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Hello everyone!!
I'm Anne, I'm 19 (but people think I'm 15 because of my infantile apperance, grr), I joined about two weeks ago -> So I'm new and a bit lost Wink Smilie
In my family I'm the only one who likes Tolkien's stories ('Oh, I'm surprised you like such books' - my mum), I've read 'The Hobbit' when I was... um... 12 or sth. Then later I've read LOTR.
What else - I hope they accept me at University of Medical Sciences. Oh, I wish it sooo much.
And I'm a blonde Wink Smilie (so I can make some mistakes). Just kiddin', I'm simply a bit absent-minded sometimes.
Normally I should be the last person on this forum to welcome newbies, but since nobody is doing it : welcome to the club.
Hi Anne.
Im very sorry, for the late welcome, welcome Daisy, enjoy your stay here, youll love it, i promise, see you about the threads and i await your knowledge Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hi Daisy, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

If you can't figure anything out after viewing our Help/FAQ link in the horizontal menu above, feel free to ask, but try to do so in a thread or section that is similar in category to your question, if you can. This isn't mandatory, but it does make the place look cleaner.

Share and enjoy.
Howdy and welcome, Daisy; enjoy your stay. Always room for one more, and while they delay may be representative of my own response time, it's not representative of the site as a whole. Good luck and God bless in your studies, and see ya round the boards....
Hail an well met Daisy.

I am Earwen, I've only been here a short time myself, but I am loving it. Everybody is very friendly. I am sure you'll love it here and make some good friends.

Hope to see you on the boards, enjoy your stay!

Earwen Waving Hello Smilie
Thanks so much for those nice words of welcome.
I hope I'll stay a loong time here and find really great friends!
Welcome Daisy!

I love seeing new faces here...some of the old ones get a bit tiring after awhile Orc Grinning Smilie
Anyway, enjoy your stay, and I do indeed hope it is a long one!

Welcome Annie,enjoy your stay here!I am sure you will have a great time!!I am looking forward to seeing you in the threads and learning from you!!
No problem Ninerl! Wink Smilie
Hi Daisy Smile Smilie A late but warm welcome to PT Happy Elf Smilie
Greetings from the good dark elf drizzt master of blades and lore you shall hear from me on accasion though I'm not around much anymore do to the fact that I am away dealing with some bussiness. Any questions you might have or if you just wish to speek feel free to come to me and I will get back to you as soon as I can though if it's important and you have access to the chatroom Milambar and Ikarus are good men and will help you if they can. (And not just with site stuff computer stuff I find them more then willing to help with to though that just might be because I get a bit lost at times.)
Hullo Daisy, its nice to have ya aboard. Hope youre able to find everything okay, and feel free to ask this one for any help tho i'm not on as often as i would like.