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I decided to look at Planet-Tolkien as I haven't been on for the longest of time; it was mainly inactive and not much discussion was going on at all then, just some chatting, and almost all the members that I had known before an earlier change had left. But now, I'm very impressed with what I see; there's more hustle and bustle, and there's close to TWO HUNDRED people online right now! We barely had any, not even twenty, in the low point when I left. But now I see the site has reawoken, so I have decided to come back. Kudos to all!
Hiya Arco and welcome back. I'm one of the newer members, but I'm sure you'll enjoy Pt as you once did. PT is great! And two hundred ppl online is, well, at some times, normal.
Hey, welcome back Arcormacolind’va!
Welcome back Arco Merry Christmas Smilie
Welcome back !!!! Hope you will have lots of fun, SHARE and ENJOY Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome back Arco. To be honest everyone got so inactive I didn't realise you had actually gone.
Yes, good to see you again, Airco. Things were starting to get a bit hot around here.
Good timing Arco Smile Smilie
Hi Arco, I thought I had done this before, but as I hadn't:

"Welcome Back Arco!"
Happy Elf Smilie
hi arco or is it acro.....hmmmmm i can't see what am replying to, that's why and i miss the old green of the site and the tyrant too

am back here too tho' not as often as i did 3 years or so ago. u must've been here even waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy b4 me as i don't remember you

hi to all
Hi there Miss Tuesday, welcome back. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.

What colors are you seeing? I'm still seeing the forum as black text on a darker and lighter greyed-green background, which alternate with one another to help separate adjacent posts.
Howdy and welcome back; enjoy your stay. And don't forget to vote for PT. ;-p
yeah sir grondy like you described but the rest of the page is veryyyyy black and gloomy and so cave-ey and not so middle-earthy.

hi morambar. i dont want 2 vote :p make me!! btw i find you very interesting

tnx for the welcome-back welcome
Boo! Wiggle Smilie

*Waves to Vee* "Howdie, poppet" Wink Smilie
Wha's wrong with voting, I ask? Gee, thanks for the compliment though. *shuffles feet awkwardly* If I had the kind of power over time and space to compel women to do things though, voting for PT would not, I confess to my shame, be at (or even near) the top of the list. Anyway, hope you're enjoying your return as much as the rest of us.
What's with you people: replying to a three month old "Hi I'm Back, But Just for Today" thread? Sheesh! Elk Grinning Smilie