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hi everyone! my name is samantha and i'm from canada. i'm 18 years old and have grown up with tolkien. when i was little my dad used to read the stories to me (i loved the way he changed his voice for each of the characters... especially gollum!)

i've read the hobbit, the lord of the rings, the silmarillion, and unfinished tales. (not to mention all the other books that have been written about tolkien) currently i am reading beowulf to see where tolkien got some of his ideas.

i speak english and french fluently, am also learning german (ja... das ist stimmt!) and can read spanish (don't ask me to write or speak it... i'm working at it though). guess what part of tolkien i find the most facinating? if you guess the languages you are one smart cookie! i'm by no means an expert but i am learning and hope to learn more. i'm not completely hopeless... parts of my diary are written in the feanorian script.... Ai! did i hear a dork alarm go off somewhere in the distance?

i do dabble in fan art on occasion. but alas, i'm not the greatest artist so my sketches will stay in my book. i'm a competant musician and love playing the music from the movies. my favorite song is the battle of evermore by led zeppelin (now who wouldn't have guessed?). howard shore... how i love thee... let me count the ways... ah... amazing music. and peter jackson.... you're right up there too!

i collect anything i can get my hands on relating to tolkien. i just recently got my grubby little paws on an original teaser poster for the animated lord of the rings. now that's pretty hardcore Wink Smilie. just kidding.

so that's all i can think to say right now and i'm sure you all know more about me than you want to.
namarie... for now

Oh... and this was me 2 years ago... i made that costume myself!

Moderator Smilie Sorry Lady_eowyn_of_rohan, but Grondmaster had edit this and just make a link to your photograph, for images require too much bandwidth and thus can not be allowed. Your welcome greeting can be found below. Don't feel bad about this, it isn't personal and you weren't to know, for I couldn't find our old rule saying no images allowed. Moderator Smilie

oh okay... works for me... won't happen again... from now on... links to pix... gotcha Smile Smilie
welcome to pt, lady_eowyn_of_rohan!!! I hope you'll enjoy your time round and find many freaky friends... Wink Smilie
you speak german? cool. I'm austrian, so if you need some practise... Orc Smiling Smilie

Bienvenue ’ PT Lady Eowyn! I hope you enjoy your time here! I have a rudementary knowledge of Spanish from my life in south america and I am learning French at school. Pary Smilie Juggling Smilie Juggling Smilie
wicked cool... i'm feeling at home already... *pulls out lawn chair and a drink and gets comfortable*
Welcome, Waving Hello Smilie sorry I don't speak any other language - wish I could. Everyone is really friendly. Looking forward to seeing you around. Enjoy. Wink Smilie

Canada is one of the places at the top of my list to visit - one day - lucky you

Bye Wiggle Smilie
oh its great. you get a little bit of everything. if you ever get the chance though... don't just visit toronto. it's nice enough... but if you want to see a beautiful city i highly recommend ottawa-hull and montreal. i love ottawa.... i'm going to spend 7 weeks there this summer... *does a lil dance*
Lady_eowyn_of_rohan, welcome to Planet-Tolkien. We are glad to have you in our happy family. Share and enjoy. Happy Elf Smilie

Nice costume and lovely hair.
Yes, greetings Lady_eowyn_of_rohan and welcome to PT! Guess you are one of my northern neighbors as I live in the States. Hope you enjoy a long stay here at PT! Btw, love the outfit. I can't sew, but I admire those who can! So put the dork alarm on snooze and sit back and enjoy your stay. Post often in the various threads so we can get to know you better. Again, welcome! Jumping Flame Smilie
Welcome to PT,Lady_eowyn_of_rohan. I hope you will have net access while you are in Ottawa. 7 weeks is a long time...
not much net access sadly... except when i go into town... and then i have other things on my mind... i'll be silent for a while.... but don't you worry... i'll be back! and i don't leave for another couple days...

my goodness... this forum is a fountain of knowledge!