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hi im golden red im 16 and have to say this site is amazing i didnt know that there are loads of people who are as mad about tolkiens works as me
hope to see u around
hello fellow 16 year old, of course there are people as mad about Tolkien as you, were all mad!!! visit my Inn and other forums,start your own and see if you can join the maddest wedding of the year!!!!!! Share and Enjoy!!!
Hi Golden_red, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy!
sup yo? :-P
Hi and welcome, Golden_red. Please tell us more about yourself. See you around.
Hope ta see ya in za threads soon!
Welcome Golden_red Waving Hello Smilie Hope you have lots of fun at PT !!! Share and Enjoy
A great big "WELCOME!" to ya, Golden_Red. It's always to see a new face around the boards... Hope you check in on the RPs soon, nice to meet and all, GR, if you mind if I call you that, anyway, see ya soon!

Hello and welcome Golden_red!
Long ago I'd come to a conclusion that there are more people as mad about Tolkien as me in this world than I can imagine.
This is a great place for them all...Ignore Smilie US all
See you around! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
hi and welcome round! have a nice time with all the mad people!!!
hope to see you in the threads...
have fun!
ah yes another victim.

have fun u will like us.

well sum of us.

a few of us maybe.

i dont know what was the question again.
Teehee, another newbie to come and go through PT's swirling doors.
Welcome to the site Golden Red. Hope you have fun here.