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Yay, back from a long absence. And i feel quit new here... all has changed a lot. And i must say that PT now really looks good! First of all i wish you all a happy holiday!
Oh yes, about me... i first read the hobbit at age 6 and then read Lord of the Rings at 11. Since then i kept on reading Tolkien books and am collecting Tolkien books for over 15 years now. My house is the home of a complete Tolkien library and next to my family i spend most of my time with Tolkien.
Welcome back, Beren.
hey i remember u!! not really nvm.
Welcome back Beren. Happy Elf Smilie Long time no see; where have you been keeping yourself?
Been very busy (as usual)... two more house moves, two more children... yea, life's been very busy, but very pleasant! Been very busy collecting some nice Tolkien books and finally found some time to re-read most of the major Tolkien works. I like to visit boards once in a while... 'grondmaster' you are still here i see. Amazing, for me it is like a little relaxing in a busy life. For you it seems to be life! Great to see you remember me! Thnxs...