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Kira, i greet thee. yeah. I love going in character. I am an 'aspiring artist', as I like to say. it makes it sound big and important. I like doodling middle earth peoples, and of course reading like a nutcase and all the classics. I've seen the movies- fun stuff. If anyone here is working on the languages of middle earth, I would like some help figuring some phrases! May the winds be soft and raise you to the skies!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Laurelome. Happy Elf Smilie Please tell us where you are from and something more about yourself.

I'm sure you will find one of our language buffs to converse with you.

Share and enjoy.
sup. sare and enjoy.
be nice Wink Smilie
Location is difficult at the moment- I am in transit. I go where the winds blow, and the winds are quite insistent in my life. There is not much more to tell, at the moment. I do graphic design, art, and I am writing a fantasy novel, or at least trying to. We'll see if the winds will let me be long enough to do so... I do a smattering of poetry (mostly when I am depressed... ;D but that is how it always is. I have always felt sorry for the poets...) Maybe someday I will be published!
Greetings Laurelome! I wish you a pleasent stay. You word everything so nicely, a true poet! Big Smile Smilie
D-Rob stops in utter adoration... Wow... someone who isn't so totally stupefied by the system we call society that they can actually say something intelligent... Greetings to PT. You WILL enjoy your stay.
May you fly high and see wide, Laurome! The Cloveress gives her welcome and warm wishes in this cold season (there are no clovers in Canada now, alas!). Planet Tolkien is a sanctuary for those weary of the world to rest in, a bright garden for those full of energy to bloom in, and above all, a great dedication to professor Tolkien and those memorable characters he created. Come further into the heart of our illuminating world, and promise to take me on a ride on your glossy back (My race might say Elf, but I'm actually a little fairy)!
Welcome Laurelome!! SHARE AND ENJOY !!!
welcome Laurelome share your knowledge and take in ours, see you around Big Smile Smilie