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Hey! I am princess Nwhagen (said Noo- you- ah- haagen daas ice cream) and although my race on the site is an elf, I am actually a Nymph (it's all part of my fan fiction...which is in the process) If you want to know more right my second post further down the page for a brief intro.

just a warning, I will most likely be in Nwhagen RP mode most of the time, so bear with the somewhat schizophrenic changes when the Lizzy part of me intervenes!
Yay im the first to answer!!!!

Welcome Nwhagen, to our section of the Net, why dont you tell us more about yourself here instead of having to say it over and over again through PM!!

Welcome Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Howdy and welcome; enjoy your stay. Am I gonna have to say this again tomorrow when you wake up having forgotten what happened today? ;-p I've often thought records of fauns and nymphs lives should be stored with Clio so they can just consult her at need (you know, if they remember to do so.) Anyway, the more the merrier. See ya 'round the boards....
Welcome to Planet-tolkien Nwhagen. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.
A warm welcome to you Nwhagen ! Hope to see you in different threads
Welcome, your Highness! I never knew the nymphs were a monarchy, but welcome anyways. I am the Cloveress, as you can see, and I, as my name suggests, am enamoured of clovers and other herbs. I am an Elf from Beleriand here, but many here on PT regard me as more of a mischievous fairy type of person (sort of like Puck, only I'm not as careless as him).

You are in for a splendid adventure here, Nwhagen. Enjoy.

Enchanted food and wine she brings
"Welcome to our world!" she sings

First come to have a fairy dinner with me, though.
Welcome to our humble abode, Nymphatican Princess.

Welcome Nwhagen, to our section of the Net, why dont you tell us more about yourself here instead of having to say it over and over again through PM!!.

OK...well In brief the Nymphs were the highest powers who made Middle earth. The Valar were second to us, but one evil guy (Melkor...I'm sure you are all familiar with him) got jealous so lied about our race, saying we had broken the rules set down by the ancients (the top 10 Nymphs...of which after the death of my uncle I am now part of) that we wanted to enslave the peoples of Middle earth. so we were cast down to live in the Ice mountains (my own extention of Tolkein's map) beyond Mordor so we couldn't get to the nicer areas. the Valar took over power and took our powers, leaving us to live as mortal elves, all except me and my sister Lucreczia, who were being blessed with our powers at the time. The Valar Mandas blessed us and let us keep our imortality and godly powers. When we found out about this, we ran away to Osgiliath, where we met the ranger Strider. and we ended up following the fellowship from then on really.

that's my fan fiction in BRIEF. very, very brief...I will eventually put it up on here maybe, only it's seriously long and complicated!

Welcome, your Highness!
First come to have a fairy dinner with me, though

I would love to my darling!
Of course you would. I warn you though, few ever come out from a faery banquet unchanged. We are playful spirits, aye, all. Now step through the fairy ring and join our fiesta! The food is magnificent, beaming with all the colours of the rainbow (not Skittles, but real food), and the aromas are irresistable. Nymph, come and dance among the platters and goblets!
thank you for having me! It truely is beautiful here! and the food is divine!
Now now, my ladies. Don't get carried away now. Roleplaying should take place in the roleplaying guilds only. As this naughty faerie already knows. Wink Smilie

Welcome to PT, Nwhagen! Waving Hello Smilie
thanks! sorry! My RP does get a little out of control on occasion!

Just a quick word about Nymphs. We look like elves, except for one or two major differences which are,

1. we have not got pointy ears, our ears are like mortals.
2. our nails grow black, like claws. Black was a sign of good in the days of the ancients, until Melkor stole it, and turned it evil.
3. we are very short sighted, after living in caves so deep even Balrogs don't venture down there.

that's pretty much it. oh, our skin is very white...those caves don't let in an awful lot of sunlight, and we usually have dark hair like rivendell elves.
I warn you though, few ever come out from a faery banquet unchanged. We are playful spirits, aye, all.

You go on, then, Tinkerbell. Let the bacchanal begin!
allow yourselves to look around in the roleplay section, a thread has been specially made for ya! Wink Smilie
Greetings Nwhagen! German I presume. Nice having you aboard. My race is a Vala, but that's not an option on the list either, so we share something in common already.Elf With a Big Grin Smilie My dad used to work for Haagen Daas ice cream, they have the best, mmhhh.Wiggle Smilie
actually, no, I'm English! I wrote it and the only way I could think of to pronounce it kinda sounded Germanic.

I agree! Haagen daas.........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!
As this naughty faerie already knows.

Pah! Here comes the old witch Ama again, coming to catch a little fairy off her guard and snap her up for dinner. What is it now, Ama? Are you going to throw me to burn in Vee's fires, or are you going to save me for your own bubbling cauldron or countless innocent souls?

And I'll remember that Tinkerbell comment, too, Vir. *sticks out tongue*