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Since I am mentally incapable of thought processes. I did not realize, that there was an introduction thread, which would make logical sense. Anyway, here is a brief description of myself.

I was born in 1974, I was born and bred in Bradford, Pennsylvania. I have graduated from Carnegie Mellon, with a Ph. d. in History, my major subjects of study are the Roaring Twenties, The Depression, and WWII, but am currently unemployed in that field, I do however run a successful antiques business and have made quite a bit of money that way, I will tell you that I hope someday to resume my teaching carreer, but I find that I'm not searching very hard to fill that gap. I live in a beautiful building built at the turn of the century, if you wish to read my journal, you'll see that I'm not bad off. It is titled The History of My Eccentrity , read that also for a descripton of my lifestyle. I married Mrs. Elizabeth Craig, two years my junior and we are expecting in 6 months. I am very happy about having a child, and so is my wife. I may start looking for a position at a nearby University, though my current income is not mediocre, to say the least. My hobbies include collecting antique furniture, refurbing old typewriters, reading Lord of the Rings [at least once a year], and driving my old Deusenburg.

Please message me I love to correspond with other people.
so: HELLO!!!!! Orc Grinning Smilie as you are already busily posting I don't need to tell you how great this site is, so... have fun!! see you in the threads!

HELLO and WELCOME to PT Waving Hello Smilie Waving Hello Smilie It was nice to read about you , hope you have and interesting time here !! See yah around in the threads Elf Winking Smilie
Hi and welcome to PT! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Our friendly company is glad to greet you, Resilience55!!
Does your nick have a short variant, by the way? We're too lazy here... Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Hello Resili, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.
Greetings, friend! May you have much fellowship and make many good friends here in PT.


Welcome, Resilience. It was nice to read your journal posting, very interesting. It sounds like you lead a pretty good life, and the picture you painted of your apartment is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I got the impression that you might be a little obsessive compulsive, but, of course, I could be mistaken...just an impression. I guess I can be a bit that way myself is why I mention it.

Hope to see you around PT. I am looking for someone with whom I can discuss my masters thesis, so check out the books section of the Message Board if you are interested. I have posted a thread on the Lord of the Rings section called "Psychoanalysis and LOTR" in hopes that a few people can help me develop my ideas. Actually, much of it relates to history and culture and why we, as a society, are so fascinated by LOTR. I'm in the midst of reading Norman O. Brown's Life Against Death: The Psychoanalytical Meaning of History. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Teacher Smilie

-- Eruwen
I just couldn't resist posting here though I have nothing really important to say to you except WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To tell you the truth, I believe I am a bit obsessive compulsive, but regardless I live a comfortable life. I would enjoy discussing any topic with you, I may have time later, right now I'm a bit busy. Oh and you can call me Rez is you want, it's a fairly normal nickname for resilience I think. I hope to enjoy my stay here.
Rez it is. And welcome to PT. Smile Smilie I did see your other journal, which is now gone. (Mrs Rez found out, didn't she?) It truly was beautiful. Any Tolkienite would agree.
Sad to relate, I received this evening the following message from "Mrs. Rez":

I don't lnow who you are, but I just picked up my husbands laptop, and yuor message was blinking. I can't beleiv e ti, I can't even keep my hands still, who evr you are, please tell every one, that my husband, M....., just... died. he was in this old elevatro we have fixing it, and a tension wire snapped and he was crushed by the collapsing box. I'm sorry I can't type anymore,

I was only just getting to know this poor man. He leaves behind a loving wife and an unborn child.

I hadn't spoken to Rez, but that is really tragic.... My thoughts go out to his loved ones.

Thanks for letting us know, Gandalf.
Indeed, a real tragedy. Please pass on our condolences to Mrs Rez even though he only touched here briefly. I hope she finds strength to cope.
Yes thank you Gandalf, this is sad news indeed,
these kind words help all, even when Tolkien died he left
words to bring a small smile to faces of sadness:

Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it.

White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise

these are the comforting words of Gandalf the White
i sincerely hope that these words are as comforting to his wife as they were to Peregrin Took

Namarie Rez
our forbidden friend
you will be sorely missed
Thank you indeed Gandalf for letting us know...Its........ so tt so
SAD...I reieved a message from him few days ago......All my thougths goes to his wife and children.........................
Yours in fellowship
One flower less on earth, one more star in the sky.....

be strong Mrs.Rez
Why must the good die young? Just this week I lost another friend I had worked with and played beside for some forty years, and now just as I was getting to know Rez he also has been taken away before his time.

My condolences to the family and friends of Rez, there is little I can say at a time like this, other than I'm sure Rez would want you to remember him by being kind to one another and living each of your days to its fullest.
I cross my heart and pray for Rez's fea.

It seems that our warm family here had no sooner gained another member than we lost him again.

May Rez find warmth beyond the circles of this world. And may his family here always remember him and be strong.
there is nothing more I can say... a really tragic story indeed. I was thinking about PMing him concerning his journal when I read about it.
may he rest in peace.
My condolences to Rez's family.
Wow, kind of reminds us all that we are just humans on the other end of all of
these messages. How sad, and not to mention a strange and unusual way to pass
from this earth. I was truly looking forward to having a friend that I could
perhaps talk with about history and the current structure of society.
This is indeed tragic. I am very saddened
and perplexed (if this is indeed
true); it's sometimes difficult to tell
through these forums. I'm trying
to find some information on such a
tragedy occurring recently. If anyone
finds such an article, please let
us know...I believe it would be around
the Pennsylvania area.
(if this is indeed

I have asked this same question myself. In all honesty, i believe the whole thing is in reality some morbid online joke.
sick sense of humor then...
Miruvor, Elrose, Why do you think this some kind of joke? I copied the message I received from Resilience's wife into my journal and this thread. Do you doubt my word? I have not reason to doubt Mrs. Rez. Neither should you. This is a sad enough situation without throwing accusations.
misunderstanding, i said, meant to say "If it is, its a sick sense of humor."
i almost cried when i saw this thread.
You are in my prayers Mrs. Rez and family.
You can imagine how I felt getting that message.
I think what we mean, Gandalf, is how do you know the message was really from
Rez's wife? Do you know her? How do you know who really wrote the message?
i think that in order to avoid hurting the Rez's, we should assume that she really wrote that as the truth...and if she/he is thinking this is funny, its not. shall we leave it like that?
I took it for granted that the message was authentic because a) Rez and his wife were/are traditional Catholics, not given to joking about something that would be taken very seriously, b) she gave me her personal email to reply, and which I used to send her condolences I do not expect to hear back from her right away, not till she has had time to grieve and make arrangements for her family. But since she asked me to pass on the news, I expect she will acknowledge all the good wishes given her by PT members. If it would ease your minds, I can find out who is the pastor of the chapel they belong to, and I can call him and find out if this death has, in fact, occurred. Rez always used his real name in his messages to me, so I know whom to ask about. But this only makes me believe even more that this death is real and something we should lament.
I agree with you Gandalf i believe that this is real and should not be doubted for even a second!!! It doesnt matter what people think. oppinions should be kept to yourself especially with something as serious as this. I am sorry to put that so bluntly.
It's always good to question. People play jokes on the internet all the time. Do not accept information blindly. As I stated, if this happened, I am very, very sorry. I cannot imagine going through anything like this. If not, then I shall repeat, it's a sick joke.
I cannot imagine going through anything like this

that is why i think that opinions should be kept to yourselfs because most of us have never lost a wife/husband thats why itz so delicate to question it

and to not accept information blindly requires trust to be broken with many things i just wish that trust can remain a priority with aspects of either big things or little things. trust must be maintained in these days.
Trust would be nice, but it's difficult in this medium. In any case, my opinion has been stated, and opinions are what make this an interactive medium.
It is difficult and only a few can gain it and only you can choose it as i said a matter of opinion. difficult but a choice that we all must make in this medium
eek oh dear Rez died im sorry
Oh so sorry. I just saw it. My condolences...
I am so very sorry to hear of you loss, Mrs. Rez.
I can empathize because I have gone though this and my heart
breaks for you.
I will keep you in my heart.
Trust would be nice, but it's difficult in this medium.

I trust all of you here. I can't imagine anyone here on PT would purposely hurt anyone else just for amusement.