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Hello everyone. I'm new here...the name's Lemaly Orangeflower. I'm really looking forward to chatting with some of you. I started reading the Hobbit only five years ago, and completed the Lord of the Rings before any of the movies came out. I'm a huge fan and I love Tolkien's work. I've even gone far enough to receive a tattoo of a design from the movie. I'm quite excited about being part of Planet-Tolkien!
Welcome, to our wonderful family of fantasy! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time here!
welcome Lemaly!! welcome to PT!!! hope to see you around... Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Hey! Welcome to PT. I've already seen you in the Good Books? thread- glad to finally be getting some more input there! Hope to see you around even more!
Hi and welcome Lemaly Pary Smilie I hope you will have lots of fun on PT !!! i just joned the membership a week ago and I am still excited about all the knowledge the members have Happy Elf Smilie !
Hey! I really hope you like it here and I hope to see you around!!
Hi and welcome Lemaly Orangeflower. So, what is the tattoo?
Welcome Pary SmiliePary SmiliePary SmiliePary SmiliePary Smilie
yes what is the tattoo if you dont mind sharing.
Hello Lemaly Orangeflower, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy!

Welcome Lemaly orangeflower. I am very pleased that you have joined us. I hope you find lots to satisfy your Tolkien curiousity. Big Smile Smilie
Ok, I guess i will share... Big Smile Smilie My tattoo is of a sort of butterfly design, which looks somewhat celtic in design. I have yet to find this design in the movie though, but i received a FOTR stationary studio type thing for the computer as a gift a while ago and it was on there...maybe I can find a way to show everyone! Smile Smilie Well...thanks so much for all the welcomes. I already love it here. Everyone is so knowledgable, and I'm learning so much. Sometimes i feel a little on the dumb side, but I think i just need a refresher. I'm planning on reading the books again...that way I'll be able to participate a little more in the trivia and more of the message boards! Again, thanks for all the welcomes!
Welcome to the site, Lemaly orangeflower. That's a really nice name. Hope you enjoy yourself here.
Hello and welcome, yea a Tolkien fan with a Tattoo whoop whoop whoop. Cool Smilie

Ask as many questions as you like, there is alsways someone willing to help. I'm always asking questions, everyone (except me) is very clever. Looking forward to threading with you Wiggle Smilie

I love Tolkien and tattoos....
I love Tolkien and tattoos too! do you have any? their fun! i think i may go get a new one soon!
Don't get me started on tattoos but well ok then, I have. LOVE PEACE RESPECT in Chinese on one thigh, a Butterfly on the other thigh. I have a fairy on one ankle and my hubby's name in Chinese on my other ankle. My avitar is the tattoo of the fairy on my shoulder and I have just had a flower braclet....and I want more, they are very addictive Very Mad Smilie Yes I'm called mad
I think tattoos are a great way to express yourself. In fact, my fianc’e and I are deciding whether or not we should get our wedding bands tattooed on. I'm always breaking my rings, and he doesn't like the feel of rings against his fingers because he's so scrawny it hurts (that and he's also a CPA, so he's typing all the time and it gets uncomfortable with a piece of metal in between your fingers.). I've already broken my engagement ring...which I cried my eyes out over! His mom probably won't like the idea tho...she already hates my tattoos....and I'm rambling Look Around Smilie . Anyways....YAY Tattoos! Big Laugh Smilie
My hubby had the four Led Zeph symbols on his arm they look great - I was thinking of gettting a ring to match my bracelet plus I've got another bracelet booked for my birthday in September. I'm a grown woman and I'm still scared to tell my mum - I've also just had my belly button pierced - oh well you only live once Ha Ha Ha Smilie I think I'm regressing Look Around Smilie
My mom got two tattoos like...2 years before I got mine. they're pretty cool. She took me to get my second one done. I've been thinking about getting my eyebrow peirced...I have a few friends that got it done, and I've wanted it for like, 5 years...just haven't got the guts to do it I guess...or the cash...but I will get it done probably after school starts up again and I'm not forced to live with my future Mother in law...Stupid apartment searches....meh...we'll find something soon....anyways....gtg!