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"Hi" to all. Found these boards through the TT100. I frequent many other boards (and if you also do so, you may recognize my name.) I would like to start a new thread about collecting Tolkien calendars. Could a moderator or PT veteran advise which forum is most appropriate for such a thread? I have not had a chance to view "all" of the forums/threads (and you will agree that there are many!!) Thanks much for your advice.

FYI, "parma" = book, "asta" = month, "hir" = root for "to find". Therefore, "book of months finder" or "calendar collector". You can view my calendar website at:

I also listed it on TT100. Hope you enjoy it!
Howdy and welcome; enjoy your stay. I only have the one Tolkien Calendar, and it's been scrawled on a bit as I corrected the dates. Wink Smilie Hmmm, that reminds me; I still need to confirm I was right on that question about the commonality between the Yules and Lithedays. Anyway, the more the merrier, and I'm not sure where to put a calendar thread, sorry. See ya 'round the boards.
Hello Parmastahir and welcome to Planet-Tolkien. Happy Elf Smilie

The best place to start a new 'Tolkien calendar collection' thread would be under Misc Guilds, probably with the title of 'Tolkien Calendar Collection Guild'.

So anyone wishing to speak to that subject should start or look for the thread there; and limit this thread for welcoming Parmastahir.

Share and enjoy.
Welcome to the club.
Thanks, Grondmaster, for the advice. I will start a thread under Misc Guilds. Perhaps this is under FAQs, but for what can I use the mithril that I have started collecting?? I'll check out the FAQs so a reply may not be necessary. Thanks all for your welcomes.
Hello Parmastahir !! A warm welcome to you , share and enjoy!
Thanks for the welcome, Mellon. If interested, please check out my new thread under Misc Guilds. I hope that there are many that find it of interest or useful.
Hy, and welcome !!! Its a nice hobby you have. I only have one calendar, a croatian version of 2oo4. Smile Smilie
Hi Etharion -

THANK YOU for your response. This probably belongs under the Calendar Collecting thread. But I'll reply here. I would LOVE to get a copy of the 2004 Croat version for my collection. Any possibility of doing so through you? I would be happy to pay you for the calendar and postage. Could you send me information on it (such as that you see on my website - size, publisher, ISBN, a picture)? I would love to add the information to my list! Also, are there any other Croat issues (2005 or previous, or this year 2006)? I would dearly love to add ANY that you know of to my compilation and collection. Your information is exactly what I had hoped for when I started that thread. You can drop me a line via the link on my website if you prefer to take this discussion off-line (at least out of this thread). Thanks again!

Hi and welcome. I think you are the first calendar collector I have met unless all the others are secret calendar collectors. I don't collect calendars but I do find some of the photos so fabulous that I can't throw them away so they end up in a pile in a cupboard... England Rugby Team naked, for instance - wonderful black and white photography and all in the best possible taste.

Anyway, welcome, enjoy and join in.
Of course Vee, you would roast them in a second (by that that i mean the England Rugby Team) but not too quickly let them go slow Very Evil Smilie

Anyway, welcome to our little cyber-family have a good time learning!!!
welcome! enjoy it here!