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What a tortuous route I followed to discover this wonderful world.
I had been taking my morning excursion around the internet following the thread of Skype communications only to discover that Ebay had become the owner. I had heard of this communication system before but have felt until it has become more mainstream then I am loathe to change. Other little snippets of news caught my eye and I followed them to entertain my mind. Eventually I saw that this world was being sold on Ebay and suddenly as a long time fan of Tolkien I felt an urgent need to explore it. Excitedly and with great trepidation I clicked the link that displayed this strange transaction only to suffer the coldness of disappointment as the cannot find page message flashed up.
I stilled my frantic mind, I waited silently and patiently for an answer to present itself. I reached gently and cast the Rune stones. My eyes glittered and studied the cosmic patterns revealed and I flowed softly across the room to gaze down deeply into the occult pools of far seeing waters in the ancient and magical container of methal.
As the dew forms at the very beginning of the new day on the petal of a beautiful flower the path to take was gently presented to my mind. At first there was only the velvet blackness of deep meditation then faintly the image of a magnificent silver ring coalesced and grew brighter and brighter. Suddenly silver flames appeared and licked hungrily across the shining metal and exquisitely engraved letters of magic began to appear.......w...w...w......p...l....a...n..e...t...-....t...o...l...k...i...e...n.......c....o...m.
Finally the words fully formed and as they did so a terrible hunger led my fingers to tap out the magic code that carried me into Middle Earth.
I curtsy deeply to you all and pray that I will be welcome with you all.
Welcome Kitten!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you found us *giggle* I had a much easier time finding this site. It just popped up when I was searching "Maglor" on Google, and I decided to join. But anyways! Fate put us all together and let's hope we enjoy ourselves!
Hello Kitten and welcome to PT!!!!!!!
Your way was very long, but at last you've made it! And the longer the chase is the better a catch turns out to be,doesn't it?
Enjoy your stay! Waving Hello Smilie
I thank you both for your warmth and courteousy, and am sure my sojourn here will be pleasant and joyfilled.

Kind regards to you both.

Welcome to our happy family Kitten. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy!
hi Kitten Cat Smilie have fun here! go to The Khazad-dumish Inn....and have fun. i already said that didnt i.....Cat Smilie
Hey kitten, Welcome to PT Waving Hello Smilie Share and Enjoy Elf Winking Smilie
Hi Kitten, welcome to PT. Please tell us more about yourself and maybe we'll put a saucer of milk down for you.
Or even a scratching post for you

Welcome to our humble abode

Im sure that everyone will be as kind to you as they were to me

see you around Kitten Cat Smilie