none of you can sleep at night not knowing whats new in my roller coaster analogie kind of life! NOTE: the sarcasm in the computers monotone voice...
Hi, i'm Miruvor, a new old member. It was supposed to be Virumor but unfortunately i made a typo.

Cya all around in the RPG guild, or in the Who's Next ? - thread !

And yes HobbitHomie, i sure remember thee... you still owe me $50.
I think Virumor was taken anyway. Mellon, Mellon (hehe) have fun in PT Duck Smilie ask not about the duck
hi Mellon!! wecome to PT!!! glad to have another FRIEND here in our big family!! share and enjoy!!
Jumping Flame Smilie Juggling Smilie
Welcome back Inw’ and Miruvo. Happy Elf Smilie Sorry for the inconvenience. Sad Smilie
It is all my fault, I lost my password.

What is this 50 dollars business about? haha I forget ALOT of things!

Anyways, welcome everyone it's great fun here!
Welcome Mellon. Big Smile Smilie
welcome back Homie, Iwe and Virumor, er Mirumor Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to the site Mellon (although I seem to recall welcoming you in another thread somewhere).

Also welcome back HobbitHommie05 and Miruvor (you'll always be Virumor to me, mate)... You must be gutted.... I know I would be Very Sad Smilie
Hello, hope you enjoy being here at PT. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. Looking forward to reading your threads.

See you around Waving Hello Smilie Wiggle Smilie