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Hi everybody :-)
I found this site some time ago, but didn't join then. I just joined and thought to say hello.
Can anyone tell me more about how this website works?
Hey and WELCOME to Planet Tolkien SILIMAWaving Hello Smilie You are among friends ! If you check out YOUR ACCOUNT you get different subjects to look on .Click on helpSmile Smilie See what I mean ? If you are into Tolkiens' books , you click on books.. on current games..role- playing..etc.Hope to see you around Smile SmilieI'm sure others will help you around also Happy Elf Smilie
Yay! Welcome to PT!!! Big Smile Smilie What do you want to know?
Ack, Mellon! You beat me! :P but yeah, the check out the threads, and don't be shy! jump into any conversation you want. we really don't bite!!...(except for... Paranoid Smilie lol) Have fun!
Hi Silima,
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien. There is lots to explore. You will find a help thread in the first section of the forum, as well as, a link to the Help/FAQ section at the top of the page.
Enjoy the fellowship. Smile Smilie Smile Smilie
Hey, Silima, welcome to our big PT family!!!!!!!!!!
Hullo and Welcome Silima

Enjoy your stay here, share what you know and gain what you seek Wiggle Smilie.....Wiggle Smilie......Wiggle Smilie
Welcome to the forums, Simba. May thy journey be a long and fruitful one.
Welcome to our happy family Silima. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.
Thanks, I already feel welcome Big Smile Smilie . Well, this website doesn't seem too complicated after all.
I have a question about the games and role playing. How does that work?
The very first post in every thread describes the rule in everyone I think Smile Smilie
Welcome in our happy family, Salima!I hope you enjoy this beautiful site as much as i do.Feel free to pm me any time.See ya in the threads Dunce Smilie Big Smile Smilie Puppy Smilie