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I joined up a month or too ago, but I had to wait until my finals were over until I had time to introduce myself. I am a 20 year old college student, who first got hooked when the movies came out. The movies were amazing! After they were all out I got the books of the Hobbit and the trilogy. I finished those fast and now this summer also finished the Silmarillion this summer.
I am completely addicted and love his work. I joke with my husband that some day, when I am up in heaven I am going to sit at the feet of Tolkien and listen to him tell stories forever! I am a devote Catholic, so I love the moral and theological value of his writings. I am currently enrolled to take a "Theology of Tolkien" class this spring at my college. I am really excited to take it.
Well, hopefully I will have time to visit often!
God Bless!
Welcome to PT, Benlea! Enjoy looking through the threads and getting to know the members of PT. We have a variety of members here -- those who hate the movies and those who love them, oh, we even have those who just "like" them. Smile Smilie I enjoy the movies, but there are many things that drive me nuts when I watch them -- the portrayal of Faramir is the one that really gets me frustrated. I, too, am a college student writing my masters thesis on LOTR. See you around!
A great many welcomes to you, Benlea! I see you're like me and saw the movies before you read the books. It kinda makes you're opinion of the movies different. I've figured out that those who read the books first usually hate the movies, and those who saw the movies first, love the movies! Anyway, I apologize for rambling, its always nice to see new faces around PT, and I hope you get to check in often!

Hi Benlea and welcome! Where are you from? I hope you will contribute to some of the Tolkien discussions. We like new blood...
We like new blood...

Aye! Specially, if its fresh and sweet! *Yum Yum*

Anyways, welcome to the PT Haven, Benlea.
I better say something quick, before you get the impression we're all vampires here...

You can do many things here on PT. If you have that everlasting Tolkien fire burning inside you, then you can always join in the discussions about the books and charaters and such... and if you just love the movies, then head over to the movies section (which is pretty stale now) and liven things up a bit.

Of course, if you just feel like relaxing, then the Taverns are always open for entertainment!
Hello fellow elf from Lothlorien, this is Losse as i am known in such parts

Welcome to our humble abode, always nice to smell new flesh in the ranks!!!!! ill see you around Smile Smilie
Hello Benlea Waving Hello Smilie WELCOME to PT !!!! All of the members are really nice and when you join the different threads you also ( I STILL DO) learn so much .. Hope you will have lots of fun here !! Share and Enjoy Big Smile Smilie
Hi Benlea, welcome to our happy family. Yell if you need any help, though quietly asking questions will also get the same results. Happy Elf Smilie I hope to see you around here in the future. - Grondy
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Benlea. I hope you enjoy yourself here.

We like new blood...

Don't worry about, Vee. Her teeth are sharp but we keep her on a tight leash.
Her teeth are sharp but we keep her on a tight leash.

But be forewarned though : never look Medusa in the eyes, or you'll be turned to stone.
Well, then either Mir is stone, or he's Medusa....