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Hi I am very new to all this chatroom stuff and don't quite know what I am doing yet. I am a huge Tolkien fan and have read the majority of his works. I am open to all kinds of discussions and hope to talk to someone soon.....I also do not know how to get anywhere on this site as far as chatrooms go.
thanx Irith
The chat room is currently in recess but we hope to get it going again soon. Welcome to PT and I hope to see you in some of the discussion threads.
Welcome Irith felegund, to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

Do check out some of the topics in the threads here on our forum. Look under the headings in the message board menu, specifically under Middle Earth, Books, and the Movies for some good discussions. Share and enjoy.
Wecome to PT Irith felegund Waving Hello Smilie I hope you'll have a good time with us Smile Smilie See yah in the threads Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome and Saesa omentien lle

Enojoy your stay here, and learn to your hearts content,

See you around
Irith felegund! Oh another Felagund worshipper! I am so happy. Sometimes it seems that Felagund never gets enough attention. Most websites don't give a very detailed description of this remarkable character, and everyone else is making eyes at Legolas... But yeah, you do like Finrod Felagund, don't you? See our very old thread on Finrod Felagund and tell us about why you like him!

Grondy merely added the link.
hey your not the only one! i just got in here to! like you im a tatal nut on tolkiens work. so if u care for chat let me know. have fun.(i am!!!)