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Hello everyone, Smile Smilie Well after a very eventful summer I am back and returning to PT so just a quick hey to everyone and a Hug,
Biiiiiggggg Heart!,
Tiger Eyes
Hey Failariel_ancalimon Waving Hello Smilie Welcome back to PT !! Hope you've had a wonderful summer so far Happy Elf Smilie
Hi Failariel_ancalimon welcome back; though taking into account the number of your posts, I can in all truthiness say I didn't remember you or even realize you had been missing. Orc Sad Smilie So this time please make a few more posts so we can get to know you. Happy Elf Smilie
Is that you, Tiger Eyes?
Yes, that is indeed our Tiger Eyes. Smile Smilie She changed her username a while back, that's all.
Hi hun! *hugs*
In that case Hello and welcome back little tiger!

Ah, Tiger Eyes, that name does ring a bell. Happy Elf Smilie Changing names can cause misunderstandings; please keep the necessity to a minimum.
welcome back Failariel_ancalimon!! or tiger eyes...... enjoy your stay here once and again and pray that your stay will be a longer one........................................ (longer than these dots).....................................................
Welcome back! Don't know you very well, but I do feel obliged to welcome you back. though I also feel obliged to spend a bit more time online here. Too bad though... school does demand rather much...
Hello Tiger Eyes, I'm new to PT and wanted to introduce myself. I'm called Aragorn's Lady, an elf from Rivendell.As I wander threw here, I look foreward to bumping into you.-- Aragorn's Lady
Umm... Hullo.... Welcome back.... Don't look at Vee for too long though.... LaA checks both ways... She'll eat you!!! LaA runs away at his top speed of 5mph(not sure what it is in kph)
Welcome back, Tiger Eyes!!
Missed you, hun. Take care and see you around.
Welcome back, I am new here (at least since you left). Thought I'd say hi. Looking forward to seeing you in the threads. Cow Sleeping Smilie
"Are you looking at me?" Grrrrr.....

(sticks foot out and trips lostandalone up.)

Oooooh dinner!
At least I have wings. Vee'll need a butterfly net.
Nah, just a can of hairspray.
with a lighter strapped to the nozzle.......
Someone is making really gruesome invetions even more cruel, LOSS!

So I use the opportunity to wish you, Failariel_ancalimon a happy return and a good stay!
Mentioning no names of course......

Someone is making really gruesome invetions even more cruel, LOSS!

but i really do love butterflies................ honest!!!
humph! I suppose that means you hate fairies, Loss!

And as for that hairspray with lighter invention, hmph! Why don't you just get a dragon?
of course i love fairies too, i always clap when someone say 'i dont believe in fairies',

*starts to clap*

dont be silly, how can i get hold of a dragon, there hasnt been in these parts for thousands of years. Unless Vee hatches those eggs soon, ill stick with the hairspray and lighter........
Wait'll Queen Mab comes to your impudent faithless bloody fairy-extinguisher!
Welcome back, Tiger! I myself have recently returned-it goes to show you that it is not possible to stay away from a good thing. Hope to "see" you around, love!
but i said i like faires Clover, dont give me those eyes, make me feel really guilty, *claps out of control to keep all faires alive*

Welcome back Laurel, i have seen your name but from a while back, see you in the threads, hope you enjoy your stay her more than before
Laurelindhepindhepoopums!!!!!!!!! Come here and gimmee a hug, possum!

Welcome back Laurel, there's still that table-waiting job at the Inn, if you want it; that would free me up to clean the latrines. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Wow, Laurel, you must be quite a character to have Vee call you laurellindpoophoms(?) ! I'm surprised she didn't want to feel your life blood seeping through her jagged teeth...
Oops Smile Smilie, I kinda came back and left without notice.... sorry all. However i am back and on pt for about a half hour per weekday, Yay! umm, Grondy sorry about the confuision in my accout a while ago i saw this bow saying nickname and it changed my nick, and Laurel I missed you tons and you to Vee, (Bows to almighty V) Umm, some new info about me I am now finally in school (grade 10) and so now I can actually be on PT on weekdays,
*huggles for all*/*Offering for V*