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I came across this website while doing research for my LOTR website.

I'm very impressed with the art work and writings on this forum!

In what section would it be appropriate for me to post a thread asking for artists and writers to contribute material to my site?

Thank you in advance,
- Suncrafter
Hello and Welcome Suncrafter to PT, everyone here is nice of coure and friendly as pie, unless you are allergic to pie and would get hives, but anyway welcome,

It would probably be appropriate to put it in the MISC Guilds under Guilds, for your query, so enjoy and see you around the threads!!
Hi Suncrafter Smile Smilie Welcome to PT !! Hope you have a nice time here Smile Smilie SHARE and ENJOY !! See you in the threads Smile Smilie Have a nice day
Welcome, Suncrafter! I say, may I call you Sunny (though it might be inapporopriate for an Orc)? Welcome. I'm glad you're impressed with our site. And the artwork, even though I had no part in them. Anyways, I'm glad you joined. And I hope you have a good time here. Of course, I also hope you're talkative.
Howdy and welcome; enjoy your stay. I have no idea whom to ask for artwork though; good luck with that. Sunny the Orc, eh? Can always count on Cloveress for a chuckle. Anyway, once again, welcome a"board." The more the merrier, and... don't forget to CLICK THE LINK AND VOTE PT!!! (Sorry, I have to say that ;-p)
Welcome, Suncrafter.

Either the advertisement forum or the Writers Guild would be the best place for your query.
Welcome Suncrafter!! Nice to have you here. What kind of material are you looking for?

Dear Etharion,

I'm looking for anything related to Orcs.

I can't pay money, but I'll give full credit a provide a link to your website.

Sadly, my website can't be advertised on this site, the CMs have told me so but I don't seem to have read the message. Posting the link like I did just now is against the rules and I risk not being allowed back into this site if I post the link again. And that would be sad, wouldn't it?

This post has been "slightly" altered by a Council Member
Just who did this? Grondy? Ama? Or the big bad VEE?
Moi? Cute, fluffy moi?

You should know by now that I *never* edit/delete posts or boil/fry/roast members.

Wiggle Smilie

Decisions like this are made by 'The Council' and although a Council Member may carry out the execution of said decision, it is not an individual action. Therefore, you can blame all of us!

The site in question is a well presented and fascinating site - congrats on that Suncrafter - but unfortunately some of the content is too adult to allow a link here. You should all know the Family Friendly guidelines by now (glares at Cloveress)... If not, please check out all the guidelines and FAQ information around the site.

You should all know the Family Friendly guidelines by now (glares at Cloveress)... If not, please check out all the guidelines and FAQ information around the site.

Why are you glaring daggers at me? I'm naught but a harmless woodland sprite, dancing around for your pleasure. A clown, a joker, a merrimaker am I! And yet here is the suggestion that I am not "family friendly", (whatever that means, I mean, I get along quite well with families...).
If you had read the guildelines, you would have known what family friendly means. So go read the guildelines and the FAQ, and then Vee can find someone else to glare daggers on. Smile Smilie
Can we not scare the new orc with such Councilspeak?

Wassup Sunny? All chilled and relaxed, dude? I go around as Lord_Aragorn and I'm supposed to hate you cuz you're an orc. And watch for muh coloured tubelight. Anyways, peace dude and a big homie welcome to you. Respect for the man.
I'm naught but a harmless woodland sprite

You're a sprite? Why, I thought you were an Ice Tea Green.