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Hello there! I am Fionw’ Urion. I couldn't find the Quenya or Sindarin hello, so I had to say it in boring english. My hobbies include archery, reading(lots of that), and collecting the LOTRTC.
I tried posting here yesterday, but it didn't work.
How do you get all those little smiley faces?
Thanks Arcormacolind’va for that information on those fancy letters.
"Mae govannen" is popular, IIRC, though I prefer the more grandiloquent "Elen sila lummen umentielvo." Each to his own. Regardless, welcome; enjoy your stay. Archery, eh? Cool, and fitting, I suppose. I've always thought archery was cool even before I read the Trilogy. Sadly I've yet to have the opportunity to develop that interest. Anyway, have fun; see ya 'round the board.
Hello and welcome Fionw’!
The link to the smilies doesn't work at the moment, but if you go to the forum home page and find "website site help" (second link in the list), there will be a thread called "Smilies!!!!" which you will find useful.
Nice having you on board here at PT, Fionwe (you see, I, sadly, have not developed the skill to type those "cool letters"). I'm Cloveress, as you can see from the top of my post, and though I don't practise archery, I do play around with swords, as I do fencing. But they're both very tough sports.

I don't know much about the trading cards, but my instinct tells me that a gamer like lord_aragorn86 or Valedhgwalath might know. Try them.

As for your posts yesterday, well, I assure you they are quite readable, and a few of us have even responded. If there are any tech problems, just contact our hardworking owner, Grep.
Welcome, Fionw’ urion!
Welcome to our little corner of the Net Fionw’ urion, hope you have a pleasant stay *bows politley*
Hey and welcome to PT .Hope to see you in different threads .. SHARE and ENJOY
Hi Fionw’ urion, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie I have nocked an arrow, but it has been many a year since the last time. We do have a few archery enthusiasts here, but many more that are in-love with reading Tolkien's books. See your around.
Cloveress, I too practise swordplay quite a bit with my younger brother using a wooden broadsword that I made. I also use a wooden replica of Gimli's battleaxe, again, that I made. I am yet unmatched among all my friends in a LOTR club that we started, in which I am Gimli, at swordplay.
You can get the "’" by holding down alt and pressing 137 on the number pad on the right side of the keyboard, and then releasing alt. You can get "’" by pressing 132, same procedure.
Oh, and uh, make sure number lock is on.
Nice meeting all of you!!!
ps: You don't need to call me by my whole name, feel free to call by some nickname.
Hi Fionw’ urion welcome to the site - if you go to you can add your avatar - the thread you looked at about avatars only being for paying members was very old.
mae govanen friend! welcome! I'm new too and believe me, it's amazing here! Behold the wonders that await you