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I am Lylandris, a Quenya Speaking High Elf.If anyone wishes to speak with me in Quenya send me a message.Oh and to all those who think that High elves suck,....think twice dudes!
hello and welcome Isildur aha, to PT!! A Quenya linguist eh??? i know a few things but if you can speak it fluently then i take off my elvish hat to you *takes off elven hat*, hope you enjoy your stay here, and Namarie Orc Grinning Smilie
A High Elf speaking the language of the Deep Elves while bearing a Sea Elf name; now I've seen everything! ;-p Anyway, howdy, and welcome, Isildur aha; enjoy your stay. Always nice to have more folks. Just don't forget to cast your weekly vote for PT at the Top 100 Tolkien Sites page linked above (saying that is, at this point, obligatory for me.) I've nothing against the RP folks, but, personally, am of the opinion the site with scholarship AND RP should trump. ;-p

Edit: I didn't think anyone actually took me seriously; who knew?
ooooo very cold hearted and harsh Mor, please be nice to the newbies to PT (funny though)

I think it would be appropriate to put a fun smilie to sghow no hard feelings Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie Big Smile Smilie Smile Smilie Orc Smiling Smilie excetora excetora excetora!!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Isildur aha/Lylandris. Happy Elf Smilie Personally this old dwarf doesn't speak Sindarin or Quenya as he has a hard enough time with American-English, his only language. Elf Winking Smilie

Share and enjoy!
My, my, isildur aha, how very nice to see you. It's always lovely to meet an acquaintance here. Oh you might've forgotten me, but I'm quite sure you're a relative of mine, for you've managed to do something even I couldn't: set up a little brawl between Mor and Losse in your first thread! Are you my king or are you my queen? Are you a fairy or are you a sprite? Are you Puck or are you Cupid? Which relative of mine are you?
*excoriate, excoriate, excoriate* ;-p Turn about's fair play, after all. ;-p On a more serious and urgent note, Tol Eressea's within 2 votes of us people, so let's get a move on! 212 people online and only 32 votes? What's up with THAT???!

And don't worry, Lylandris, we're not nearly as scary as we sometimes seem (as long as we're on top in the poll. ;-p)
who is this Lylandris you speak of??? not heard of him/her Elf Confused Smilie

aaw Cloveress, well you could try and set up a little argument if you really tried Big Smile Smilie
Refer to post #1, Loss. ;-p
haha oh yes i missed that, my apologies Mor, how very wise and humble you are, you are welcome to laugh Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
i am findar’to sindan’ri’ and very much itrested in speaking the elvish language
any suggestions on web sites or chattrooms i can go to would be much apppreciated
my email is thank you
Maybe check out the links in thread 'wher do i learn this language? in the forum 'Website Help' -- where I also possibly annoyed our good Grondmaster with my caveat about Ardalambion.

Smile Smilie

I can't help myself when it comes to defending the purity of Tolkien's art in these days of Neo-elvish, Grey Company Roleplaying Elvish, Movie Elvish (OK that's a lot of Neo-elvish in a movie), and Elvish name generators.
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Findar’to sindan’ri’. Happy Elf Smilie

No umbrage taken Galin. As a non-speaker I just try to pass on what I've heard in the past and you now have given me better info for the future. Orc Smiling Smilie