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Hiya. I'm Itarild’, you all can call me Tari. I am a female and i am from the UK. This site was recommended to me by Loss. I hope you are all nice to me as i'm a newbie to Tolkien. I love the films as i am very analystic. I am blonde and i am seeking knowledge of M.E. Hopefully i will settle in well and have good convos with you. Namarie, Tari xx Smile Smilie p.s How do you like my avatar? Wink Smilie
Hi and WELCOME to PT TariSmile SmilieNice to see another female from UK.(Im from Norway though) Im sure we will be as nice with you as we are with our dear friend Loss.I really like your avatar !! Hope to see you in different threads !! Have a nice daySmile Smilie
Ah, so you're Loss’'s sweetheart. I see, I see.

Welcome to the club.
hahaha, so so so very cruel Vir, is it every opportunity that you can get to be mean? Smile Smilie, im sorry Itarilde, i already have a sweetheart Elf With a Big Grin Smilie buuuuuuuuuuttt.............

Welcome anyways to our corner of the Net, enjoy your stay and ignore Vir and Mir if he ever is spawned again, i think that youll agree that it would be a crime in nature if we what Vir said was true, but welcome anyway

Mellon: aaaw thanks for saying that im a dear friend Elk Grinning Smilie
welcome...dont worry I got into JRRT after the films too. Love the avatar...I can't get mine to work... Sad Smilie

oh well..

yeah you'll love it here!! any questions message me OK??
Thanx very much and yes i will ask you questions if i need to ask thank you, Nwhagen! Smile Smilie Talk soon to you all. Thanks for the warm welcome! xxxxxxxxxxx Tari xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Welcome!Waving Hello Smilie Hoping to see you around the threads.
Kee! Welcome! We treat all newbies well, so no worries! Join in on any thread you want to! Nothing is exclusive on PT. Have fun. Oh, and don't listen to Mellon about how we treat our longer term members... right now Elessar Loss’helin is tied to a pie-throwing target in a thread in the roleplaying guild! Come and see, and throw a pie! See you around!
PS- I love your avatar! Did you draw it?
Welcome to our happy family Itarild’, hope to see you around in the discussions. I see you have learned to draw very good anime eyes. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.
tut tut tut, Laurel, you know that you are implying that when Tari DOES become a longer term member that you are then going to turn on her, hmmm well maybe she might not notice Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome! Sorry my welcome is delayed, but I hope it hasn't lost any of its warmth (I've just been stuck under a sheet of snow in the South Pole for a few days)... Yes, I agree about the avatar, it looks very sweet. Oh anyways, I'm Cloveress at your service (when I'm willing), the little Reepicheep at many a Telmarine's foot here on PT but beloved all the same for my sweetness and cruelness alike.

You must now be thinking "Oh who talks about herself like that?"

Well, to answer that, I was merely compiling many other members' thoughts on my behavior into the complex sentence above. But by all means be objective on how you consider me in the future days. (Aside), Do not let their words poison your mind against Clover! Be specially aware of Vir!

And I don't think I'd mind if Losse finally decided to settle down...

so there lol, i really cant take it anymore, but Cloveress, I Love You Smilie, dont break my heart Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Aww, poor Itarild’.
mellon, aaaw.thanks for saying that Im a dear friend

But you ARE Loss! Always warm and indeed nice.Angel Smilie
thank you Mellon, that has really brightened my day, at least someone likes me, not to mention any names (vir) and why hasnt Cloveress replyed to me *sob* Orc Grinning Smilie
Because after reading the "Wedding story" thread, Cloveress's parents have decided to send her to a boarding school. Bummer!
then i will wait for her Orc Grinning Smilie
These last few posts would have been better made in our #tolkien chatroom. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

This is supposed to be a welcome newbie thread. Moderator Smilie
sorry i did get abit carried away, it should stop now!! (its to show how good we get along as an example to Itarilde Big Smile Smilie)
Oh dear Loss, what am I going to say to Isis? This is the last thing the already troubled Cloveress has to take on...Are you sure it's not your evil twin who's speaking through your account? But thanks for waiting for me. I have finally managed to pull off an epic escape from boarding school (where the headmistress was a very grumpy Vir) to be reunited with my dearest.

Howdy, Itarild’, and welcome; enjoy your stay. I read that as "I'm Iturailde" the first few times; I can't imagine why.... Frankly, all I really heard was "female... blonde.... " Though if Loss has beat me to the punch I suppose there's nothing to be done (so you're related; I've lived in the South all but two years of my life and I know how much restraint THAT creates. ;-p) Anyway, the more the merrier; just don't forget to vote for PT! ;-p
*shakes head* Mor really hasn't changed at all... *jots down notes for next award*
no i am quite sure, that i have full control of my account, unless someone does know my password and can spell my name correctly??? Isis/ Ithil has for some reason disappeared, i havnt spoken to her in ages do you know where she is?? shes kinda abandoned me Orc Sad Smilie
So I'M getting that "best politician" award, is that what you meant, Cloveress? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

And I feel your pain, Loss; I haven't seen my Aes Sedai in a week now, sigh.
aww well i wish you all the best of searches Orc Smiling Smilie

you get Most Politician man and i get most infatuated, which one is betterQuestion Smilie Orc Smiling Smilie
Much thanks, and to you as well. As to your question, I imagine that would depend on whether the infatuation is 1) reciprocated and 2) satisfied, as well as the fortunes of war.
hmm i think that it would be the first one,

There is more happiness in giving than there is in recieving

- Acts 20:35 Read Smilie

it is nice though to hear that someone does and will like or even love you forever more, that would mean that i would like this place (PT) for the rest of my days, i have to admit, it's great, taken a many hour out of my bored day Orc Smiling Smilie