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I've been gone for... I don't know how long. I think it seems longer than it actually has been... Anyway, hello to everyone I knew and everyone new since I left. I hope to be here regularly now... probably only in the RP threads and taverns for a while. I need to read the books again before I comment on them Big Smile Smilie
HELLO EVASmile Smilie WELCOME BACK TO PT Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome Back Eva!! Stay longer, and enjoy your stay again
Being one of the new since you left Eva, I call in, welcoming your comeback. Snowman Smilie

By the way, a Lady of mine shares your name, Eva! Elf Smilie S’nn er det med den saken!!
Hi Eva.

I'm new since you left, so welcome back. I hope to see you on the boards! Puppy Smilie

Thank you all for the welcome!
Welcome back. Hope you stay longer and enjoy it once again. Smile Smilie
Eva? Can it be? wow, I had almost forgotten you! Nah, just joking, of course not! Still, I, also, have returned, and this time for real. I'm back at home in Canada now (not in crazy old Europe), and I'm looking forward for a nice day on PT.
Glad to have you back for good this time Cloveress Happy Elf Smilie
Why is everyone returning? We'd rather everyone stayed away a while longer, as to keep the peace. The less, the merrier.
Vir! I've been wondering where your ugly mug has been lurking! Still, it's no surprise that you wish I'd stay away, you beast! Oh how nice it is to see you again!
Sheesh, still touchy, are we? Welcome back, Cactusess.
Well, we've always been touchy. I think it's something to do with your unique and unwaning sense of humour (and my spikes).
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie At least this international squabble is between a Canadian and our low-lander European; for once leaving my poor country well out of it. Don't mind me, carry on peoples! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Welcome back Eva and Cloveress!!! Happy Elf Smilie
Obviously, I hadn't known you were away, Cloveress, but I'm glad you are here again... whoever would Eva have to drive her crazy at the Khazad-Dumish else?
Thanks to you all for your (warm?) re-welcome...
I get to stay out of the dispute too... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Oh people! Us Canadians don't dispute much ,you know. Though I might not live up to that reputation anymore. But look who's talking! Americans and Europeans(?)! Now that seems strange, after all the taunting they throw at each other in both International meetings and local matters. It's very strange indeed...
It ain't the people that the another nation's people object to. The peoples like each other, its the governmental policies that they can't stand.

Moderator Smilie Grondy, you better quit this type of discussion now for it might too soon turn to recriminations, which aren't allowed on this website. - Grondy Moderator Smilie
Yeah, you tell that naughty ol' Grondy, Grondy! I hope he knows better than to get into a tussle with YOU! Welcome back, Eva Lilith and Cloveress; glad to see ya'll again. The MORE the merrier, as I always say; see ya 'round the boards.... *bites Vir* Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Wow...ehm...WELCOME BACK EVA AND CLOVERESS! I missed talkin to mah Clover, Big Smile Smilie or so Ice could have someone to change the color of hair spontaneously!
Glad you're both back!
ICEY!!! Oh what a lovely reunion this is proving to be! And MORAMBAR!!! Thank you for sinking your teeth into that rascal for me (though maybe if Icey had done would've been more effective)! No hard feelings, eh Vir?
No. You're all banned.