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Hi everyone! I'm known as Ruby and I'm new to this site. I usually don't have time to particpate in these things since I work full time and go to school full time as well. If and when I do have some extra moments (like now) I'll be here, play some computer games, read, clean, garden or blog. Put them in any order you want. Smile Smilie I'm primarily here since I love Lotr. I remember when I first read the Hobbit in 7th grade. What a story! I totally fell in love with that world. Consequently when I got my hands on Lotr I got lost in that world as well. When Mr. Jackson came out with the cinematic version of Lotr I was so excited! I am not a purist and fell in love with what he did with the story. (The only thing I missed was Tom Bombadil.) Sigh... Oh well I can't have everything. Anyway here I am and I'm looking forward to meeting people here and this site.
Hello and a warm welcome to you at PT !!! hope to meet you in different threads
Share and enjoy Happy Elf Smilie
Hi Ruby, welcome to P-T. Come and visit us whenever you can. Happy Elf Smilie
Thank you will do so. The games are most entertaining! Smile Smilie
hello Ruby!!! have fun here!!!!
Greetings and welcome fellow-newbie-who-beat-me-to-the-punch-on-the-"guess the word"-I'm-certain-is-right. Enjoy, as I will the fact I'm no longer the newest newbie. Sadly, I AM a self described purits, but it gives me a reason to crack double digits on reading the Trilogy. Just don't go on about blonde Eldar (especially Noldor) and I won't foam at the mouth (and am only a danger to myself if I do.)