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Greetings, Arda fans. Nice to meet you all.

I love Quenya but the only word I know is 'Vendui'. I guess I'm too lazy to take courses.
Aiya Ingold! Welcome to PT. Nice to meet you. Big Smile Smilie
Howdy and welcome; enjoy your stay. So you don't know mellon? Or Orodruin? Mordor? Sorry, I just can't believe that. ;-p On the other hand, that's about half my vocabulary (hence my lonely post on ambar/umbar that has yet to receive a response. *sniff*) Anyway, the more the merrier, and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE PT!!! See ya 'round the boards....
Hi and WELCOME to PT IngoldSmile Smilie I dont know much about the lannguage either , but many are here to help you ..See you around in the threads Smile SmilieSHARE and ENJOY
Hello Ingold, welcome to our happy family. Look around and join in the discssions, games and fun. Ask, if you have any questions, someone is sure to know the answer. Happy Elf Smilie
Thank you for the welcomes. *slaps forehead* I didn't know that those words are Quenya.
Actually mellon (friend) Orodruin (Mt. Doom) and Mordor (black land) are all Sindarin. Animated Wink Smilie
Hi and welcome Ingold.

Enjoy Planet-Tolkien.

Right, my fault; I'm used to people (Liv Tyler, for example) saying they speak "Elvish" rather than Sindarin or Quenya. So, see, I already like you better than the vacant eyed "actress" who played Arwen!