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Hello everyone even though I am Tolkien`s fan for quite a while I just recently stumbled across this amazing site and decided to join. I got to congratulate to Grep and other councile members on job well done maintaining this site and all you fans supporting it!!! Nicely done ppl

Dont have much time right now so till next time I bid you all very fine farewell!!!

P.S. Hope to have much fun here!!!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Mirel of the woods, I do hope you will have fun and learn a lot here. Share and enjoy. Happy Elf Smilie
hi Mirel! have fun! Wiggle Smilie Cat Smilie
welcome PT...
Happy Elf Smilie Hello and WELCOME Mirel of the Woods Elf Winking Smilie What a wonderfull name .
Hope youll have a nice time here Smile Smilie See you around in the threads
Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome, Miriel!
Welcome welcome welcome Mirel to our humble abode. Feel free to start some threads and join others. some of us will be in the chat room some times so ill see you around. Welcome!
Welcome to the site! I have just recently became a member myself.
There are lots of fun things to do on here. Hope you have a good time!
welcome to pt, Mirel!!! I daresay you'll love this site, it's really great. have a nice time round, and share your thoughts with us!
see you,
Hello,Mirel of the woods!
Welcome to PT!
Enjoy your stay!
Welcome Miriel!!! And i hope you wont wander off! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Sadly, that happens a lot. People get themselves busy with too many sites at once, and they forget some. Wink Smilie
I just hope youll pick PT as one of your favourite ones.
Thank you all for welcoming me to PT...Im already having fun and I think its a gret site and all, still exploring all the stuff so you dont see me much in threads for now.
Will stick around though so cya all around.

Thank you all once more!!!

P.S. Thx Mellon