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Hi, I'm a new member of here. I'm a fan of LOTR and this is why I take part in here. Actually I'm not an English-speaker but I am trying hard 2 learn it, so please chat me with simple words. And if u want 2 know more about me, I'll be here waiting for u. Have a nice day!!!
No one is speaking. So should I just chat with myself??
Waving Hello Smilie hello and welcome to pt!! I hope you'll enjoy your stay. Orc Smiling Smilie as you said your mother tounge was not english, where are you from? tell a bit about yourself!!
I hope to meet you in the threads, have fun!
Welcome Revlis!!!

Hope you like Planet-Tolkien....its a good thing you like Tolkien...because you will definately learn much more now that you have joined!!!

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All the Elf smiles came out to welcome you!!!
You've done right when decided to join. It's a perfect place for a Tolkien-fan, hope you enjoy being here! Cat Smilie
Oh, and don't mind language problems - if you have any, it's also a place for practice.
And when got tired of English - feel free to speak Quenya Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hello Revlis, welcome to Planet-Tolkien. Happy Elf Smilie

No one is speaking. So should I just chat with myself??
That is because we are a forum not a chat room and it may take 24 hours before someone reads and answers you last post; sometimes they post before I can get my answer up. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie If you want to chat in real time, try the Chat Room link on the left; though I can't guarantee anyone will be there when you are, but that is the place to do it.
not in this case grondie im here and welcome new member i got a good warm welcome and so should you welcome there are many friendly people here and these forums are great for finding info on many thins even the random stuff

Namariee Elessar Lossehelin
Well, i am a student from Taiwan, a small island in Asia. And thanks for ur cordial welcome. I was so glad. BTW i want 2 know if there is any activity in this website that i can join.
Well, there are the forums and threads where you can talk about all the Tolkien related stuff, and also some non-Tolkien related stuff. Also there is roleplaying here. And you might also try the chat room. And the art galleries are simply beautiful! You can have a look there and even put up some of your own pics...

Other things you might do would be writing a journal (which everyone can read in the "Journals" section on your right). You can write anything you like in the journal. It's fun!

And there is a private messaging system here. You can corrospond with other members of PT privately by sending them a private message.

If there is anything else I have not covered, someone else here would be sure to tell you. As you can see, we have a lot of active people here.
Hello Revlis Waving Hello Smilie WELCOME TO PT !!! Share and Enjoy Elf Winking Smilie
Though Im new to I also wish you welcome to PT, hope you have much fun like Im having
P.S. I noticed that there are few people who are always greeting newbies and some of them are here a very long time, thank you guys for taking time for us newbies you are truly a fellowship!!! Smile Smilie

Sorry for my english coz its not my native language too.
Hi and welcome, Revlis.

There will be things to join in - coming soon a competition - watch the Council News page for information. You can join in Role Playing Games in the RPG Guild, various quizzes in the Taverns and all the discussions about Tolkien.

Have fun!

P.S. could you try and avoid using textspeak or chatspeak in here as it can be difficult for many to read. Thanks.

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