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ummmm hello i am fugischo
i hate seaguls and cheese and cracks in the path
i like paper and wool
i love metal things and glass
i am the king of some place i made up and i live there

Welcome Fugischo, glad to welcome you to our humble abode, most people in here are okay (most anyway, look out for some of the others Elf With a Big Grin Smilie, i have given no names because i do not want to let it easy for you mwahahahahahaha)

Share and Enjoy!!!
Welcome! And I advise you to heed Elessar's words, but not to be misled by them (Elessar's actually quite devious himself). PT is a lovely place, and we talk about all kinds of stuff, both Tolkien and non-Tolkien. It's actually more family than fansite.

Anyways, I'll leave the advertising to the others,
Yeah, I'm gonna be different and skip the standard PT/Syrius Cybernetics line:

Howdy and welcome, Fugischo; enjoy your stay. It's a great site with nice knowledgable folks. Oh, and Virumor. ;-p I like that idea of being king of a place you make up; if it only exists in your mind, no one can dispute your claim, right? But if I tried it the Voices would prob'ly go all 1789 on me.
Welcome Fugischo! Tell us more about you and your world. Maybe they could start a role playing game based in it!

Cloveress - what a lovely sentiment - "More like family than website". Awwwww....

(Vee puts the sharp knives away - always another day....)
See, stuff like that is why the folks who think Sauron is more evil than you have a 2:1 edge over those who think you're more evil than him. But I guess even a Hobbits larder can only hold so much. ;-p
Welvome to our happy family Fugischo. Happy Elf Smilie Seeing as how Morambar chose not to say it, I'll say it, "Share and enjoy!" Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hello and WELCOME Fugischo !! Hope you enjoy PT !! Share your visdom with us in different threads ! Hope to see you around