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Hi, I'm ’owyn Simbelmyne and I just wanted to say hello to you all so that you know that I'm here!
Welkome Eowyn smbelmyne!Enjoy your stay here!i hope you have a great time,see you in the treads
Thank you very much, Νinerl! Smile Smilie
Hello ad welcome ’owyn simbelmyne, i am Loss and feel at home here, i love it and we love it when fresh PT members skippety hop their way into our little haven here Big Smile Smilie

Learn and share!!

1111th post!!! Orc Grinning Smilie
Congrats, Loss! Smile Smilie Thank you for welcoming me!
Hello there ’owyn Simbelmyne Smile Smilie A warm welcome to our happy familiy at PT Smile Smilie Tell us a little more about about yourselfSmile Smilie SHARE and ENJOY !!
Hi ’owyn Simbelmyne, welcome to Planet-Tolkien; I hope you enjoy yourself here. Happy Elf Smilie

If you have any questions just ask; though it would be best if you try to find a section or thread where like questions have been asked, if you can.
Welcome, ’owyn Simbelmyne!
I hope that you enjoy your visits with us. There are lots of threads with a variety of ideas, facts, games and a wee bit of nonsense thrown in here and there.
Smile Smilie Smile Smilie
Howdy and welcome, Eowyn; enjoy your stay. Always room for one more; the more the merrier. Most folks here know their stuff pretty well (though I'm STILL waiting for a response to my question about Umbar/Ambar!)
i just thought id pop in, visit a random thread and say that my head hurts really bad right now

o ya, hi
Thank you all! And Elrose, I'm really sorry for you!!!

Well, to be honest, there's not so much to tell about myself! Sorry!