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With this post I want to say "Hello" to all the forum members. :-)
I am hoping to take part in interesting discussion here in the board. I first read "The Lord of the Rings" 13 or more years ago and have read after the first reading a lot more of his whole stuff. ;-)
~Mr. Brandybuck
Howdy A_Brandybuck (not THE Brandybuck, because they come in six packs.) Welcome and enjoy your stay. Feel free to dive right in anywhere; I've noticed in the few months I've been here there's lots of "dead" threads with which the oldtimers have seemingly dealt , but that yet manage to provoke some new and fasicnating discussion once us newbies find our way there.
Hi and Welcome to PT !!! Hope you have fun, Share and Enjoy Jumping Flame Smilie
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien A_brandybuck, Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy!
You have a cool name.
hullo and welcome to the big fountain of knowledge and fun of our big happy PT family!

It is good to see that the site is growing even larger.

Hope to see you in the Treads.
hmmm i may be late but hi anyway.....and Caurdimox is not wishing for you to get run over by a car when he says "see you in the Treads" are you Caurd?
he he he Big Laugh Smilie I think it is evident what I meant. I actually think a council member snuck in there and changed it. I normally always reread my posts. He He He
No, I had considered editing it to highlight the word, but felt that would only give the perpetrator licence to say one of the moderators had changed it, so I didn't. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie